Thursday, January 1, 2015

BREAKING: Obama Makes Infuriating Announcement About Iran… This Is Betrayal

BREAKING: Obama Makes Infuriating Announcement About Iran… This Is Betrayal

Thursday, January 1st, 2015

Barack Obama seems very confused about who America’s friends and enemies are. It was just announced that the president is considering opening a U.S. embassy in Iran — despite the fact that the country is a sponsor of terrorism and has repeatedly targeted Americans.
According to Fox News, a reporter from National Public Radio asked Obama if he might place a new embassy in the rogue nation during his final two years as president. Obama’s response left the possibility wide open: “I never say never.”

Obama went on to say that connections with the troubled country would need to be restored in steps. However, the president’s recent plan to normalize relations with communist Cuba demonstrated that he is willing and eager to greet enemies of freedom with open arms.
Iran has a long history of animosity towards the United States. Not long ago, it was reported that leaders within that country may want a military confrontation.
There is also strong evidence that Iran directly sent terrorist fighters into Iraq to kill American troops. The Islamic country has shown that they are completely willing to use terrorist tactics to further their goals.
It is also vital to remember that Iran has a nuclear weapons program, and possesses other weapons of mass destruction. The president should treat those potential threats with great care, for the sake of the safety of the region and the world.
Barack Obama’s soft stance on Iran is yet another example of his willingness to side with enemies, instead of standing up to global bullies with a unwavering resolve. Appeasement of tyrants is not the answer.
There is almost nothing to gain by placing an embassy in that country — and doing so would only legitimize a radical government that is completely opposed to western civilization.

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