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URGENT: Hillary Clinton’s College Thesis Has Been Revealed and It’s Disturbing

URGENT: Hillary Clinton’s College Thesis Has Been Revealed and It’s Disturbing

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

45 years ago, then-Wellesley College senior Hillary Rodham wrote a 92-page thesis that she would later spend over 20 years of her life trying to hide from public view.
Those attempts have now failed.

Her thesis, “‘There Is Only the Fight … ’: An Analysis of the Alinsky Model,” has been available since the Clintons left the White House, although neither Clinton nor her alma mater has advertised that fact.
And with good reason, given Rodham’s criticism of Alinsky’s tactics — but not his goals.
In the paper, in which Rodham described Alinsky’s personality as “appealing,” she revealed a relationship with the author of “Rules for Radicals” that led not only to two interviews with him as she wrote her thesis, but also a job offer.
Rodham received an A for her thesis.
In 1993, after receiving a request from the White House, Wellesley instituted a rule barring access to the thesis of any “sitting U.S. president or first lady” — a rule that obviously applied only to then-First Lady Hillary Clinton.
Most assumed that the request indicated that Clinton had something to hide. It would, in fact, be difficult to draw any other conclusion from the request.
In “Living History,” her 2003 memoir, Clinton wrote of Alinksy that she agreed with some of his ideas, but did not provide further detail, only mentioning her thesis briefly.
An investigative reporter for MSNBC — if that’s not a contradiction in terms — claimed that “the thesis did not disclose Rodham’s own views much,” which would lead one to wonder why the obvious 2016 presidential hopeful would work so diligently to suppress it.
Indeed, the liberal Boston Globe was unafraid to state that Rodham defended Alinsky in her writings, although she did not agree with all of his methods or ideology.
But you won’t hear Hillary Clinton or any of her Democrat supporters discussing her senior thesis, or even acknowledging its existence.
For them, it’s just one more skeleton best left in the former first lady’s closet.

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