Wednesday, December 31, 2014

URGENT: Largest Newspaper in Egypt Makes Massive Claim About Obama

URGENT: Largest Newspaper in Egypt Makes Massive Claim About Obama

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

Wow, talk about a screaming headline. Citizens of Egypt woke up earlier this autumn to find their largest newspaper had made a shocking claim about the putative leader of the free world.
While we can’t necessarily confirm or even lend support to it, it does show just how President Barack Obama’s sympathies with Islamist movements have tarnished his reputation as well as his country’s.

The headline pretty much explains itself: “OBAMA IS A MEMBER OF THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD!”
That’s some pretty big news, and while they don’t have the most solid evidence I’ve ever heard, it’s not just Alex Jones-style ranting, either.
The accusations come from Khairat el-Shater, former number two in the Muslim Brotherhood, of late in the custody of General Al-Sisi’s government.

According to sources, el-Shater had dealings with the president over the Sinai peninsula, where Obama is alleged by the Egypt Daily News to have transferred over $8 billion to the Muslim Brotherhood.
Unhappy with being in custody, el-Shater is apparently accusing Obama of membership in the group.
Khariat el-Shater was supposed to be the Muslim Brotherhood’s original candidate for the presidency of Egypt, which makes you wonder just how bad one must be to be passed over for Morsi (H/T Red Flag News).
According to Counter Jihad Report, el-Shater “was in contact with ‘al Qaeda core’ elements in Pakistan and Palestine.”
Sounds like our president’s sort of guy.
Obama’s closeness to the Muslim Brotherhood has made many commentators question his sympathies with the group.
A former three-star lieutenant general has gone on record as saying that the Muslim Brotherhood has members “in every major federal agency,” including ones with security clearance at the Department of Defense.
In addition, Obama funneled huge amounts of money and weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood government during their short tenure in charge of Egypt.
It’s pretty unlikely that Obama is a full-fledged Muslim Brotherhood member. On the other hand, he’s done little to disabuse us of that notion.
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