Saturday, January 3, 2015

Top Attorney: Obama Is Destroying America as “Payback” For… [VIDEO]

Top Attorney: Obama Is Destroying America as “Payback” For… [VIDEO]

Thursday, January 1st, 2015

President Barack Obama, due to his socialist upbringing, believes that America is a racially unjust nation, one that must be “fundamentally transformed” for the better.
Obama’s views are disputed and quite contrary to that held by most Americans though, and many people are beginning to look past Obama’s rhetoric to see his true intentions.

During a recent interview with Newsmax, attorney Larry Klayman said that Obama’s constant focus on correcting the perceived racial and income inequality in America is because he is searching for “payback” for years of discrimination against black Americans in the past.
“If you’re talking about income equality all the time, that’s what he’s talking about, he believes in his heart, he sees everything in terms of race and religion,” he said. “And in my view, and this may sound harsh, but I think people are starting to believe it, is that he believes that this country had to pay back for years of invidious discrimination to African Americans — and it was terrible discrimination, I agree — and he has dismantled this country in many ways as a payback. And also with the Muslim world, he doesn’t like Israel, he’s done everything he can to harm them.”
“I don’t mean this in a racial way, but all of us are equal, we’re all the same, and he favors what he considers to be his people over everybody else,” he added. “It wasn’t right when white people did it to African Americans, it’s not right that he’s now doing it to others in this country.”
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Klayman is right.  Obama thinks that America is a bad country, full of racism and classism.  In his efforts to combat these though, Obama really just makes it all worse.  In essence, Obama has declared war on the American people, in order to right what he sees as wrong.
What happened in the past is just that…in the past.  There is no reason to now try and punish people for what their great-grandparents may or may not have done.  To do so now is to simply be a vindictive and small person, one ruled by emotion, instead of facts, logic, and reason.

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