Wednesday, December 31, 2014

BREAKING: White House Literally Threatens to Shut Down Department of Homeland Security

BREAKING: White House Literally Threatens to Shut Down Department of Homeland Security

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

Everybody knew that one kid when they were younger who, when they didn’t get their way, would pitch a fit and take their toy or ball and just go home.
President Barack Obama basically just pitched a fit and threatened to take his toy called the Department of Homeland Security away from everybody, if the Republicans in Congress won’t fund his illegal and unconstitutional amnesty plans.

According to the Daily Caller, one of Obama’s top aides said that Obama could essentially block all funding for, and essentially shut down, the DHS, if the GOP tries to do anything legislatively about his executive amnesty.
Dan Pfeiffer said that Obama would block all funding for the entire department, and would veto any spending bill if the Republicans try to impose cuts to spending aimed at stopping or slowing Obama’s plans to allow illegal immigrants into the country.
This is basically a threat to the GOP to force them to back off plans to defund Obama’s amnesty.

”I think the Republicans know they have little to no leverage,” Pfeiffer said, according to The Daily Caller. “Are they going to shut down the Department of Homeland Security to undo our executive action? I don’t think they are going to do that.”
“There is an array of little things they can do. … I mean it is possible that insanity will prevail upon the House Republican caucus as it did last October during the (2013) shutdown,” he said.
As most should remember, the massive “Cromnibus” spending bill recently passed by Congress to fund the government until next September only included funding for the DHS through February.
The GOP’s plan is to do a separate funding bill just for the DHS, and it will likely include special provisions to defund and stop the implementation of Obama’s amnesty.
If the GOP does do that, and Obama carries through with his threat to veto that special bill, then Obama will have shut down the DHS in an effort to save his amnesty plan.
Considering that Obama’s DHS isn’t doing much to defend the US right now anyway, maybe Congress should call Obama’s bluff. Since DHS has already moved ICE agents and Border Patrol away from the border, and is more concerned with what is happening in Ferguson than in El Paso … do we even really need them?
Let Obama shut down the DHS. The states can step up and defend the border themselves.
Any type of terrorist attack or threat to American security that could potentially happen would fall squarely at Obama’s feet, and the American people would clearly see that he risked their safety in order to protect the illegal immigrants that he has allowed into the country.
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