Thursday, January 1, 2015

مرسي يبيع 40% من اراضي سيناء لامريكا

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Video: Guide to sell Morsi, 40% of the Sinai to America

Obama New
Ahram Canadian: US President Barack Obama became a political
embarrassment in front of the White House and Congress Msalin the United
States for non-completion of the sale of 40% of the Sinai for the
United States to recognize the Palestinian Hamas to stay in it.
Sinai sale deal between the Brotherhood and the White House and
received the Deputy Leader Engineer Khairat Al-Shater funds under the
auspices of the ousted President Mohamed Morsi.
became Obama's fate political in danger because of the completion of
the transaction and this is the main reason for parking the US
administration in the face of revolution June 30, describing the
military coup, members of Congress demanding the withdrawal of
confidence from President Obama, and there are secret talks confession
American administration revolution June 30 against the recoverable sale
funds Sinai obtained by the Brotherhood when he was their delegate
Mohamed Morsi in power.
revealed "TV14vip" channel in a report on a confidential document
suggests that US President Barack Obama has a deal with President
anchorage system Brotherhood before the removal of the President Marina,
and the deal, which was signed by President Marina and Shater Vice
Guide Brotherhood Essam Al-Haddad adviser Details Foreign Relations
president is selling 40% of the territory of Sinai, and are delivered to
the Palestinians in exchange for payments from the funds received,
including Shater $ 8 billion, but the deal did not take place because of
the events of June 30, which was unexpected by both sides

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