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Interview of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, the application of "Rossiyskaya Gazeta» («Russia beyond headlines») to the Spanish edition of «El Pais», September 17, 2014

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Interview of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, the application of "Rossiyskaya Gazeta» («Russia beyond headlines») to the Spanish edition of «El Pais», September 17, 2014
Q: What can Russia do to resolve the Ukrainian crisis?
Foreign Minister Lavrov: Our position is very clear: we want peace in Ukraine, which can only be achieved through a broad national dialogue involving all regions and all political forces in the country. This is what Russia, the US, the EU and Ukraine agreed in Geneva on April 17th.
Russia is actively supporting the creation of favorable conditions for a peaceful solution to the serious problems facing Ukraine. During the meeting in Minsk on 26 August, President Vladimir Putin and President of Ukraine, Pyotr Poroshenko stressed the need for a speedy end to the bloodshed, the transition to a political settlement of the whole complex of problems in the south-east of the country.
September 3 Vladimir Putin unveiled an action plan to stabilize the Ukrainian crisis of the seven points. Following the meeting, a tripartite contact group on September 5 in Minsk, representatives of the President and the leadership of Pyotr Poroshenko DNR and LC signed a protocol on joint steps aimed at including the implementation of the initiative of the President of Russia.
This agreement is an important step in the process of peaceful settlement of the crisis in Ukraine, intended to serve as a fulcrum for the beginning vnutriukraiskogo political dialogue to find ways of national consensus. We presume that all the provisions of the document must be strictly adhered to.
We note that the ceasefire has been generally observed, although there are occasional incidents in which the parties accuse each other. It is important that they do not become widespread and have not led to new fighting. Concerned there were reports of concentrations of heavy weapons Ukrainian security services in one area. Kiev authorities have assured us that there were no plans to disrupt the truce no. We will closely monitor the situation. Support the proposal of the leaders of the DNI and the LC on the urgent deployment of OSCE observers in those areas where the parties to the conflict in contact.
Priority and modality of implementation contained in Minsk protocol measures will be further agreed between the parties. We count on the support of foreign partners in implementing the provisions of the document.
Q: Is it possible to further escalation of the crisis and the emergence of Ukrainian on its basis the military conflict in Europe?
Foreign Minister Lavrov: Today Ukraine faces a choice - take the path of peace and constructive dialogue in the community, or slide into authoritarianism and radical nationalist dictatorship. The solution - for Kiev and Ukrainian society.
For its part, convinced that there was a real chance to stop the fratricidal war in Ukraine. To do this, along with the preservation of the armistice as soon as possible to initiate meaningful, open, inclusive Ukrainian domestic dialogue with representatives from all regions, all political forces. Within this framework it is necessary to discuss a range of issues relating to the constitutional system, in general the future of the country in which it would be safe and comfortable to live all nationalities, minorities and regions where the fully respects the human rights in all their diversity.
In the interest of avoiding further escalation of the situation in Ukraine is extremely important that all, without exception, external players to exercise restraint. This, unfortunately, can not be said about the actions of some Western partners, who, instead of a serious analysis of the complicated internal socio-political processes in the country unduly prefer to shift to Russia all the responsibility for what happens.
Attention is drawn to the destructive role of NATO during the entire Ukrainian domestic crisis. In particular, the Alliance embarked on a military build-up of Ukraine used, as is known, against the civilian population. NATO leaders support the intentions of the Member States to expand the volume of supply of Ukraine special means, military equipment that may be used by the Ukrainian authorities for internal repression. Thus, Kiev actually pushing for a military solution to the conflict.
The nature and tone of the statements of the NATO summit in the UK on the situation around Ukraine, coupled with the announced plans to conduct joint exercises with Kiev NATO countries on the territory of the country by the end of this year is clearly not conducive to the peace process and only exacerbate the split in Ukrainian society.
Nevertheless, ready to cooperate with foreign partners in the interest of resolving the crisis in Ukraine. We hope that the US and the EU will use its influence in order to encourage the Ukrainian authorities to the world.
Subject: Participation of application, especially in the Western media that Russian troops may be introduced in Ukraine, or even that they have already crossed the border and are on Ukrainian territory. In your opinion, is this possible?
Lavrov: We regard such statements as a manifestation of the information war. Accusations of Russian military intervention in the conflict do not sound the first time - from the very beginning of the crisis we are accused of almost everything. At the same time we never presented the facts. Lack of evidence, silence and distortion of the truth - a characteristic feature of the US position, and several European countries. This also applies to statements about the movements of our troops, and accident investigation Malaysian "Boeing", and tragedies in the Maidan or in Odessa, and many other situations.
Q: Malaysian Airlines plane crash horror added to what is happening in the region. What is the assessment of Russia the investigation of what happened to the plane in eastern Ukraine?
Lavrov: The collapse of the Malaysian aircraft is a terrible tragedy. It not only has caused numerous casualties, but also has been used for the targeted injection of international tension, exerting pressure on the state, forcing the "sector" of sanctions against Russia.
Starting from July 17, we encourage an open and objective international investigation. UN Security Council Resolution 2166 on July 21 provides for just such a - a comprehensive, thorough and independent - investigation in accordance with the guidelines and regulations of the International Civil Aviation Organization.
Given the wide international tragedy, we believe that the provision of such an investigation is not only critical to establish the true causes of the crash and bring the perpetrators to justice. It raises issues of maintaining international peace and security. We stand for strict observance of UN Security Council decision that the Council will hold "on the control of" the situation.
Urge all parties to refrain from groundless statements indictment that undermine the foundations of international communication and constitute flagrant acts of interference in the investigation.
Unfortunately, we note a clear delay in the investigation. Presented by the International Commission report does not contain any conclusive information about the circumstances of the crash. Critical examination and research - collection and computation of the wreckage, search submunitions, pathological examination - and have not been conducted. Without these data, it is impossible to draw any conclusions about the causes of the incident. Besides, are not received answers to the earlier Russian Defense Ministry and the Federal Air Transport Agency issues. Drew attention to the lack of mention in the report of the UN Security Council Resolution 2166 and its mechanism under the UN Secretary-General's reports on the situation in the context of the investigation.
Without questioning the sovereign right of the "state event" (Ukraine) to determine the organization chart of the investigation of the crash, which occurred in its airspace. However, we are convinced that such a scheme should provide a truly international nature of the investigation and sufficient "transparency" in matters of organization. At the same time it is important that members of the group of international experts specialists from different countries to work closely together as a team, without outside interference, and have equal and fair access to the entire investigation.
The truth must be established. It is our firm demand, given that some Member States do not show much enthusiasm in carrying out transparent and accountable investigation.
We must not allow to clarify the circumstances of the accident flight MN17 was "launched on the brakes", as has happened with many other Ukrainian tragedies, including the shooting of civilians by snipers in Kiev in February, the carnage in Odessa and Mariupol in May, etc. . We will resolutely insist on bringing to justice those who bear the blame for these crimes.
Question: The death toll in the conflict already very large. Tens of thousands of people forced to flee their homes because of the shelling. What do you think about the humanitarian situation in the Ukraine?
Lavrov: We believe that the humanitarian situation in the south-east of Ukraine is catastrophic. Our assessment is widely shared by many international organizations - United Nations, including the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Council of Europe.
Focusing on a violent suppression of militia during the punitive operation in the Donetsk and Lugansk region Kiev has used heavy artillery, aircraft, multiple rocket launchers and even ballistic missiles and "phosphorus bombs." Subjected to massive air Donetsk and Lugansk. As a result, more than two thousand people were killed and more than five thousand were injured, including many children.
And most of all affected civilian population. Destroyed vital infrastructure, including power and water supply, public buildings and homes. Due to the lack of security and the destruction of 200 schools actually disrupted the beginning of the school year in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions. In Lugansk, about 250 thousand. People are already more than a month without water.
Over the past five months on the territory of the Russian Federation have moved more than 830 thousand. Ukrainian citizens. Since the beginning of the year more than 254 thousand. Appealed to the Russian service of applicants for refugee status, temporary asylum, to participate in the program of assistance to voluntary resettlement of compatriots. As deployed on the territory of Russia temporary accommodation is more than 57 thousand. Man.
Bulletin Ukraine dated September 5, OCHA reported of further degradation of the humanitarian situation in the south-east of the country, increasing the number of internally displaced persons and civilian casualties. The greatest concern are the issues of population in the south-east of pre-winter warm housing, and providing them with basic necessities.
Question: Russia has already southeast Ukraine humanitarian aid. Will this practice continue?
Foreign Minister Lavrov: Yes, of course. In accordance with the agreement between Vladimir Putin and Pyotr Poroshenko at their meeting on August 26 in Minsk intend to send to the Lugansk and Donetsk region of Ukraine in cooperation with the Ukrainian side and the International Committee of the Red Cross, the second batch of humanitarian aid, including food, medicine, power generation equipment. We presume that the delivery will be carried out with the participation of border and customs services of Ukraine, representatives of the ICRC and the distribution of aid to the needy will be held under the auspices of the ICRC.
Q: There is much talk about a new "cold war" between Russia and the West, taking into account the introduction of the US and European Union member countries economic sanctions against Russia. If these countries will be used to further tightening of sanctions, which may take retaliatory steps Russia?
Foreign Minister Lavrov: We have repeatedly given assessment practice the application of sanctions in general. We believe that attempts to influence the crisis by unilateral measures that go beyond the UN Security Council decisions, contrary to the norms and principles of international law and threaten international peace and stability. However, such measures are double-edged, often more dangerous to those who initiates, than those against whom they are directed. For example, the economic losses from the EU states themselves sanctions are very sensitive.
It is obvious that the continuation of sanctions pressure on Russia will not help to resolve the Ukrainian domestic crisis, and will only lead to a deepening of the confrontation, complicate the dialogue. Consider a new package of EU sanctions against the country, which came into force on 12 September as absolutely ignores the realities of response to the results of the Brussels meeting in Minsk Contact Group to resolve the situation in Ukraine. Staying in the political "Through the Looking Glass" actually sends a signal to the EU direct support of the "party of war" in Kiev, which is not interested in the implementation of the protocol and the Minsk translation situation in the country in a peaceful course.
Washington and Brussels should understand that we reserve the right to do whatever is necessary to protect our legal interests, including national security interests in all its dimensions.
However, we expect that the pragmatism and common sense approaches partners ultimately prevail. US, EU and other countries need to finally listen to reason and stop this vicious cycle of senseless acts on the principle of "an eye for an eye", the beginning of which they should be.
Question: Will Russia and European countries in the foreseeable future to restore the lost trust?
Foreign Minister Lavrov: It is obvious that at the moment the relations between Russia and the European Union are a serious test of strength. Destructive line of European partners in connection with the Ukrainian domestic crisis - the use of double standards in assessing the situation in Ukraine, shifting unfounded us responsible for the tragedy unfolded there, trying to sanctions pressure - seriously undermines confidence in Europe.
However, convinced that the "point of no return" in our relationship has not yet been passed. We hope that over the years to create a "safety net" will be strong enough to allow us not only to restore the pre-conflict status quo, but to move forward. To do this, you must overcome the vicious logic of sanctions and threats, switch to a constructive and pragmatic search for solutions of accumulated problems. It is important that common sense and awareness of deadlock policy against our country took over the "hawkish" attitudes.
Consistently assume that a reasonable alternative to continuing the mutually beneficial cooperation between Russia and the EU is simply not - too much binds us in a geographic, economic, historical, human terms. We believe that, despite the current difficult situation, there is no alternative form of a common economic and humanitarian space from the Atlantic to the Pacific, building on the principles of indivisibility of security and broad cooperation should be obvious to all. All the more so for the implementation of this strategic objective has all the necessary prerequisites - general civilizational and cultural roots, a high degree of complementarity of their economies, the commitment to uniform rules of trade in accordance with WTO rules, which are developed on the basis of the European Union and created the Eurasian Economic Union, the need to find sources growth and innovation. Ignoring this reality, we are destined to again and again face a crisis similar to Ukrainian, which is not the long-term interests of stability and prosperity of our common continent.
Russian Foreign Ministry statement in connection with the beginning of the delivery of humanitarian assistance to residents of South-East Ukrainian victims of the fighting

Welcome to the achievement of a final agreement on all the parameters of the Russian urgent delivery of humanitarian assistance to the Ukrainian south-east route Izvarino-Lugansk. This was preceded by intense, multifaceted efforts, which included not only the practical organization of transport a large consignment of food, medicine, daily necessities, electric generators, which in itself is a logistical point of view, it was an unprecedented challenge, but also intensive contacts on different lines with the Ukrainian side, management and representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and other international partners. As a result, all the conditions for the speedy and effective achievement of the main goal - the delivery and distribution of much needed now in the Ukrainian southeast of humanitarian aid.
We express our gratitude to the leadership and staff of the ICRC for effective interaction. It was not easy, but the desired result is achieved in between.
Also note that both agreements were reached under the auspices of the ICRC delivery of humanitarian aid allocated by the Ukrainian side in the South-East from other regions of Ukraine.
Now the main thing - to ensure that at the stage following the convoy to its destination were excluded any failures. The Russian side confirms solid security guarantees ongoing action. Similar guarantees are known to have been provided also by the Ukrainian authorities and the militias.
Warns against possible provocations in order to disrupt the delivery of care.
Call on the parties involved in the conflict to declare a ceasefire for the duration of this action, and offer the UN Security Council to take the appropriate application.
We count on the support of all members of the international community's continued efforts to alleviate the humanitarian situation in the south-eastern regions of Ukraine.

August 21, 2014
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine
August 17 in Berlin, a meeting of the foreign ministers of Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine. Discussed issues related to the international efforts to help resolve the Ukrainian domestic crisis. Ministers reviewed the situation in Ukraine in all its aspects, focusing on problems early cessation of hostilities, to ensure border control, the delivery of humanitarian aid to the South-East of Ukraine and create conditions for an early start to the process of political settlement.
On all these issues has been made definite progress. It was agreed to continue the dialogue in this format, the results of which could be presented concrete proposals for consideration by the leaders of Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine.
August 18, 2014
Comment of the Department of Information and Press the Russian Foreign Ministry about the situation with the Russian delivery of humanitarian assistance in areas of Donbass affected by fighting
Categorically reject malicious distortion of facts, which recently engaged representatives of some state structures of Ukraine. In particular, according to media reports, representatives of the Security Service of Ukraine claim that Russia has refused to deliver humanitarian aid to Ukraine Donbass through controlled checkpoints. Replicated also speculation that we supposedly did not provide information about the content of humanitarian aid.
Both are untrue. Route of the convoy from the Russian territory affected by the fighting areas Ukrainian Southeast was selected in consultation with the Ukrainian side. In this case, we initially accept the proposals Kiev route, but later the Ukrainian authorities said they did not guarantee his safety, and agreed to route Izvarino-Lugansk. Represent now the case otherwise - then try to revise a clear understanding reached between Moscow and Kiev.
Where is the promised investigation into the shooting at people on the "Maidan"? Who are these people who were shooting and on his own, and by the police from the building, which was controlled by the commandant "Maidan"? After all, their faces are known. Although remember that many respected European and American news channels and agencies have not given this objective information.
Where an investigation terrible tragedy in Odessa, where alive deliberately and coolly, with the participation of persons holding public office, and burned dozens of people, and jumped out of the window of a burning building finished batons? This, incidentally, also does not seem to have had the opportunity to see many in Europe and the United States.
Unfortunately, information taboos imposed on what was happening and what is happening now in the East of Ukraine. An initial peaceful protest of people demanding respect for their rights, Kiev said the shooting of weapons of mass destruction in the villages, villages and densely populated large city. Now missiles exploding in residential areas of Donetsk and Lugansk. Killed many hundreds of people. If someone thinks this is normal, even if that someone is no longer speaks pompous words about human rights. That now makes Kiev - it is immoral and inhumane.
The Russian Foreign Ministry once again urges all for an immediate ceasefire. This is necessary to save the lives of children, women and old people. This is to ensure conditions for a full investigation into the tragedy with the passengers of the aircraft in the skies over Ukraine.

July 23, 2014
July 21, 2014, 1:40 Moscow region, Novo-Ogaryovo
VLADIMIR PUTIN: In connection with the terrible tragic events that occurred in the skies over the Donets, I would like to say once again how we in Russia relate to events that are taking place in Ukraine.
We have repeatedly called on all warring parties to immediately stop the bloodshed and sit down at the negotiating table. It is safe to say that if the June 28 military operations in eastern Ukraine were not renewed, then surely this tragedy would not have happened. However, one should not and has no right to use this tragedy to achieve selfish political ends. Such events should not divide but unite people. It is necessary that all the people who are responsible for the situation in the region, increased its responsibility to its own people and the peoples of those countries whose representatives have been victims of this disaster.
You must do everything possible to ensure the safety of international experts on the scene. Today there are already working representatives of Donbass Donetsk, representatives of Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine, experts Malaysia. But this is not enough. It is necessary that at the crash site was working a full team of experts under the auspices of ICAO, relevant international commission. Everything must be done to ensure its full, absolute safety, provide necessary for its operation humanitarian corridors.
For its part, Russia will do everything in our power to the conflict in eastern Ukraine moved from today's military phase into the discussion at the negotiating table and exclusively by peaceful and diplomatic means.
About note the Russian Foreign Ministry about the direction of humanitarian aid to eastern regions of Ukraine
May 28 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, a note to the attention of the Ukrainian side was drawn to the fact that the address of the Russian side receives urgent appeals from individuals and organizations in the conflict zone in the eastern regions of Ukraine, where as a result of force actions are numerous casualties and victims, with a request for urgent humanitarian assistance, especially medical supplies and medicines.
Stressed that the Russian side is ready to provide the population in these regions required assistance in this regard, the Ukrainian side proposed to promptly take the necessary measures to ensure the urgent delivery of Russian humanitarian aid to the affected regions.
Specific routes and transport conditions such humanitarian assistance, according to the note, could be agreed upon in due course through the appropriate Russian and Ukrainian authorities.
Given the emergency nature of the situation, the Russian side is counting on the most prompt response of the Ukrainian party to this appeal.
May 28, 2014
Responses of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov to Media Questions "in the margins" of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, 23 May 2014

Q: Still if our country is attractive and interesting for investors and foreign companies?
Foreign Minister Lavrov: Regarding the fact that our country is attractive, no doubt neither I nor the investors. What some do not come-result political interference in the affairs of business, that is, in my opinion, unacceptable, and what we always warned Western partners. Now they are showing a bad example. I hope that for us it is not contagious. On the results of the Forum will have to be judged on individual cases and arrangements, which are to be concluded. It will be known in a day and a half.
Q: What is going on a new Russian gas meeting with Ukraine and the EU?
Lavrov: This question is not for me. We diplomacy does not interfere in the arrangements relating to economic cooperation and the implementation of contracts. Unlike our Western friends, the Russian Foreign Ministry does not interfere in the activities of economic entities. We help these processes. But trying to prohibit and dictate how it is now doing, including from Washington - are not our ways and our culture.
Question: Do you plan your meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry?
Lavrov: He disappeared. I about it have not heard anything for two weeks. Now our American colleagues problems with the Palestinian-Israeli peace process, which, unfortunately, has reached a deadlock, because we really sincerely wish them well, and with Libya that NATO bombed. Despite our appeals as something to do in collecting "Libyan fragments," they avoided political debate, saying that there is democracy won, everything is in order and do not interfere. Now we are seeing disturbing relapses. We wish success to our Western counterparts and are ready to help. But they must identify and understand what conclusions must be drawn from the mistakes.
Q: Why did not suit May 27 as the date for the meeting of the NATO-Russia Council?
Lavrov: We all explained. Almost a month after the events in Odessa, we needed to call a meeting of the NRC, to be honest, open, staring into each other's eyes, to talk about how it all could happen. Western partners are members of NATO refused to convene the Council.
Suddenly, after our regular reminders graciously agreed and said that they are ready to do it on May 27. We have no doubt that it is intended solely for the sake of legitimizing planned for May 25 elections in Ukraine.
We are ready to meet and after the elections, although NATO-Russia Council to this is distantly related. But the revival of neo-Nazism, the crimes committed by neo-Nazis, including in Odessa and other cities of the South-East of Ukraine, the NRC is relevant because we have declared in a joint common determination to prevent any manifestations of extremism in the Euro-Atlantic area. They shyly went to this discussion.
Let's see, what day is convenient for all. Again, we were comfortable every day after Odessa tragedy when we needed urgent convening NATO-Russia Council.
Q: I am from the agency "Reuters".
Lavrov: Congratulations, you have not forbidden to come here?
Question: Why were banned?
Foreign Minister Lavrov: I do not know, all denied, and you do not.
Q: The day before yesterday I was given accreditation for another year, I can not work in Russia. I really like.
Lavrov: Work.
Question: The upcoming May 25 elections in Ukraine Russia considers illegitimate. In what way you want to work with the new authorities?
Lavrov: You and some of your colleagues have a peculiar habit: you first make a statement characterizing our position, and then follow from this your questions. We do not claim that the elections will be a priori illegitimate. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other Western leaders have called for this, make claim that the elections will be a priori legitimate. But this is nonsense - as early as possible, for a few days or weeks before to say that this or that elections will be legitimate? We'll see what really happens, who will vote as a vote will be organized, whether it will be held under the so-called cannonade "Counterterrorist operation" in which civilians are killed, Ukrainians, military, militia, there are casualties on both sides. Heavy machinery is used, including against residential areas. We will look at all - how will free will, and what will be its results. In contrast to our western partners that advance stated that the upcoming elections will be legitimate, we prefer to be guided by the facts and the first look at the result.
We expect much in terms of objectivity of election monitoring by the OSCE monitoring mission. Unfortunately, there is reason to think that the results and try to smooth the "little hide" the facts that are not very pleasing to the current Ukrainian authorities and their sponsors. Here is an example. I know from a number of sources that the European members of the observation mission of the OSCE in closed reports communicated in their capitals, recognize that in the South East of 70-80% of the population is not pro-Russian, and want federalization, accept the idea of ​​federalization. Publicly, our Western colleagues say that only a few, some small percentage (bandits, terrorists) use the slogan federalization, and the rest of the population of South-East did not want it, want to leave things as they are and to live in Ukraine, which will not be change.
Let's see what really will be exhibited assess and compare the findings that we do ourselves on the basis of the information available from various sources.
Question: Russia is planning to send a large delegation of Ukrainian elections?
Answer: These days, from 5 to 9 May, the experts are meeting in New York. They should hold a technical discussion of what will be on the next round of "six" from 13 to 16 May. With regard to the agreement, but this time it did not come out. At this time, at the end of the round, we should at least get some elements of the agreed text and elements of the overall text. The first step is to agree a project in which the parties often take uncoordinated in parentheses. And then around these brackets is a struggle, consideration generally acceptable options. And sometimes, it takes a long time, if the question is complex, up to the completion of the entire negotiation process.
But if we are at the end of four days in Vienna will have a ready-made pieces, with "Rare medium well» and we have some pieces, where the brackets that need to be further explored at home, discuss in between rounds, maybe share what -What alternatives to the wording of the June round, this result has to be good and sufficient for the May round. Because we do not yet co-wrote. But the fact that May 16 is no general agreement will not be - there is no doubt. It simply can not be, because as of today we have no common text. And we're just getting ready to to start to discuss it in the negotiations.
Q: But by the 16th day of the first "draft draft" final document can be ready?
Answer: Rather, his pieces. Something it is not, even as a theme. It will be clear what issues to light. In some aspects, I hope, will be a text in varying degrees of readiness, and somewhere will simply gaps, omissions. Because we can not go through the whole thing.
Q: But even this can already be considered significant progress?
Answer: Now there is nothing to do. And if you get such an option, it will be a good result.
Q: How are our partners, those same Americans are now ready to really work together to achieve this result? More than once, according to the leaks, was the situation when the US delegation tried to amend almost the last day of the negotiations.
Answer: We are sure that will not be without amendments until the last moment, it's always the case. Special drama here. The principle of any negotiations that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed. So it will be this time. But I hope nevertheless that the United States will be able to help the progressive course of the upcoming talks, because until July 20, before the deadline, have little time, despite the rising intensity of contacts, connection of experts, including experts of the Atomic dealing directly with this particular industry and not just talk about it, like us. All this together should, I believe, help Americans move forward, not to create a situation of time trouble at the very end, when the question arises, what to do, because there is no final document in any form. Positive attitude now the American side in this regard, and is the business, although hard work.
Iranians, you know, do not just negotiators, they are very skillfully defend their interests. Experience in coordination of the Geneva Plan of Action in the past year has shown that they are willing to fight to the end. Also, in general, as well as all the rest. But to place an agreement that it happened and get needed to have a foundation, ie need to agree in advance that is amenable to agreement, and most finish, the decision on the final push to make three - four key issues - without it we can not fit into a tight schedule.
Q: The last time, "at the very end" remained reactor in Arak, the Iranians resisted inspection of the object. What is the difficulty in this time?
Answer: Difficulties about the same. Is it possible, if so, to what extent, the restrictions on future Iranian nuclear program, the same Arak, issues related to the activities of the IAEA's verification of future agreements, as it should be, this verification activities, deep, comprehensive. There are a number of issues not covered, suspicious of what Iran is doing in the past, but it is fulfilled by the IAEA, Tehran. At the talks, "six" with Iran this theme is also present. The task of the negotiators - to write, to find formulas and diagrams, which would allow to make a bridge, bridge between what is happening in Iran with the IAEA, and the future of the document, which should secure a comprehensive agreement. Here are the main controversial issues, they are easy to formulate even the negotiators. You perfectly represent themselves, as there is in question, and around which we debate and such "tug of war" all the time.
Q: Initially, it was known that Iran claims that it is entitled to the peaceful atom. Does this mean that the final document will reflect this position?
A: We agree, and we adhere to the same approach. The whole point of the negotiations, as we understand it, is that we need to overcome the reasons for which the US and the EU, and strictly speaking, a large part of the international community, there is a distrust of the Iranian nuclear program. If solutions are found that will say yes, issues on Iran is no more, we have agreed to this arrangement, the solution of these problems, which suits all the participants in these negotiations, including Iran, in this situation, from the point of view of Russia, can not in principle be no restrictions on Iran's nuclear program, it must develop in the same way as can develop any nuclear program in the states parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.
Sense of participation in the NPT for non-nuclear-weapon States that they refuse from the perspective of possessing such weapons, but at the same time have access to all the benefits of peaceful nuclear energy, in all its forms, including international cooperation, including the establishment of the energy segment, including certain Research in this area. Ie everything that they want and are qualified to develop, they will develop, but it should be a guarantee that this will not happen switching activities for military purposes. Warranties are offered an additional protocol to its safeguards agreement with the IAEA and some other documents. This is the essence of our position. We do not want to in the future, when the current period will be left behind, the sanctions will be lifted, the credibility of Iran's nuclear program is restored to Iran and then it would be some kind of special treatment. It is not to be the reason for this, and the country should be able to develop its nuclear industry is like any other State party to the NPT.
Q: You spoke about the NPT. How is the preparation for the review conference on the implementation of this agreement?
Answer: The Review Conference, which is held every 5 years as part of the agreement, already scheduled for the end of April-May 2015. This year, for now, until May 9, held session of the Preparatory Committee in New York. This is a key event in preparation for the Review Conference. The previous conference was in the 10th year, according to the schedule in the next 15th.
Q: And if we talk about the conference on the zone free of WMD and their means of delivery in the Middle East: what are the prospects of its implementation?
A: Progress is. But one needs to understand that we believe progress. It's like the old joke: if last year made one processor, and the next - six, then an increase of 600%. This is from the same opera. We did not have anything that is just absolute stagnation, marking time. But in the last year started a kind of "wiggling". And it is good that it is "stirring" does not stop. And the Arab states and Israel began to show some interest in this process in finding some mutually acceptable framework, which did not exist - each spoke of his. The topic was important for everyone, it sounded worked out, but there was no sign that can directly Regionals, the Middle East, to start thinking about how to still get out of this impasse was not. Now it has begun to appear, we are trying to encourage.
There are so-called "Glion process." This periodic meetings of high representatives of countries in the region, including Israel and the Arab states, in the village of Glion in Switzerland. Some discussion is being carried out in New York at the Preparatory Committee for the NPT Review Conference. In this particular matter, I do not consider myself to some impetuous, reckless optimists, because it is the most probably a complex region in terms of mining theme of the NPT, taking into account the history and profound distrust of each other. But still there is some momentum. Is it enough to this topic is not counterproductive played next year at the Review Conference, I do not know.
We will try to work to ensure that progress in this area has been widely recognized, and is not a situation where Russia would, together with the United States and Great Britain as depositories of the NPT and the co-organizers of the conference would be accused of is that we are somewhere not finalized . It so happened that it was the question of the conference largely become a central, it has a lot of symbolism, but a lot of the essence and that is the content side is also very important. We all understand it and try to help the proper development, but act so that no one took it as pressure, because the pressure and the pressure of achieve anything. Need to be creative, but also in certain proportions, so as not to get the feeling that here some one-sided bias. The balance of interests must be present in any movement forward, and very good at what regionals are gradually perceive this logic.
Q: Experts say that such a change of position of the regional players contributed, including progress in the elimination of chemical weapons Syria. Allegedly, it was a positive example of effective cooperation.
Answer: As long as chemical weapons is one of the weapons of mass destruction, of course, any step towards the liberation of countries and entire regions of such weapons is a positive. And in this particular case, it is, of course, contribute to the creation of preconditions for a conference on a zone free of weapons of mass destruction. I would like to emphasize that in the region there are other countries, apart from Syria, which has not officially become parties to the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. We call on these countries to weigh new circumstances - namely, the elimination of Syria for more than 92% of its stockpiles of chemical weapons and the elimination of the potential for its production in order to make a choice in favor of accession to the Convention. It is clear that at a conference on the zone free of weapons of mass destruction, the focus will be nuclear weapons. Here, too, there are a number of aspects to consider. In particular, in addition to what we traditionally call for, say, Israel to join the NPT as non-nuclear state, we believe that countries in the region could take an important step by joining the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty. This would send the right message and help the process, which is the semantic core of a future conference. Ie Syria continued chemical disarmament should not be a "one-time action." It must be incorporated into a broader process. Russia will be in this area to work on, and we hope that all the capitals of the Middle East region conclusions from what is going to be made, including in favor of accession to multilateral treaties in force in the field of arms control and non-proliferation of WMD.
Note Press and Information Department Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia in connection with the situation in Ukraine
The so-called authorities in Kiev stubbornly continue the war with the people of their own country.
Do not finish the Ukraine days of mourning declared for the victims in connection with the tragedy in Odessa, Ukraine and in the East again bloodshed. Ukrainian army and special forces, "Right Sector" under the guise of the National Guard continue criminal operations on coercion residents to silent submission to those who preach nationalism and opposes the reform of the bankrupt system of government in the country.
Punitive actions of the Ukrainian security services bring new civilian casualties. Brewing humanitarian disaster in the blockaded city - there is a lack of medicines, starting with the delivery of food shortages.
Kiev once again urge the organizers of terror against its own people to think again, to stop the bloodshed, withdraw troops and sit down, finally, to the negotiating table to start a normal dialogue on how to resolve the political crisis.
May 5, 2014
May 4, 2014
On the "White Paper" violations of human rights and the rule of law in Ukraine
Authorized by the Russian Foreign Ministry on human rights, democracy and the rule of law has been prepared "White Paper" (Russian and English), which summarizes the numerous violations of human rights and the rule of law in Ukraine for the period from the end of November 2013 to the end of March 2014 year. It is based on information materials Russian, Ukrainian and some Western media, saying leaders of the "new government" of Ukraine and their supporters, eyewitness accounts, as well as observations and interviews from the event collected by Russian NGOs.
The report's factual data is the most flagrant violations of fundamental principles and norms of international human rights and the rule of law committed to monopolize the protest "Euromaidan" radical nationalists with the connivance and sometimes in direct promotion of their supported the US and EU, suggest that these phenomena widespread.
As a result of the violent seizure of power and unconstitutional coup in Ukraine there was an actual collapse of the legitimate state authority, legal arbitrariness reigned. Commonplace there were the growth of ultra-extremist and neo-Nazi sentiments, religious intolerance and xenophobia, threats and pressure from the leaders of the "Euromaidan" on his political opponents, lustration, repression and physical violence, frank gangsterism.
The main objective of the "White Paper" - to focus on these facts the international community and key international organizations in the field of human rights, as well as relevant non-governmental organizations that have not yet shown a proper and impartial attention to the issue of identifying and bringing to justice those responsible for these violations.
May 5, 2014
Russian Foreign Ministry statement on the tragic events in Odessa

Took place on May 2 in Odessa tragic events that result, according to the available information, killing 38 people and injuring 50 people, seen in Moscow as another manifestation of criminal irresponsibility of the Kiev authorities, indulge insolent radical nationalists, including "Right Sector", which organize a campaign of terror against the supporters of the physical federalization and real constitutional change in Ukrainian society.
We strongly condemn it.
Coupled with the ongoing operation of the current punitive Kiev authorities in Slavyansk tragedy in Odessa became yet another confirmation of the criminal rate of strength and intimidation that has nothing to do with the obligations arising from the agreement of February 21 this year and the Geneva Declaration of 17 April
In Russian with indignation to hear the information about the new crime in Odessa and Kiev call and its Western backers to put an end to lawlessness force, to take responsibility before the Ukrainian people.

On May 2, 2014
Russian Foreign Ministry statement regarding the military operation in the South-East of Ukraine
In Russia, angered by the beginning of Slavyansk punitive military operation involving terrorists from the "Right sector" and other ultranationalist organizations. Division of the Ukrainian army used tanks and other heavy weapons, combat helicopters, which are applied on protesters missile strikes. There are reports of deaths and injuries.
As we have repeatedly warned, the use of the army against its own people is a crime and leads Ukraine to disaster.
If someone had doubts, but now it became obvious that the numerous allegations of so-called government of Ukraine's intention to initiate a national dialogue to find ways to end the country's deep crisis there is nothing but hypocrisy.
Regime in Kiev, has to break the agreement of February 21, now flagrantly violated obligations under the Geneva Declaration of April 17, which requires as the most urgent steps ending all violence.
Recently in the Donetsk region at the request of our Western partners and in cooperation with the leadership of the Council of Europe was sent to the President of Russia Vladimir Lukin to help resolve the situation of detainees in Slavyansk military experts of the European countries. Demand to take comprehensive measures to ensure the security of the Russian representative, because it does not exclude provocations from Kiev regime to disrupt his mission, which is already under threat because of the aggressive actions of the Ukrainian army and radical militants around Slavyansk.
Of particular concern is information available that during the punitive operation of the Ukrainian army and illegal ultranationalist forces in the air sounded English speech, and among the attackers were seen in Slavic English-speaking foreigners. Insist on avoiding any external interference in what is happening in Ukraine. We recall in this connection that arrives earlier data on the presence of Ukrainian mercenaries from American private military organization rather vaguely denied by Washington. It is well known that the so-called private military organizations do not work abroad without the approval of the US State Department.
Supporting the coup organizers in Kiev in their line on the violent suppression of protests, the US and the EU are taking on a huge responsibility, effectively cut off the road to a peaceful resolution of the crisis. Against this background, looks very coincidental categorical refusal of Washington, in defiance of the Geneva Declaration of 17 April, to support the proposal to organize under the auspices of the OSCE dialogue between representatives of the Kiev authorities and south-eastern regions of Ukraine.
Strongly demand from the West to abandon the destructive policy towards Ukraine, and of those who declared himself an authority in Kiev, - immediately stop the operation and any punitive violence against its own people, release political prisoners, to ensure full freedom of journalists. This will begin the actual process of de-escalation. Should immediately organize a truly equal political dialogue with the participation of all regions in order to develop mutually acceptable agreements on the future of the country and not try to imitate reforms in a narrow circle of self-proclaimed "coalition of the winners."
May 2, 2014
Russian Foreign Ministry statement regarding plans for Kiev to hold a military operation in the South-East of Ukraine

Moscow is extremely concerned about the recent media reports about the intention of the Kiev regime to carry out special operations assault in the south-east of the country, and with the involvement of the ultranationalist groups' right sector. "
Such irresponsible and aggressive actions of this "Ukrainian government" - whether they are implemented - can lead to catastrophic consequences. Punitive measures against its own people would testify to the failure of the Kiev leadership to fulfill their obligations under the Geneva Declaration of 17 April in favor of a speedy end to all violence and launch a broad national dialogue involving all regions and political forces.
Urge Kiev and condone it and signed the Geneva agreement the US and the EU not to commit criminal errors, a sober assessment of the brunt of the possible consequences for the use of force against the Ukrainian people.

May 1, 2014
Live "First Channel" TV channel "Russia 1" and "Russia 24" stations "Mayak", "Vesti FM» and «Radio Russia" has entered a special program "Direct Line with Vladimir Putin."
M.SITTEL: Good afternoon!
In that situation, I would say that it would be another conversation, but today we hear the other country. Russia now, together with the Crimea and Sevastopol with. Waited a long 23 years old, ever since, when the Soviet Union collapsed. So today, if not every question will be directly connected with the Crimea, at least in the subtext is it painted.
And today we'll talk about many things: about health care, military, taxes on agriculture and, of course, about Ukraine. Of course, we will talk about the south-eastern part of Ukraine, against which unleashed a real genocide. Ukraine slipping into civil war.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: News broadcast today, we are helping our colleagues Olga Ushakov, Valeria Korablyova, Tatiana and Dmitry Stolyarov Shchugorev. In the studio, the processing of your phone calls and SMS messages work Remezova Tatiana and Anna Pavlova.
Let me remind you that watch us live you can to "Channel One", as well as the TV channels "Russia 1", "Russia 24" and the Public Television of Russia. And, importantly, there was organized sign language for the hearing impaired. Listeners can join our conversation on the radio: "Mayak", "Vesti FM» and «Radio of Russia".
So Live President Vladimir Putin.
T.REMEZOVA: Good afternoon, colleagues! Good day, Vladimir Vladimirovich.!
Our message center has been working for a week, and throughout the ether, we will continue to take your calls. You can call us toll-free number 8-800-200-40-40 or send a text message to a short number 0-40-40, for the people of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol Moscow operates a special number, it is also free: +7 (495 ) -539-24-42. Well, for those who call us from overseas, the telephone number you see on our screens.
So, for eight days of operation we have received more than 2 million questions, just imagine, 17.5 thousand to call the minute, we absolutely go to a new record, many of the calls sound very short and very simple, "Thank you for the Crimea."
Anna Pavlova: Good afternoon! I recall that the first time on the "straight line" you can send your President videovopros from your computer or any mobile device. Our operators are at this moment still receive treatment at the following addresses:, Moscow putinu.rf. Record, send, there is still time.
I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that for the first time the program will be broadcast on our website with sign language. These are innovations on the "straight line" this year to make it as accessible as possible for everyone.
Masha, Cyril, you have the floor.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: So, Ukraine. Events unfolding there with incredible, sometimes frightening speed. Well, perhaps, that two months ago, during the Olympics, February 17, none of us could have imagined that to date the Crimea will be a part of Russia, and in eastern Ukraine locals will literally stop arms armored columns that are sent there by order from Kiev.
Therefore, Vladimir Vladimirovich., The first question is obvious. How do you assess that now, today, at this moment occurs in Lugansk, Donetsk regions?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: In order to characterize these events, I will allow myself to go back a little bit ago, what happened in Ukraine in recent years. We know that at the time President Yanukovych has refused to sign the document on association with the European Union, but he refused to even, and said that he was under such conditions can not sign, because it will dramatically worsen the socio-economic situation in Ukraine and its citizens. And said that he needed to think about and work on this document, together with the Europeans. Famous riots began, which led eventually to the anti-constitutional coup, an armed seizure of power. This is someone liked it, but some do not. And in the east, and the south-eastern Ukraine, people are worried about their future and the future of their children, keeping in mind that they have seen a surge of nationalism and, and death threats, and the desire to undo some of the rights of national minorities, including Russian minority. Although it is conditional, because after all Russian in this part of Ukraine still are indigenous. But once an attempt was made to cancel the decision related to the use of the native language. This is all, of course, people alarmed. What began to happen next?
Rather than engage in a dialogue with these people, to places of governors, heads of regions of Kiev sent their appointees. This local oligarchs, billionaires. People and so the oligarchs are treated with great suspicion and believe that they have amassed his billions by exploiting people and plundering state property, and here they were sent as administrators, managers of entire regions. Of course, this caused further resentment. People began to nominate from among its leaders. What did the power of these leaders? Jail all in jail. And this background that the nationalist parties did not disarm, but rather began more and more to threaten the use of force in the east. In the east, people began to arm themselves. And instead to realize that there is something wrong in the Ukrainian state, and attempts to take the dialogue started even more the threat of force, and came to the point that moved on civilians tanks and aircraft. This is another very serious crime Kiev today's rulers.
I hope that there will still understand what a pit, which precipice moves today's power and drags the country. In this sense, I think is very important to start the talks today, because, in my opinion, it is very important today to reflect together on the topic of how to get out of the situation, to offer people here this real - not flashy, but a real - dialogue. After all, today's leaders come from Kiev to the east, but with whom they meet there? They meet with their appointees. So it does not need to go to the Donbas, it is enough to cause them to Kiev and to hold a meeting there. With people need to talk with their real representatives, with those to whom people trust. It is necessary to release all of the prisons, helping people to organize, to nominate additional leaders and start a dialogue.
Here in the east speak of federalization in Kiev already, thank God, talk about decentralization. What these words? Need to sit down at the negotiating table and to understand what was going on and find a solution. Only in the course of the dialogue, in the course of democratic procedures and not using armed forces, tanks and aircraft can bring order to the country.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: While the dialogue begins between diplomats, and has just opened in Geneva four-party meeting Russia - United States - EU - Ukraine. Russia there is Sergei Lavrov. Can in a few words to outline on what Russia is negotiating positions?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: And here I am now, and they outlined. We believe that it should not be flashy dialogue with themselves representatives of the authorities and the people, and finding these compromises, to which I have already spoken.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: What do you respond to the statement that sound in the West and in Kiev that the performances in eastern Ukraine is Russia, literally "hand of Moscow" and it organizes and finances? Moreover, it is argued that there are some Russian units.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: it's all nonsense! Out of eastern Ukraine, no Russian troops, no special services, no trainers. It's all local citizens. And the best proof of this is that people, as they say, literally took off the mask. And their Western partners, I said: "They have nowhere to go, they are not going anywhere, they are masters of this land, and we need to talk to them."
M.SITTEL: To the southeast we still come back for sure today, in the course of our conversation. In the meantime, the Crimea, how was your decision to Crimea. After all, for all time your political career, you did not give even a hint on the theme of the Crimea. Surely thought about it, but in private conversations did not even mention the Crimea.
How was the decision? Tell us about it again. Was someone out against your inner circle? And how do you assess the range of possible risks from the imposition of sanctions to the civil war that is unfolding before our eyes?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: The risk lies primarily in the fact that the threats against the Russian-speaking population were absolutely specific and tangible. That is what prompted the people of Crimea, the citizens who live there, to think about their future and to turn to Russia for help. But that's what we were guided.
I have already said in a recent speech in the Kremlin that Russia never planned no annexations and no military action in the Crimea, ever. On the contrary, we proceeded from the assumption that we will build our bilateral relations with Ukraine on the basis of today's geopolitical realities. But we've also always thought and hoped that our Russian people, Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine will live in comfort for themselves political conditions, in a comfortable environment and can not be harassed, they will not threaten.
That's when there was just such a situation - a situation with possible threats and harassment, and when people started talking about the Crimea is that it tends to self-determination, then, of course, we are thinking about what we do. It was then, and not any there 5, 10, 20 years ago, it was decided to support Crimeans.
None of the members of the Security Council, with whom I have discussed this issue, no one objected, all supported my position. I am very pleased, even more so, everything that has been described as the action plan, it was strictly enforced very professionally, quickly and decisively.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: I would say that, in general, and an analogue in world history, not on how it was all done.
Vladimir Vladimirovich, we all live in Russia, it seems like everything is being done. But, really, and the organization of such a complex referendum as soon as possible, and security issues, and how were disarmed Ukrainian part - it was all done so quickly that create a sense that this is an incredibly long to cook.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: No, nothing is ready, everything was done, they say, with wheels, based on the real current situation and the requirements of the moment, but be filled with really highly professional.
Our task was not to operate there, in the fullest sense, the armed forces, our task was to ensure the safety of citizens and favorable conditions for their expression. We did. But without the positions of the Crimean it would be simply impossible.
Moreover, I can tell you that until the last moment, just before the last day I was in that speech that was later pronounced in the Kremlin, wrote the last sentence, namely am submitting to the Federal Assembly Federal Act of Accession of the Crimea, because I was waiting for the results referendum. It is one thing - a sociological study, one thing - the mood of certain groups, and another thing - the will of all citizens of the territory as a whole. For me it was very important to learn to see what is it will.
And when it became clear that the turnout was 83 percent, which is more than 96 percent were in favor of joining the Russian Federation, it became obvious that it is an absolute, just almost complete most, if not to say all the Crimean population. In these circumstances, to do otherwise we could not.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: To your question, we'll come back, and now we have the opportunity to hear the voice of the Crimea.
M.SITTEL: Let riglasim to our conversation Sevastopol - Hero City, City of Military Glory. There are working our film crews - Dmitry Kaystro and Nicholas Dolgachev.
D.KAYSTRO: Good afternoon, Vladimir Vladimirovich.!
Dear colleagues and everyone who is watching us and listening to now live.
This is truly a city of Russian glory - Sevastopol, and the heart of the city - the seaside boulevard, there are hundreds of people. These are the kinds of people: sailors, intellectuals. They are the ones who voted for annexation of the Crimea and Sevastopol to Russia.
Today we are working on two sites, it is not the only place. One of them is located at the water's edge, and there is work my colleague Nicholas Dolgachev.
N.DOLGACHЁV: Here, on the site right next to the banks of the famous Sevastopol Bay, which is based in the depths of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia, and he was here for more than 200 years, people here from all over the Crimea, from all of its cities: students and senior citizens, and veterans, workers, doctors, soldiers self-defense units. We are ready for dialogue.
Dear Colleagues, Hello, Vladimir Vladimirovich.!
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Good afternoon!
D.KAYSTRO: Seaside Boulevard - it is really the heart of Sevastopol. Here, very close, its main characters: the Count's Quay, and a monument to the scuttled ships, and the area of ​​Admiral Nakhimov, who fought and died as an ordinary infantry lieutenant, to the foot of the monument which citizens every night bring flowers. This really can be seen only in Sevastopol.
Sevastopol - a city symbol, a fortified city, the city special sense of being Russian. And these meanings: the right to speak in Russian, the right to carry Russian values ​​- all long defended Sevastopol for 23 years. And they have defended this right: a referendum for annexation to Russia, indeed, voted almost the entire city.
Today, there are simple Sevastopol, to ask questions, they have a lot of them. Who would like to ask? Introduce yourself.
L.MEDVEDEVA: Civilian personnel of military units is very worried about the destiny of our Black Sea Fleet. For many of Sevastopol fleet - this job and frames, and the only unique plant repair artillery weapons. What will happen to the Black Sea Fleet and budgetary enterprises?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: You know, and you probably know it better than anyone else in Russia, we had certain agreements with Ukraine on the renewal of the fleet. But, unfortunately, these agreements were made very poorly or not at all, and we had a big problem with the update. Today these problems, I hope, will not, and much of modern ships, supply vessels will be transferred to it from Novorossiysk to Sevastopol. This will give us an opportunity to some extent, even to save money, this is the first one.
And, second, in the Crimea very good potential in terms of shipbuilding and ship repair, so significant amounts will be concentrated in this sense for the repair and shipbuilding yards on the Crimean. But at the first stage of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defence placed an order for one of the shipyards totaling 5 billion rubles. And, of course, we will enhance and increase the potential of the Crimea, it is not claimed today he is idle. It takes time, of course, but we will definitely move in this direction.
And of course, Sevastopol, now has just been said about this, it is known to every Russian citizen, Sevastopol - a city of Russian naval glory, we precisely because of this and we will come, and it is this we will be guided.
D.KAYSTRO: In Sevastopol, really a lot of lives of different people - people of different destinies, different stories, different nationalities. And recent tragedies that are taking place in Ukraine, passed through the heart of many people about this Sevastopol say too.
And here I would like to appeal to you, you have accumulated a few questions you might have one of them addressed to the President.
QUESTION: Hello, dear Vladimir Vladimirovich! Today, the situation in Ukraine is such that the boundaries are not only between our countries, but also between our families. I live in Sebastopol, my sisters live in Ukraine, and it is a problem of many families of the Crimea. The situation in Ukraine was such that we do not understand each other on many issues, and even become enemies. How to make sure that we were friendly, brotherly peoples?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Of course, it is a question not idle, and we are all under the yoke of certain emotions. But if we love each other and respect each other, then we must find a way to understand each other. I think that within a family it can be easier to make even than within the state. But even within the framework of international relations, I am sure we will find mutual understanding with Ukraine - and we are from each other will not hold your hand. And I hope that Ukraine will come the realization that another Russian in Crimea could not do.
There is one thing that I would like to say. I think that we somehow come back repeatedly to this problem, but would like to note that if we treat each other with respect, we must recognize each other's right to choose their own. And the people who live in Ukraine should respect the choice of those who live in the Crimea. This is the first one.
And the second. Russia has always been close to the Ukraine and will remain always there. I am not talking, and we are still likely to come back to this, about the assistance that Russia provided Ukraine for many, many years. It is expressed, if you convert it all into cash, in hundreds of billions of dollars. But is not the point - the point is that we share a great number of common interests. If we want to be successful, we certainly need to work together to be together. And this understanding is required to come to us, despite all the difficulties emotional today.
M.SITTEL: Sevastopol, let's another question.
N.DOLGACHЁV: Very symbolic that here, in Sevastopol, the people came from all over the Crimea, as many often reunification with Russia is called the completion of the third defense of the city-hero. In history there have been two such heroic episode - is in the Crimean War, 349 days defended Sevastopol, and in the Great Patriotic War - 250 days. Many say that these past '23 - this is the third defense of Sevastopol and the region as a whole. It is clear now that the dream was realized Crimeans and reunification took place, a lot of questions about what will happen next. What a question Ask residents, and now we know.
E.KOSTYLEV: First of all I would like to express gratitude to you, Vladimir Vladimirovich. Indeed on behalf of all Crimeans for the fact that we are back home, thanks to your determination. And now we proudly can call themselves Russians.
But due to the fact that the self-proclaimed government in Ukraine is doing everything possible to make life unbearable Crimean here, there are such things as, for example, banking almost all leaves from the Crimea. That is, to date, there is a problem with the exchange of hryvnia, so that people can not in some moments to realize their payments. And, in particular, pensioners, for example, who amassed a long period of time some of his savings, lays them on the last day, they now can not get them because Ukrainian banks simply ignore the demands and interests of depositors.
Vladimir Vladimirovich, issue the following properties. How can the Russian government to resolve this situation?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: This is today one of the most serious and poorly resolved problems. I am sure that there are others, you know about it, and energy, and water. But the banking sector have not been fully resolved. We will try to negotiate with the Ukrainian partners. As long as it does not work. And "Oschadbank" and "Privatbank" Mr Kolomoisky and its head office in the Crimea fellow Finkelstein, he does not go to meet us, and turnover in local currency is limited. But this leaves us no choice but to move more rapidly to Rublyovy turnover. The question is opening accounts for legal entities and individuals in the creation of its own network. It takes time to do it properly. And I think that it would take about a month more to open the desired number of accounts and create the network, of which I said, to equip it with modern technology.
However, you just mentioned about pensioners, about state employees. I know that in the economy as a whole, there are certain glitches, it's passing, we will overcome all this.
But pensioners and public sector workers, you know, we have already decided by the Government of the Russian Federation, they should be equated in terms of their income to the Russian pensioners, to the Russian state employees. And precisely in order to avoid a sharp rise in order not to push it and an additional rise in prices, which in Crimea already observed, we decided to proceed in stages, four strokes: 25 percent raise revenues Crimean pensioners and state from April 1, then another 25 percent - from 1 May, 25 per cent - from 1 June and finish the final increase on July 1 of June and July. It is for this period of time the incomes of pensioners and public sector revenues, and in the case of pensioners growth - it is 100 per cent, ie the difference between the income of pensioners and the Crimean Russian pensioners ... We retired exactly twice obtained, we have this year will be 11 600, and in the Crimea in ruble terms is somewhere 5500. The same is true for state employees, state employees we have obtained in Russia in two, two and a half times more. Well, the military, and in the Crimea will be enough to serve it Crimeans, they get our troops are now receiving four times more than they receive Ukrainian soldiers.
Therefore, sure hope and I am sure that people living in the Crimea, feel and material advantages, and benefits of joining the Russian Federation. I'm not talking about the development of the economy of the Crimea, on the development of infrastructure recreation and tourism, but we will talk more.
M.SITTEL: Vladimir Vladimirovich, here on this topic one little point of Sevastopol moms. Here Elizabeth Maslennikov asks: "Can a mother who is expecting a second child in the Crimea and Sevastopol expect to receive maternity capital?"
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Of course, we assume that all the perks and benefits that were residents of the Crimea as part of Ukraine and within Ukraine, they should not be lost. And even if something is not in Russia or was not in Russia, we are using additional subsidies Crimean budget, these preferences are saved. In addition, of course, the inhabitants of the Crimea and Sevastopol receive all social norms, all the social benefits that are provided by Russian law for all citizens of Russia.
M.SITTEL: Thank you.
Sevastopol, let's another question.
N.DOLGACHЁV: People are a lot, but that's another question asked, to represent.
QUESTION: Vladimir Vladimirovich, the question is. It is now believed that the Crimea - it's just a vacation, tourism, and no more. But what about our industry and agriculture? What steps will be taken by Russia for the development of all sectors in the Crimea?
And the second question: You said that in the Crimea will be a free economic zone - what it will mean for ordinary, ordinary Crimean?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: You are absolutely right, Crimea - a tourism and recreation, but not only, in the Crimea very good industrial, agricultural potential, and we will develop it. What is it? There are viable businesses, they require additional modernization and recapitalization, and, of course, we will do it. I have already mentioned the shipbuilding and ship repair, but there are other industrial clusters, clusters if not, then the company is very promising, there is a very promising infrastructure, including port infrastructure and so on, there is agriculture. Unfortunately, for example, compared with 1990, when you compare the results of the Crimean agriculture in 2013, agricultural production has fallen by 60 percent. In 2013, the Crimean agricultural enterprises produced only 40 percent of what they produced in 1990. Agriculture also needs more investment. There are questions that need to be addressed. For example, rice is associated with greater use of water, this is already a problem. It takes time and investment. And we will also do it. And services, still about it too should not be forgotten, always Crimea glory, and spoke of him not only as the basis of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian military, but also as a national and all-Union health resort. We will develop, of course, and it is. Unfortunately, the material-technical base of enterprises recreation, resorts, spas fell into decline. Our experts, who visited the Crimea, are familiar with these companies, these recreation centers, resorts, spas, came to the conclusion that the Russian sanitary-epidemiological norms they can not even today, some of them at least, used to stay humans.
On the question of how people here are relaxed, ashamed to say, but the answer is so strange, they say, "Well, what's, miners came, they do not care, they would wave it half a cup - and on the beach." We can not come, you know, to the amusement of Russians, so it too will require additional investment. And here is the same free economic zone, which you have just said, is to allow Russian capital to the known preferences come into the territory of Crimea and Sevastopol, so that the development has been rapid.
We have Crimeans and their suggestions, just recently we Chalym met with Alexis, he formulated the idea of ​​the creation of a development agency. Of course, these ideas will also be supported by us. So, I'm sure we're on the right track and always will achieve positive measurable results.
M.SITTEL: Vladimir Vladimirovich, can be a little drop of poison, because many quite SMS with fears of such a property here: Do not lose your identity Crimea, because there are now people will come with a lot of money, instead of reserves and recreational areas - hunting grounds, large castles, palaces, fences, and sewage in the Crimea, as it was not, and would not be?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: You know, with regard to locks and a large fence, then there is this enough today. There, unfortunately, we have also encountered this and understand: the stunning disregard for public recreation of the people there, like mushrooms, grown here these palaces with fences. And they just belong thereby oligarchs or large heads, which I have already mentioned. And it was precisely due to the number of violations of environmental legislation. I have already talked with the leaders of the Crimea today with the heads of the federal government - we must do everything to make timely decisions were made, according to which here is a method, land development, this practice should be stopped immediately.
M.SITTEL: SMS on the site of our program, "Tell all the same, who were these young men? They are very much like ours. "
VLADIMIR PUTIN: What young people?
M.SITTEL: Polite young people.
K.KLEYMЁNOV "little green men" have in mind.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: In principle, I have already said and said repeatedly, said a few muffled publicly. But in conversations with their foreign colleagues and I do not hide the fact that our task was to ensure conditions for the free expression of the will of Crimeans. And so we had to take the necessary measures to events did not develop as they are developing in the south-eastern part of Ukraine: that there were no tanks to avoid combat units nationalists and people with extreme views, but well-armed with automatic weapons. Therefore, the self-defense forces behind the Crimea, of course, stood our servicemen. They acted very correctly, but, as I said, firmly and professionally.
In another way to hold a referendum openly, honestly, with dignity and help people express their opinion was simply impossible. Still, keep in mind that in the Crimea were more than 20 thousand soldiers, well armed. There's only one system "S-300" - 38 launchers, and warehouses with weapons, ammunition and trains. It was necessary to protect people from even the possibility of using such weapons against civilians.
M.SITTEL: After Sevastopol let's give the word of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia Alexander Vitko. He sector Dmitry Schugoreva.
D.SCHUGOREV: Alexander, please, your question.
A.VITKO: Comrade Commander-in-Chief! Black Sea Fleet Commander Vice Admiral Alexander Vitko.
M.SITTEL: No sound, no slno.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Where commanding voice in the team?
A.VITKO: Before issue permission, take this opportunity to thank you personally and Russians, Comrade Supreme Commander, for the support that our group felt during this difficult period in the Crimea.
Question. Over the last 23 years of serious investment in military infrastructure of the Crimea was not, and now it is, to put it mildly, in poor condition. Especially heavy issue of providing housing, especially former soldiers of the Naval Forces of Ukraine, who are enrolled in the lists of the Black Sea Fleet.
Comrade Supreme Commander! The results of your projects have become the pride of Russians. Will the adoption of the Presidential program or the federal targeted program like the submarine base in Vilyuchinsk or Geoporta Novorossiysk on arrangement of troops of the Crimea? Thank U.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: First of all, will be adopted a program for the development of the Sevastopol base of the Black Sea fleet as a whole. And, of course, will not be accepted and distributed in Sevastopol and the Black Sea Fleet all social programs that are implemented in the Russian Armed Forces, including with regard to this and the provision of housing, both permanent and service.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: Vladimir Vladimirovich, you have mentioned in the previous answer Self-Defense Forces of Crimea. We here in the studio, I see, are just a few representatives of these forces, the core of which in those days were tense, first, the officers of the Crimean "Berkut" and, of course, the Cossacks. There have been quite tense, dramatic moments. For instance, at Perekop when "Berkut" just a few hours ahead of extremists who were sent by bus to the Crimea, and it helped to avoid a major tragedy.
I will ask my colleague Valery Korablyova give the floor to the commander of the Crimean "Berkut" Yuri Abisovu. Please.
V.KORABLЁVA: Yes, a couple of words. Yuri N. Division, as well as many other regional divisions of "Berkut", located in Kiev, the most difficult time. At some point they just stopped taking orders. In fact, in other words, they are simply abandoned. And Colonel ALIS told me how they make the decision, the withdrawal of their children from the fire, as they collected the wounded to hospitals as they were transported to their permanent dislocation, while the fire was conducted on vehicles.
YU.ABISOV: Good afternoon!
Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich! This is what I want to say. Our unit was in Kiev when maidan to wrest power from Yanukovych. We burned, stoned, shot. Dozens of soldiers were killed, hundreds injured, but there was an order - not to shed blood. Then we were betrayed.
I have a question. Have you been dealing with Yanukovych, [talked] at a time when he was President. He's always been such a weakling and a traitor? Thank U.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: You know, we are always in Russia there is a saying: "It's hard you Monomakh". The burden of responsibility on the shoulders of the head of state, and large and small, is very large and heavy. At critical moments, people and guided by their life experiences and their value systems.
As for Mr Yanukovych, he fulfilled his duty as deemed possible and necessary. I talked to him, of course, and repeatedly during the crisis, and after Mr Yanukovych has already appeared in the Russian Federation, including talking about the possibility of the use of force. You can refer to this as you wish, but the essence of his answer was that, as he told me, he repeatedly thought about the need to use force and, as he told me hand was raised to sign an order to use force against its own citizens.
As for the "Golden Eagle", then, of course, you and your comrades honestly, very professional and adequately performed their duties. This causes an unconditional respect and to you and all your comrades, to your soldiers. But ultimately, what happened to you and how to deal with your colleagues today in Kiev, it will backfire for most of the Ukrainian state. Because it can not be humiliated or kneeling soldiers that protect the interests of the state or defame them or deny them medical care when they are in the hospital. I know that men "Berkut", which are in the hospital, not only to treat - no longer feed them.
Our repeated appeals to the Kiev authorities that we are willing to accept all, we do not get any response. But if so state refers to people who honestly and adequately perform their duty, it is unlikely that the State can rely on the fact that someone else will do the same in the future.
In fact, what we are witnessing now. But ultimately, I think people are aware of how you professionally and with dignity to obey orders, and will thank you.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: In matters of our viewers about events in Ukraine a lot of historical allusions. Valery Klimov from the Sverdlovsk region simply describes the specific situation: "Chilean President Salvador Allende in arms accepted death to defend their country, and President escaped. You would be defended to the last question of the independence of our country? "- Asks Valery Klimov.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: You know, I, at first, did not agree with the fact that he ran away. He really had to leave, he did not just run away from Kiev - he went to the region, and as soon as he moved from Kiev to the region, immediately seized the building of the Presidential Administration and the government.
A promise is just completely different. When Yanukovych signed an agreement on 21 February and the guarantors of the agreement with the opposition made by the three European Foreign Minister: Poland, France and Germany - it proceeded from the fact that an agreement is reached and will be implemented. It was the fact that he Yanukovych does not use the army and force the withdrawal of the Interior Ministry, including the "Golden Eagle", from the capital, and the opposition frees captured administrative buildings, parses the barricades and disarm its armed part. Yanukovych agreed to early parliamentary elections, agreed to refund the constitution in 2004, agreed to early presidential elections in December of this year. If required, I think he would agree in the end and early presidential elections a month or one and a half - it is in principle already agreed on everything. No, as soon as he left Kiev and once led Interior Ministry units from the capital, immediately went on, and it took the administration building, and government buildings, a coup in full, the classical sense of the word. Why this was done, why it was necessary to act so unprofessionally, so stupid and plunge the country into a state in which it is today, I do not understand, and answer no one, no one can answer this question.
As for me, you know, always a person makes a decision in a critical situation, based on the life experience and from the set of values. Do you know that my first job was a KGB foreign intelligence, and there we were brought up in a certain way: that education is an absolute devotion to his people and the state.
M.SITTEL: Of course, the topic of Ukraine, anti-constitutional coup, the theme of the Crimea - is the number one topic in the public debate, and in the Russian society, this theme has caused serious discussion. According to opinion polls, 96 percent of Russians have called your decision on Crimea true, but someone does not agree with this decision.
Today in our studio representatives that and that flank. Those who spoke "for" Yuri Bashmet, Denis Matsuev, Karen Shakhnazarov. Let's give the word to those who are present today at us.
T.STOLYAROVA: Yes, indeed, I recall that there was a letter Russian cultural figures, who spoke in support of Vladimir Putin and Russia's position on the Crimea. Now, at this point, it has signed more than 500 people. In this letter still caused a great resonance.
Today we have a guest in the studio Karen Shakhnazarov. You also signed the letter. How do you explain your position?
K.SHAHNAZAROV: For me it was obvious I have already said many times. Here two points. I have a personal, emotional. Maybe for some people it does not matter, but for me it's important. My late father was involved in the liberation of Crimea. He was 20 years old, he was the commander of intelligence Artillery Brigade stormed Sevastopol. By the way, he is Armenian by nationality. He has no doubt about it - neither he nor his comrades - that is a Russian city. So he, of course, I would not have understood if I had some other position was taken.
The second point - perhaps more important - is that in circumstances where, in my opinion, the Ukrainian state has ceased to exist, is no reason for people of Crimea had no right to determine their own destiny, I have not seen. Incidentally, I - as I have heard, Vladimir Vladimirovich. Said that the Parliament of Ukraine partly legitimate - not so in this sense, agree with you, because it seems to me, how can there be a legitimate parliament, which just canceled its own constitution? Therefore, in my opinion, generally no legitimate power in Ukraine does not exist today.
In this sense, the people of Crimea had every right to determine their own destiny. But of course it is, I understand, difficult decision. Of course, he had a big impact international political.
I have a connection with this question to you, Vladimir Vladimirovich. The last 10 years we have definitely become closer and actively with China, and it is clear that movement is mutual. But in the current situation, is it possible to design this rapprochement in particular military-political alliance?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: First of all, thank you for your position on the Crimea, for their support.
As for our relations with China, they are developing very successfully and are at historically high levels, and the level of trust, and the level of cooperation. This also applies to the political sphere, our common approach to the assessment of the international situation and security in the world, and it is the basis of our bilateral relations. We, of course, and neighbors, and in this sense and to a certain extent, of course, and allies - we do not raise the question of the formation of a military-political alliance.
Actually, I think that the bloc system of the world has long outlived its usefulness. NATO was once created in opposition to the Soviet Union, as if the policy of the Soviet Union in Eastern Europe. In response to this was created by the Warsaw Pact. Then the Soviet Union ceased to exist, and NATO remains. We are told it is modified, it becomes more political organization. But Article 5 has not been canceled, and this article is just for mutual military support. Against whom directed NATO's actions, where it extends to our borders, why?
Create new units? I do not know, we somehow never thought about it. But what we are going to expand cooperation with China, it is quite obvious. After all, look, we have with the United States turnover of 27.5 [billion], and with China - 87 billion 87 billion and it is constantly growing. And China is becoming gradually, and it is well known experts in economic terms, the number one power, the only question is when: 15 years, 20, 25? But everything is based on the fact that it is inevitable to happen.
With this population - almost half a billion people - and the modernization of China's economy is already possible to consider a medical fact. And so, of course, we will develop our relations with China. We have never had such a trusting relationship in the military sphere - we began to conduct joint exercises, and the sea, and on land, and in China, and the Russian Federation. All this gives us reason to believe that the Russian-Chinese relations will be a significant factor in world politics and will significantly influence the modern architecture of international relations.
M.SITTEL: Vladimir Vladimirovich, I go back to the letter of culture. Let me ask you, how do you feel about the collective letter and how you personally such a statement - a typical Soviet posing the question: who you are, masters of culture?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: You know, I once again want to say that I am grateful to all those who share my position and support my position and the Crimea, and on some other issues. With regard to such public statements, it is the position of each person. For example, Mr. Shakhnazarov, I know him for a long time, but I do not know, frankly, his political views. For me it was a complete surprise that he was so tough, clear and bright presented in their own words, but much more can be, figuratively, than I do, in fact, our common position on some issues.
With regard to the collective letters, it is possible and it is, but do not need it to be zaorganizovano - it should be the same on a whim, by his heart and soul, it is by no means should anyone be organized. That's what I can not support, so it seems to me to anything.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: Let us still continue more topic of heated debate in the community joining the Crimea and Sevastopol to Russia. I see in the studio well-known journalist, his colleague Andrew Norkina, 20 years ago, we even worked together, and his statements about the Crimea did not go unnoticed.
Olya, please.
O.USHAKOVA: Yes, of course. Andrei Norkin, a journalist, a leading radio station "Kommersant FM».
Andrey, if I may, I would like to ask you in the context of the discussion: You are known for their independent position on quite different issues, but after the events in the Crimea you were in favor of what is happening, triggering a sufficiently large wave of criticism from his colleagues. What do you think, why your point of view cause confusion among those who usually supports your point of view?
A.NORKIN: I would say that is not so much the story of the Crimea, as with the TV channel "Rain" has caused this wave. You know, for me, all the events in Ukraine - they did not much care about geopolitics as how really discussed these events in our country, that is, for me, this is more proof of the existence of a problem that I encountered is actually a few years ago. I am very afraid that a large number of young people formed a kind of, in my opinion, a distorted perception of the world standard.
Since I do not only work as a journalist, but also teach journalism, I can tell you that I have to make some effort to convince my young future colleagues, for example, that the word "patriot" - is not synonymous with the word "idiot" and Victory Day - is not a "Colorado holiday" as it is now fashionable to say. And here is the word "fashion" - it is key because, in my opinion, for a teenager, even for a child to follow certain requirements of fashion, that is, the standards adopted in this environment, it is of paramount importance, and the state is actually kept itself aloof. We love the motherland unfashionable now is "scoop."
You say, Vladimir Vladimirovich., About how you were brought up. Actually, I went here when I just thought I'd say this, but the fact that we now turn to this issue in my opinion, starting from the Ukrainian events, it once again convinces me in my right. Because I have four children: a son and a daughter - are adults, and two younger - while schoolchildren. So the school, I will not say why, they now fully shift function of education on the shoulders of the parents, and the parents can not constantly be with their children. We are here with their average this problem for a long time trying to solve. Decided when found in a nearby suburban town of cadet school, where he is studying. I hope, will learn and younger. It focuses entirely on historical traditions, that is, and teachers and educators - a professional soldiers, at least for military service, most of them men. Not only do they get to the Cadets, a better education, because there are five students in the class, not 35 - they are brought up differently. Yes, indeed, they learn to love for the country, for its history, they learn respect for women, for elders, their peers, learn not to be afraid of physical activity, pain. That is, they learn to become men, honest, decent, honorable citizens of their country, which, as I understand it, should actually be its talent pool. But the question is that these schools are very few. If I remember everything, to Moscow and the region there are only 15.
And, in fact, what I wanted to ask you. Do not you think it appropriate to prescribe by law in Russia a new form of education, that is, Cadet? Since I understand that this is not a quick process, whether it is possible to create, say, a regional funds that will financially assist families, especially single-parent families who want to give their children to such schools? Because then, I think, maybe, we will again become fashionable to love the motherland.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: First, with regard to the thesis that we unfashionable love the motherland - this seems to be somewhere in your environment unfashionable.
A.NORKIN: That is why I referred to his journalistic experience.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Look at how events in the Crimea and Sevastopol rocked society. It turned out that patriotism deeply we sit, we often do not imagine we return in this report, but it is - an integral essence of our people, of this fact. But even if you, a journalist, it hurts, that this dislike someone for the motherland or lack of fashion to this, then it is in principle well. You see, if it hurts, annoying, it means that you, and it is deeply seated, is not accidental You gave the child a Cadet School.
Do I need some kind of a separate law on this matter take? We have an appropriate regulatory framework, let's see. I fully agree with you that this movement in the right direction, but whether something to strengthen, in terms of the legal framework, I, frankly, do not even ready to answer. But I do promise you that we will again this look completely and accurately will develop this form of training and education. Of course, you're right: you, a wealthy still gave her child there. And for single-parent families, for people who have certain problems, including, for example, associated with the loss of a breadwinner, with the loss of his father, say - especially a soldier, this is a very important thing - to create conditions for the education of the child, in order to pick it up, put on his feet. Let's take another look at it, and, of course, from the viewpoint of material security, financial security look again. Incidentally, in the Crimea, we also intend to establish appropriate educational institutions, including the cadet. Thank U.
M.SITTEL: Vladimir Vladimirovich, the position of those who disagree with you (and I think you know about it) sound very loud. Very loud and at different venues. Sometimes there are very sharp position: someone asks West to teach Russian bloody lesson ...
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Blood? Bloody even?
M.SITTEL: Yes. Someone has openly called to shoot at our soldiers, someone types in American newspapers lists of Russians who need to impose sanctions.
M.SITTEL: So there are different positions. And today, including these items, they are also present in our studio. Let's give the word to the sector and give Tatiana Stoliarova speak.
T.STOLYAROVA: I remind you once again that among the Russians, those who spoke out against the position of Russia in the Crimea, they are an absolute minority, today we remembered polls. And yet among these people have known, there are politicians, there are musicians and actors, and, of course, their voices visible and audible.
Today we have a guest in the studio Irina Khakamada. I would like to know your opinion on this matter.
And the question is ...
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Ira, you are against our position in the Crimea? That you hung something, I do not understand.
T.STOLYAROVA: We want to know your opinion, after all, why do you think that's why there was this debate in society?
I.Khakamada: Vladimir Vladimirovich, once again shed, do not pay attention. This is a hint, by the way, about the fact that we have something to do with the information war must be ended. It is wrong to bring on the people who are trying to oppose you intelligently, these stamps.
I came to say the following. Crimea always in need of Russian identity. I have often been in the Crimea. Even in those halcyon days when there were some "blue", the "orange", and especially the Crimea because no one has touched, but they always wanted to be in Russia. As already happened - it happened. But you - the winner, you really had superoperatsiyu without firing a shot. I congratulate you with the fact that you now honestly say that "little green men" - is peaceful, our military, who defended the Russian people. This is very important - to speak publicly about such things, that there was speculation then anywhere else. You went on a compromise as the winner. Today in Geneva, your representative, Minister of Foreign Affairs, for the first time to meet and talk with one of the Ukrainian authorities, which can be given any name, but it's the only kontrpartnёr with whom you can talk about peace. "Times" you named the most influential politician in the world.
I believe that the war began, we did not. But the only one who did not start it, but was able to win it, it can finish. And the sooner the better, because the common people will soon feel - and in the Crimea - that they are very dependent on what is happening in Ukraine. Ordinary people today suffer all feel the consequences of their struggle with their. And I think you have to do - namely from Russia - Today everything depends. And now the key point - I can tell you as a former politician, I have my political sense - when it can be done.
So the question I have for you next. Europe rests. Europe will never solve any questions. She does not like dealing with them because accustomed to peace. The main dialogue - between us and America. America gives billions of dollars that have been May 25 elections. The Russian side insists that must first pass a referendum on regionalization or convening a Constitutional Council to create a new Constitution of Ukraine and only then - the election.
And I'm sure that if the two sides will continue to insist on this position, the war engulf all the post-Soviet space. And neither you nor the Russians nor the Crimeans that - part of Russia, nor the Ukrainians in Ukraine or east, nobody needs it. There is a compromise - regionalization of Ukraine. That is, the east and south to the opportunity to speak in Russian, to elect their power, to feel relaxed. But at the same time - the recognition that elections are needed soon to there somehow everything calmed down. What do you think, can Russia offer such an option, in which the compromise between you and America will be found? On the one hand, May 25, there will be elections, on the other hand, thanks to the negotiations until May 25, do not know how diplomatic means, to ensure all parties agree on the future regionalization of Ukraine.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Can be found on the Ukrainian question a compromise between the US and Russia? A compromise must be found between the third player does not, and between the various political forces within the Ukraine. That is extremely important, the key question. On the side we can only support and accompany.
Now about what's ahead, that first: first referendum on the constitution and then elections - or first need to stabilize the situation through elections, and then hold a referendum? The question is not the point - the question is to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of Russian and Russian-speaking citizens of the south-east of Ukraine - to remind the terminology more tsarist times, it's the New Russia: Kharkov, Lugansk, Donetsk, Kherson, Nikolaev, Odessa is not included in the Ukraine during imperial times, it is all the territory that had been transferred to Ukraine in the 20s by the Soviet government. Why did they do that, God only knows. It all happened after the respective victories Potemkin and Catherine II in the center of the famous wars in Novorossiysk. Hence, the New Russia. Then, for various reasons, these territories are gone, and the people out there to stay.
Yes, today they are citizens of Ukraine, but they have to be equal citizens of the country, that's the whole point. And the question is not whether it would be before a referendum on decentralization or federalization, and then the election or elections, and then change some structures of the state - the question in guarantees for these people. Here we need to encourage them to ensure that Ukraine was found solution to the question, what is the guarantee. And the people of the east and south of Ukraine, too, you asked us, and today's rulers in Kiev will be asked: "Well, there will be elections of the 25th - you want us to be recognized? Tomorrow you will forget and send the attachment to us here, in Donetsk, Kharkiv, Lugansk, and so on, send the attachment again some next oligarch. Where is the guarantee? We find the answer to this question should be ". I hope that it will be found.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: I propose now give the floor to another woman with a bright position, in our studio Irina Prokhorova.
V.KORABLЁVA: Irina Prokhorova - leader of the "Civic Platform", the chief editor of "New Literary Review".
I.PROHOROVA: Good afternoon, Vladimir Vladimirovich.!
You know, I'll probably just turn it slightly to the side of culture, although it is directly connected with the Crimean events. You remember that when Gerard Depardieu fussed about Russian citizenship, he confessed his love for Russia, calling it, first of all, a country of great culture. You know, in recent years, and Crimean events gave rise to this, we see that not only steadily declining budget to support culture and education, but also to begin the persecution of artists, who express a slightly different position. Start any persecution of contemporary art, which begin to blame all conceivable and inconceivable sins. Developing legislation that actually reduces culture to the maid ideology. In general, we have it all took place, and it was always a terrible blow not only for culture and education in the narrow sense of the word, it was very sad for the community. And this internal division that makes society itself that people uttering some other position, denied the title of patriot people thinking about the country - it seems to me fundamentally unfair. After all, you yourself admitted that it was a difficult decision in connection with the Crimea, and was not happy, but necessary, so fears of people who are afraid of complications for their own country, they are quite clear.
Do you think this is an internal bitterness that in society there is, unfortunately, very often fueled by statements of politicians some in Parliament are very fond trump some high words, whether it does not undermine the foundations of our truly multinational vibrant culture and not lose if such way Russia status as a great cultural power?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Thank you for your question.
You know, I honestly do not feel any special situation changes, some special glow even in connection with the events in the Crimea and Sevastopol. Yes, there is a conflict of motives, the struggle perspective, but also no one bothers to speak, for this was not enough, do not put no upekayut anywhere in the camp, as it was in 1937. People who express their point of view, they are, thank God, alive and well, to practice their profession. But the fact that they meet resistance, that they met each position and rejection of their own position - you know, we have part of the intelligentsia simply not accustomed to it. Some people believe that what they say - it is the ultimate truth, and in no other way, and when they have something to see and hear the answer in the answer, it is such a strong emotional reaction.
Regarding the situation in recent months on the Crimean situation, yes, I heard he had read that some are willing to defeat even the country, think that it would be better. In this, too, there is a certain our tradition. The Bolsheviks, as we know, during World War I, too, called for the defeat of his government, his country - well, was brought before the revolution. Here, too, there is some historical continuity, not the best. But I'm with you I can not disagree that we are in any case should not slip into some extreme forms of struggle, in any case should not defame people for their position. And I will try to do everything to make it was not.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: We're on the air for over an hour. Let's take a few phone calls. In the center of processing SMS messages continues Tatiana Remezova. Tanya, please.
T.REMEZOVA: Thank you, colleagues. Telephone lines are literally red-hot on the number, a huge amount of calls on Ukraine. Call from Ukraine itself, and from the Crimea, from other border with Ukraine Russian regions, but not only. Call from all over Russia. Now we are ready to take just one of those calls. Up from the Irkutsk region, the village Pivovariha, I suggest editors. Roman Kuznetsov in touch with us.
Roman, good afternoon! You are in the air.
R.KUZNETSOV: Hello, Vladimir Vladimirovich.!
My name is Roman.
R.KUZNETSOV: Do you plan to enter a limited contingent in the south-eastern part of Ukraine for the protection of the Russian-speaking population?
Thank U.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: You know, we should not at all what we are now experiencing with the Crimea, must not fall into a kind of euphoria and should always proceed from reality. What are these realities? Well, firstly, I must say bluntly, still national, ethnic composition of Crimea differs from the south-east of Ukraine. These are the areas I have just said about it, were transferred to the Ukraine in the mid-20s, and then until 1954, when the Crimea have already given some reason to Ukraine. The ethnic composition of there in about 50 to 50. I have already said that the decision is final, and for the return of the Crimea in the Russian Federation was adopted only by the results of the referendum. When I saw the results, when I saw that practically the entire population "for", I repeat, we have another choice even there was no other solution could not be.
What is the situation here, we do not know for sure. But we know that we must do everything possible to help these people to protect their rights and self-determine their own destiny. That's what we are going to fight. I recall that the Federation Council of Russia granted the President the right to use the Armed Forces of Ukraine. I really hope that I will not have to exercise this right and that political and diplomatic means we will be able to solve all the sharp, if not the most acute problems of today in Ukraine.
M.SITTEL: Vladimir Vladimirovich, now in serious condition were not only south-eastern regions of Ukraine and Transnistria. On the one hand it is locked Moldova, on the other hand - the new self-proclaimed Kiev authorities. Here is the relevant text messages: "How do you see the way to resolve the situation in the Transnistrian region, which is Russia's position on this matter?". And I remind myself that just before the parliament of Transnistria appealed to Russia to recognize the independence of the republic.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: This is one of the most difficult problems we inherited after the collapse of the Soviet Union. There are, firstly, the population of somewhere in excess of half a million people, I think, if I'm not mistaken. People tuned really pro-Russian, a large number of Russian citizens living in Transnistria. People have their own idea of ​​how to build your future, your destiny. And it's not that different, as a manifestation of democracy, if we allow these people to do what they want. It is necessary, of course, to engage in dialogue with Moldova and Ukraine, it is necessary to intensify the negotiations in the "5 + 2" - there is a formula: it Moldova, Transnistria and the five states that are involved in this process of reconciliation. But in the end, and I assume this must, of course, without delay, to lift the blockade, the negative effects of which are now people who live in Transnistria, and experience on the part of Moldova, and by the way, Ukraine. On the border between Transnistria and Ukraine have already pulled nationalist militias, and that this situation is, of course, as soon as possible should be discontinued. But ultimately, people should be allowed to decide their own fate. Here is what we, together with all partners and will work, of course, relying primarily on the people who live in Transnistria.
M.SITTEL: Tatiana, will return to you the word.
T.REMEZOVA: Vladimir Vladimirovich, another interesting question from a call to us at the "hot line". To quote: "Russia annexed the Crimea by force. Does this mean that now force is the only guarantee of state sovereignty in the world? "
Putin: Russia not to join the Crimea by force. Russia created the conditions, using, of course, special units and the Armed Forces, I just say, but only created the conditions for the free will of the people who live in the Crimea and Sevastopol. A decision on annexation took the people themselves. Russia responded to the call and took the Crimea and Sevastopol in his family. This is natural, otherwise it could not be.
With regard to the factor of force in international affairs, he has always been, and always have, I'm sure there will always be. Is not the question, the question is that, knowing that the force is essential in international affairs and in the international arena could be a matter of common sense to develop and strengthen the rules of conduct that would be stable and would make it possible to negotiate, to seek trade-offs to balance the interests of the state and nation in the international arena, without resorting to the force.
The matter did not in the events in the Crimea. Let us remember what happened in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and in other regions of the world. Here, in my opinion, when the world becomes, or someone trying to make the world a unipolar, then this single pole the illusion that everything can be solved only by force, and when there is a balance of power, then there is a desire to negotiate. I hope that we will move along this path - the path of strengthening international law.
M.SITTEL: Thank you.
Vladimir Vladimirovich, a few minutes - to our new format, the format videovoprosov. Word of Anna Pavlova.
Anna Pavlova: Thank you. In our video center also receives a lot of questions related to the situation in Ukraine, many people care about, as will build our future relations with its neighbors in the light of recent developments. In continuation of the theme, I propose to look videovopros that we Sergej Lucas from St. Petersburg.
S.LUKAS: Vladimir Vladimirovich, please tell me, who profits hyped myth that the Russian armed forces preparing to attack the Ukraine? What is the purpose of those who want us to quarrel with our brothers, neighbors, with our European partners? And tell me, please, can we openly invite everyone to visit the border with Ukraine areas? Thank U.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Do you want to embroil Russia and Ukraine, to share, to take away a single, in fact, the people are the subject of international politics for the past century - a century. If you remember, take a look at the statements of the leaders of the White movement, you will understand that, in spite of any political controversy with the Bolsheviks, they never allowed the thought of possible division between Ukraine and Russia, because I always thought it was part of a single , common space, and that this one people. And they were absolutely right.
But today, it so happens that we live in different states. And, unfortunately, this policy section, stripping, weakening and one and the other component of the total people continues. Enough in the world of forces that are afraid of our power - as one of our rulers said "our great". Therefore, try to crush, this is known. See what Yugoslavia did: cut into small pieces, and now there are manipulated all that can only be manipulated. Then you can manipulate almost everyone. In principle, the same want to do, apparently, someone with us. But if you look at what's going on, you and answer to your question about who does it.
M.SITTEL: Vladimir Vladimirovich, Ukraine live millions of Russian that after the events in the Crimea, by definition, the new government, were outcasts. Ms. Tymoshenko even urged to take up arms and go to "rub out" these people and deal with them.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: "Damned Katsap."
M.SITTEL: Yes, "damned Katsap." Such statements are many, and questions about the future of Russian living in Ukraine, a huge amount, if not - the bulk.
Let's give a chance to ask a question on this topic writer Lukyanenko.
D.SCHUGOREV: Sergei Lukyanenko - famous writer, who, after the events in February in the Maidan, those bloody events that are out there, no one wants to investigate, called Ukraine cursed the ground and then, in a dispute with their Ukrainian colleagues decided to publish it in Ukraine will not be banned and translate his books into Ukrainian.
Sergey, what's your question?
Lukyanenko: Vladimir Vladimirovich, 23, Ukraine, in fact, developed as a state opposed to Russia.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: What's that, again?
Lukyanenko: The last 23 years Ukraine has developed as a state, opposed by Russia, that is, even the slogan, in general, this was: "Ukraine - not Russia." And the worst thing that these seedlings now bear fruit. We see what is happening, and as a result the country falls into a nationalist, almost fascist in some situation. That is, we are talking about sending the army death squads in the south-east and so on. Know everything. And worst of all, in my opinion, that our voice is not heard Russia's position, it can not be heard in the West, it is strongly closed in Ukraine itself.
Do you think we can still bring their point of view and if we can do it at all? Can we persuade the West to listen to us and understand us? Sometimes it seems that not.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: You know, Sergei (can I will return to you so?), I still disagree with you. I know that you are one of the most interesting contemporary writers, very readable and well published. But I can not agree with the fact that Ukraine - Cursed Earth, I just beg you not to use such expressions with respect to Ukraine. Ukraine - suffering land, is a complex and long-suffering community in the truest sense of the word. Look, after all, where nationalism is thriving today and even revived Nazism, what is this: it is the western part of Ukraine - as you well know historical past of the area, this land and these people. Partly today were in the territory of Czechoslovakia, partly - in Hungary, in part - in Austria, Austria-Hungary, in part - in Poland, and nowhere and never have they been full citizens of these countries. You know, something is always in humans matures.
Today, some people think that it is in these circumstances, by virtue of belonging once these territories to today's European Union countries, it gives them some special European content. The fact that they were second-class citizens in these countries, as it were rusty, but in the historical memory, under the crust, somewhere, deep in my heart, it's buried, you know? Hence, I think, here and origins of nationalism.
Another thing - the center, east, south-east of Ukraine. I also talked about it now, about the New Russia, which, of course, the roots associated with the Russian state, and people with a little different mentality. Being a part of this here today Ukraine collected in installments during the Soviet era, of course, people quite difficult to build relationships with each other and it is difficult to understand each other. But we must help them to do so, as far as possible.
What is in these conditions, our role, the role dbrogo neighbor, the nearest relative; Do we hear our partners somewhere overseas or in Europe? I hope to hear, but at the same time, I also just talked about this, there are some concerns with regard to Russia itself, its size, its possible potential growth and power, and therefore prefer we also disaggregate, pull apart. Hear whether in this case, our partners? I repeat, what they are largely guided, but I still think that we should hear, because in the emerging modern world, keeping in mind the tendency of his development in the near and more distant historical historical perspective, this whole world, the whole of Europe, I already talked about this, from Lisbon to Vladivostok, should unite in order to be competitive and viable in the rapidly developing world. This is an extremely important point. I hope that our partners we hear and understand.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: Vladimir Vladimirovich, questions about the situation in Ukraine is dominated on the site of our program. Over the last few minutes, I flipped through the most characteristic and found several recurring.
And Sergei, please, do not prohibit publishing your books wherever that may be, including the Ukraine, what are you? The point is not about the money - the fact that you are one of the most prominent writers of Russia, it is part of Russian culture and the need to move back Russian culture, and not pull her out, okay?
Lukyanenko: Well, allow.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: I've found another typical question on the website of our program, he came from Alexander Zhabinskii, who lives in the Moscow region, I will read it: "We refuse to deal with the current Kiev authorities, considering them illegitimate, doubtful and Legal notice for May presidential elections. You can continue to talk with them, but Ukraine will not float away from the border with Russia. With its authorities, legitimate or not, still have to negotiate. Maybe not to waste time and start a dialogue with all the potential winners of the presidential race? "
VLADIMIR PUTIN: We really believe today's illegitimate government, they do not have a national mandate to govern the country, and that's it speaks for itself. However, we do not refuse contact with someone else, at the ministerial level contacts are open, and our ministers maintain their relationship with their Ukrainian counterparts. Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev spoke with Yatsenyuk, Naryshkin spoke with Turchinov, they are also in contact. As for the presidential candidates, then you know how the presidential race. It runs completely unacceptable in a totally unacceptable forms. If then everything will happen in this way, we certainly will not be able to recognize everything that happens, everything that will happen after May 25 legitimate.
What is the legitimacy of the election, if the candidates from the east constantly beaten, pour some ink and so on, do not allow for meetings with voters? What is this campaign? I'm not talking about that, strictly speaking, the constitution of Ukraine - that Irina Khakamada asked questions related to the legitimization of - according to the Constitution of Ukraine, if it does not change if you do not change the constitution, new elections, with a valid, legal action President Yanukovych, it is simply impossible to carry out. In accordance with the present constitution can not elect a new president, if there is live action, full legally President. So, if we want to, if they want the elections to be legitimate, it is necessary, perhaps, somehow change the constitution and to talk already about federalism and decentralization, and so on. But it's just common sense dictates.
You can, of course, continue to operate outside of common sense - what it will bring, I do not understand. But we are in contact with everyone. The leader of the presidential race today Poroshenko. Much of his business - in Russia. It makes our candy and caramel, which many here probably tried, not even knowing that the owner of this company is Mr. Poroshenko, a leader in today's presidential race.
Ms. Tymoshenko I know personally well. It is, though, and calls it "shoot from the Russian nuclear weapons," I think it's done, most likely, in the course of some kind of emotional breakdown. But we had very familiar. By the way, she signed gas contracts known that today her own party colleagues and members of the signing of this contract, refuse to do. But we have at one time it was quite good business relationship. I do not personally know other members from the east: Tsaryova and former governor of Kharkiv - but in general we represent, what kind of people. And of course we will work with everyone.
M.SITTEL: Let me buccal replica.
Vladimir Vladimirovich, the crusade against Maidana southeast also unconstitutional. This is also against the ...
VLADIMIR PUTIN: I'm sorry, please. Now we hear the calls to ensure that people in the south-east lay down their arms, but I'm talking to their partners, "That is correct, great prizes, but then the army will drag away from the civilian population." Because quite mad: tanks, armored personnel carriers (I'm looking at the TV screen), pull the gun. Against someone pulled a gun? Quite stunned, or what?
K.KLEYMЁNOV: multiple rocket launchers.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: multiple launch rocket systems, combat aircraft fly, "drying" fly. Quite sbrendili, or what? And then what? Suitable nationalist militias. Well, in the east to disarm, well, let's even the army depart, why nationalists groups still not disarmed? And then say that there is nothing we can do about it.
How can I get people to lay down their arms in the east, especially as their side of the transition and fighters "Berkut" employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and even some military units. No solution to the problem here. The question should be solved in the search for compromises and to ensure the legitimate interests of these people.
M.SITTEL: But no one is ready to compromise. With whom to negotiate? You say there must be guarantees, and with whom? The United States, the West, the leaders of the European Union, the self-proclaimed Maidan power? Who with whom to negotiate?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: I negotiate with someone who considers himself a power now in Kiev. They should be based on common sense and reality.
M.SITTEL: Thank you.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: We here in the studio, there are people who were in the so-called sanctions list. Perhaps there are those who are here and do not know that they are on the list. But Dmitry Kiselev knows exactly what he is on the list. Valeria, please.
V.KORABLЁVA: Dmitry Kiselev - Director General of the Information Agency "Russia Today".
D.KISELЁV: Hello, Vladimir Vladimirovich.! Promised here videovoprosov format. I would like it to somehow support. As with electronics that is not very composed, I will create an image with your fingers, literally on the fingers.
Here is a ring, and I think that our country is in this ring. I personally feel I have a suffocating feeling that someone is choking me. I think that this NATO because NATO is growing like a cancer, and just in the last 25 years "swallowed" our allies in the Warsaw Pact, then some parts of the Soviet Union, the Baltic countries, opened his mouth to Georgia and Ukraine already.
At NATO headquarters say that at all appropriate, perhaps, and Ukraine to take into NATO. And you say that the bloc system dies. I can not agree with it, feeling such constricting movement on the part of the block. Of course, one can say that I'm paranoid, and this is my paranoia. But, as the saying goes, if you paranoid, it does not mean that you do not pursue. Therefore, it is not about me, but about expanding NATO. Where is the red line, whether it is, and how do you feel as the leader of the country, of course? Nothing personal, Vladimir Vladimirovich. Thank U.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: We are all strangle! What are you so afraid? (Applause.)
D.KISELЁV: No fear not, of course, but where the red line and where to stay, as they say? Are there limits, and who put them? Thank U.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: fear we have: no I do not, no one should be. But we must proceed from reality. And the reality you now, in general, quite literally in your inherent brilliant manner described, caught up to us a certain fear. I repeat once again, I would not be afraid of anything, but we must soberly assess the situation. And what is it? You, in general, now about this vividly told.
We once promised (I'm in Munich at the time talked about this at a conference on security) that, after the unification of Germany would not be NATO's eastward expansion. The eastern limits of NATO, as we said at the time, the then Secretary General of NATO, the alliance will not move. And then it started to expand and at the expense of the former Warsaw Pact countries, and then, and at the expense of the Baltic States, due to the former republics of the Soviet Union.
And I once said: "Why are you doing, what's the point? In ensuring the security of these countries? Do you think they will attack someone? Well, it is enough to conclude an agreement, bilateral treaty of friendship and mutual assistance, including the military and the security of these countries will be provided. " Answer: "You do not care. Peoples and nations themselves have the right to choose its security. "
Well, it's true. But it is also true, Thurs when getting on the infrastructure of a military bloc to our borders, it causes us some concerns and questions. We need to take some steps in response, and this is also true because, in doing so, we also no one can deny. And it forces us to some kind of response.
Now I use these two words and say more about our negotiations on the missile defense system, which is equally important, and perhaps more important than NATO's eastward expansion. By the way, and our decision to the Crimea including was due in part to this.
Of course, first and foremost, is the support of Crimeans. But consideration of this order, that if we do nothing, then in some time, guided by the same principles, vtaschat NATO Ukraine and say, "this does not concern you," - and NATO ships will be in Russian military naval glory - Sevastopol.
But it's not the emotional side of this issue, and the fact that the Crimea, of course, is issued to the Black Sea, as it is in the center. But, based on such military reasons, it as important as in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, has no bearing in mind the availability of modern percussion weapons, including shore.
But if there will enter NATO troops - and they are also there to put these funds drums - then for us it has already geopolitical significance: if Russia would almost squeezed out of the Black Sea. We remain a small piece of the coast - 450 or 600 kilometers. Everything!
And it is - really - squeezing Russia out of this very important region of the world, for which many Russian seed laid during all previous centuries. This is a serious thing.
Therefore, no need to be afraid of anything. But we must and will take into account these circumstances and react accordingly. The same thing happens, as I just said now, and our negotiations to deploy elements of the US missile defense. This is not a defensive system, is part of the offensive potential imposed on the periphery. And we say, "It's not against you."
But, you know, at the expert level, everyone understands that the deployment of these systems closer to our borders overlap position of our missiles, land-based strategic missiles. All perfectly understand it, give yourself fully in this report. They say: "Trust us, it's not against you."
You know, even to our proposal to sign some legal tiny piece of paper, where it had been written, that it is not against us, our American partners refuse to even this small. It's amazing, but true. And, of course, we have questions: "Why do not you sign up, if you feel that it is not against us?"
Nonsense, it seemed a piece of paper, she, you know, today signed tomorrow can throw it, and do not even want to do. And when these elements are placed in Europe, then - we have lots of time talking about it - we have to do something in response. This swelling of the arms race. Why do this?
Much better to look at this problem, if there is some kind of missile threats from some directions together to address these issues, identify these missile direction, define a system to manage the system, access to the management, together to do it - no, do not want.
We, of course, continue to naberёmsya patience will aggressively conduct these negotiations, but in any case we will do everything - and I'm sure we will succeed - to ensure guaranteed to ensure the safety of the Russian people.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: Vladimir Vladimirovich, but our viewers who continue to call and write to the program, actively interested in what price victory, if we are talking about the Crimea is not too great a burden took over Russia, including in its membership the Crimea?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: It is understood that - refers to the costs associated with it?
K.KLEYMЁNOV: Well, finance, certainly in the first place.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: As for the price of victory expenses. I can tell you, I've said that, unfortunately, the material and technical base, for example, even a spa complex is located in a very difficult situation and requires a large investment, infrastructure requires investment. We will need to invest in increasing the income of pensioners and public sector employees, to invest in the development of the economy and agriculture.
Well, what this means? Well, say, take the pensioners and the public sector. We have common expenditure commitments of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation - about 6 trillion rubles. Of these net pension money, money for pensioners, if you subtract the parent capital laid out there, some more social benefits, pure money on pensioners - 4.5 trillion rubles. What we need this year to allocate to support pensioners in the Crimea? 28 billion.
A lot or a little? At first glance, a lot, but it is 4.5 trillion, in general, a small figure. And to support the public sector - only 16.5 billion, it is lifting the money. Infrastructure is, there are other costs. We do not need to remove anything from other programs, because we have laid money, extra money as a government reserve of 245, I think - well, 240 billion rubles this year, and the cost of all Crimean subsidirovnie programs, I think, will not be more than 100 billion.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: But there is still a bridge, electricity, there are a lot of everything.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: This is a separate issue - the bridge, this is a very important component, or tunnel, until we decided not decide: you have to hold expert assessment. Some say that the tunnel can be flexible; experts say that this place tectonic faults, so you need to approach this very carefully: the bridge or bridges, or tunnel - but it requires not only money, it takes time, it is not done in one year. We are talking about today's costs, and in the future, I'm pretty sure even I have no doubt, in the future, and in the short, medium term at least, the Crimea will be a donor even without a subject that requires the use of federal subsidies, it will be self-sufficient, and then the donor. I'll tell you frankly, I think, I was not offended former colleagues, Ukrainian leaders - when they told me straight that artificially Crimea did subsidized territories, it was taken out of more money than other areas, and redistributed to other places, having in mind a very difficult situation of some regions of Ukraine.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: You know, the Crimean threads suddenly turned us another dimension. A lot of messages, similar to what I just read. It is this message to us from the Krasnoyarsk Territory from pensioner Sergei Bibartseva: "Today my wife on teachers 'meeting - it is the teacher of secondary school № 71 in the village of Pine - reported that teachers' salaries will be reduced by 20 percent in May due to the annexation of Crimea to the Russian Federation" .
K.KLEYMЁNOV: "... this is true or not? Why 20 percent? "Teachers are known are the responsibility of local authorities. Apparently ...
VLADIMIR PUTIN: No. The school - it is at the municipal level, supported by the regions. This, of course, rogue application that has nothing to do with reality.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: There are so many from different regions, Vladimir Vladimirovich.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Well, I want people to hear, and then we analyze all this incoming information and we will investigate. I have already said that we do not need to cut any whatsoever social programs and our guarantee. Once again I want to responsibly say: no social programs provided for in Russia and the Russian budget will not be reduced. We have all the means are provided for. All that is needed to support the Crimean be obtained from the government's reserve fund and does not affect any of our social program.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: People where to complain when they receive these ...
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Well, they have complained, we will try to respond.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: Good. And more worried pensioners, "We were promised in April to index pensions by 3 percent, and increased by 1.7. We believe that this is due to the Crimea "- asks Irina Shalygina of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: This is, I repeat once again, has nothing to do with either the Crimea or the Sevastopol. This is due to inflation, the inflation rate and the level of income of the Pension Fund. In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation have a pension is indexed twice - in February and April. I do not remember that the Government publicly and officially announced on indexation of 3 percent was in April. Within the government were all sorts of opinions on this subject, the debate. In the end, did as the law prescribes. He directs the inflation index, as accumulated, and the income of the Pension Fund. We in February indexed on
6.5 per cent, and in April - by 1.7 percent. Of course, this modest increase, but it's still better than a fall. First.
And the second. This is not enough, but if we add 6.5 and 1.7, you get much - 8.2, right? But it is still above the inflation rate this year: we have it scheduled at 6 per cent, but 6.5 will probably be. But it's still not 8.2. It is for this government should follow.
In general, we must continue to think and move upward incomes of our pensioners, obviously.
M.SITTEL: More about unrest pensioners. "If the West refuses to gas supplied by Russia, how it will affect our well-being, particularly pensioners?" - Ludmila Budarina, Tambov region.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: I must say that oil and gas revenues account for a significant share of the proceeds to the Russian budget. This is a serious component for us to address the issues of economic development, budgetary financing of our development programs and, of course, fulfill our social obligations to citizens.
I want to say that's what. I'm just afraid to make a mistake in the figures, but now, God forbid memory, I can tell you that the main income from oil and gas revenues have not come from gas and oil. If in dollar terms, over the past year, oil revenues amounted to 191-194 billion dollars, revenues from gas - about $ 28 billion. Feel the difference? 191 - oil 28 - from the gas.
Oil is sold on world markets. Is it possible here, if we try, we somehow hurt? You can try. What this will lead to those who will do it? Firstly, how to do it? Real opportunities to increase production, and hence lower prices on world markets can only Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia budget is deemed, in my opinion, from 85-90 dollars per thousand cubic meters.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: Obama was already there for a visit.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: No, sorry, not for gas and oil, it counted for 85-90 dollars per barrel, and we have - from 90, in my opinion. That is, if leave is below 85, then she will be in Saudi Arabia burnout, she has a problem. We decrease from 90 to 85 is not critical. This is the first one.
Second. We have with Saudi Arabia a very good relationship. We have, for example, different approaches to the Syrian issues, but we have almost exactly the same approach for the development of the situation in Egypt. We have many other coinciding points of view.
I have great respect for the custodian of the two holy places of Muslim King of Saudi Arabia, he is very smart, balanced person. And do not think that our Saudi friends will go to any drastic changes to their own detriment and the Russian economy. This is the first one.
Second. They operate within the framework of OPEC, and there are so many of our supporters. And even that's not the fact that they sympathize with us, but the fact that they have their own economic interests, and dramatically reduce the production, and this can only be done in a consistent manner within the framework of OPEC, is difficult enough.
Finally, in the United States itself, which today are developing shale gas and shale oil, the profitability of these products is very high, it's expensive projects. And if we drop the price on the world market, these projects can generally be unprofitable, even at a loss, and the emerging industry may just die.
And finally, one more consideration. Oil traded and sold on the world markets in dollars. If prices fall, then the demand for dollars will fall sharply and the dollar as the world currency begins to lose its meaning. A lot of components, like bite, but opportunities still limited. Though, probably, some damage may be applied.
Now for the gas. We sell gas, pipeline gas (which is the main selling gas at us), mainly in European countries that somewhere 30-35 per cent, 34 per cent of its gas balance close supplies from Russia. Is it even possible to stop purchasing Russian gas? In my opinion, it is impossible.
Some of our settling, but it's very good of our neighbors, we have developed excellent relationships with, say, Finland, but Finland from all common gas balance of 90 per cent received from Russia. In some countries of the former so-called people's democracy, if not 90, then 60, 50, 70 percent in Eastern Europe - this is our Russian gas.
Whether it is possible to cut off supplies? This, in my opinion, absolutely unreal. In its detriment, almost through the blood, you can. But I imagine this can not. So, of course, everything is taken care of diversification of supplies. There, in Europe, talking about increasing independence from the Russian supplier, just as we begin to speak and act in the direction of independence from our customers.
But while all this ahoditsya in a certain balance of customers and suppliers, there is only one problem - the transit countries. And the most dangerous element here, of course, is the transit through the territory of Ukraine, with which it is very difficult to agree on energy issues. But I hope that we're here and bring home to the desired state, referring to the existing contracts signed and running.
M.SITTEL: Thank you.
Retired we are very active. Here's the next question: "Tell me, is there any plans to joining Alaska to Russia? Would be very happy. Thank U. Pensioner Faina Ivanovna. "
K.KLEYMЁNOV: Fashion joke, Vladimir Vladimirovich. You know, now Alaska "Ice-Crimea" called.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Yes, in the course.
Faina Ivanovna, my dear, why do you Alaska? By the way, Alaska was sold somewhere in the XIX century, Louisiana was sold to the French about the same time, American United States. Thousands of square kilometers have been sold for $ 7.2 million, though gold.
Now we can calculate the equivalent, of course, but - inexpensive. We have a northern country, 70 percent of our territory today refers to the areas of the North and Far North. Alaska - it does the southern hemisphere? Too cold there. Let's not get excited, okay?
K.KLEYMЁNOV: Let's go back to the theme of the Crimea.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: We'll have them there "northern" pay. Do you understand? It is necessary to calculate the budget expenditures. (Laughter.)
K.KLEYMЁNOV: One of the questions that come to us now, during the "straight line". "I would like to know what steps will be taken to rehabilitate the Crimean Tatars" - asks Richat Ahmad.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Crimean Tatar people - it's the people who really seriously damaged during the Stalinist repression, was deported from the Crimea, from their traditional places of residence, with its own territory. And we certainly need to do everything we can to make the process of entering into the Russian Federation has been associated with the rehabilitation and restoration of the legitimate rights and interests of the Crimean Tatar people.
Incidentally, immediately after the annexation of Crimea to Russia, in 1783, in my opinion, if wrong, then I'm sorry, Catherine II issued a decree and this decree, also exactly, word for word, do not play, but in the sense of the following is recorded : Crimean Tatars are perceived as Russia's own nationals with all the ensuing consequences, and will be given full respect for their rights, their churches and their religion, which is extremely important.
And it was a very wise and correct policy, this is the policy we intend to adhere to our time today. Therefore, we now are preparing a decree I do, my colleagues in the Government, the Presidential Administration, the preparation of the decree of the President of the rehabilitation of the Crimean Tatar people. But not only the Crimean Tatars, as in the days of Stalin's repression suffered Armenians, Germans, Greeks, so we have to remember about the representatives of all these nations.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: We have exactly two hours live. In the Far East for seven hours, there was already nine o'clock. And I'm talking about the Far East because we can not ignore the issue of severe flooding that has gone through the region last year, last August. Until now, thousands more people have not recovered from the effects of the disaster. We have chosen two settlements: the village and the village of New Belgium - there deployed our mobile television stations. These names can be, little is known in Russia, but in order to remind them of the events we have produced the most vivid footage that aired virtually all television channels.
So, the village of Belgium, working there, our colleague Paul Zarubin.
P.ZARUBIN: Hello, Moscow! Welcome to the village of Belgium, almost completely destroyed as a result of last year's unprecedented floods in the Far East. So now here on this great multimeter mound, actually built a new gated development. There will be built 87 houses here with all these living conditions. At the villagers will, for example, hot water, although I was not here even running water.
Gathered here today are those villagers who do not leave here, even though the flood happened. And today here with us Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev. I remind you that it was he who on behalf of the President heads the government commission in the aftermath of floods in the Far East.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Good afternoon! We often meet Yuri Petrovich. I hope that the citizens will also speak.
P.ZARUBIN: Good. Then start with the questions now. So, on the houses in the village of Belgium. I remind you that all the houses here are built with the money collected during the telethon, which is held by our colleagues. We are here for a few days and talked with almost all locals. People say that they are very popular at home, but at the same time, of course, the locals are many other issues. Now the sound is perhaps the most unifying whole village question, and ask him the car owner Andrew.
QUESTION: Hello, Vladimir Vladimirovich.! I have here a question. I motorist paying vehicle tax 4000, and there is no road. We sat by Belgium to the federal highway 50 kilometers.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Why do you the car is, I do not understand. If there are no roads, why the machine where you are driving? This is a provocation some straight.
QUESTION: No, this is not a provocation. Vladimir Vladimirovich, it's just we have this urgent problem. It happens that people are sick and nothing to take away, because the road is very terrible.
QUESTION: I would like to ask you to assist in solving this problem to us. Now we construct a new village, a beautiful, good - and the road at least make a normal, if the dirt, we do not need much.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Well, I understand.
You know, when I came to these areas affected by the floods, and met with the residents, met with the heads of municipalities, one of the issues raised in the course of our conversations and meetings related to just the development and rehabilitation of infrastructure. This was due to the maintenance of agricultural production and just settlements of life. We talked about the fact that you can give any amount of money, say to support agriculture, although this is a separate issue, and there is still certainly not done, yet if it will be impossible to transport the goods concerned and the dates for agricultural items in settlements, the then all of this does not make sense. And the need to restore roads, and bridges. And I must say that it is within the appropriate federal assistance programs affected regions provided the necessary funds. If necessary, we have the opportunity and increase spending to meet the needs of the region. But for this they need to be formulated first municipal authorities, and then the governor to the Government of the Russian Federation. Yuri Petrovich is there now, among you. Please, I beg you to give him all these requests, all of these needs of your village. Yuri Petrovich will return, and we will discuss it. Of course, the road must be created if the locality. In another way, it is simply impossible to imagine.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: Another question, Paul, please.
P.ZARUBIN: There is another issue of concern to all residents of the village, yes, I think, care and many other residents of Russian villages. Olga, please.
O.KUZYURINA: Hello, Vladimir Vladimirovich.! I want to express a common desire of all the inhabitants of our national village. Just one kilometer from us passes a gas pipeline distribution station there. We ask you to take a decision on the gasification of our village under construction. Thank U.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: If the gas system is (I do not really understand what the gas system, high pressure? - But most likely it is), the question is to include the costs of the municipality and the region's money to build a low-pressure networks. This is one of the problems in the gasification of the whole country. These charges are distributed in such a way that "Gazprom" and the federal budget helps build a network of high-pressure, and municipalities have already bred for their money the low-pressure consumers. But in this case, a special question, of course, keeping in mind that this is, in fact, a new settlement, and, of course, the problem may be solved. Also pass, please, this is a wish Yuri Petrovich. I am confident that we will solve this problem.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: Thank you. Thanks, Paul, thanks for the village of Belgium. We see that the houses that are being built there, are already in a fairly high degree of readiness, despite the fact that they began to build just this week. This prefabricated construction, and as Paul says, the money collected viewers "First Channel" during a telethon "All Together". By the way, Vladimir Vladimirovich., In this regard, there are unexpected ideas that offer our viewers. "Let's build a bridge across the Kerch Strait as a symbol of unity of Russia, through television and SMS will collect the money. My dream is to someday pass on it to go to the Crimea and in "Artek" - it says Mikhaylenko Jan, 12, from Klin. As you this idea?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: It seems, then, that it is allowed on the cakes to school, she is ready to pass on the construction of the bridge to the Crimea. This is very generous, thank her very much. Thank you very much, "Channel One", which held such a powerful action. Speaking of which, of course, the funds that were collected, and collected a lot of it was, that I Konstantin Ernst just mentioned, I think, somewhere in the $ 30 million, a huge sum. And I want to not only the "First Channel" to thank, I want to thank all the citizens of Russia, which so vividly responded to the problems faced by our people in the Far East as a result of the largest, the largest in the past 100 years flood. But at the same time I want to note that along with the state and makes a modest contribution, the government allocates 40 billion rubles to overcome the consequences, meaning and housing, and the construction of infrastructure facilities, dams, and so on, and restoration industries. The main thing just to make it all was effectively spent.
As for the bridge to the Crimea, it is a special theme. It's not cheap project, but we will strive to ensure that this was done as soon as possible, qualitatively and, of course, economically.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: We have a new line village, it is the Jewish Autonomous Region, where our correspondent Daria Grigorov.
D.GRIGOROVA: Hello! New Moscow welcomes this Jewish Autonomous Region. And mark you now see - is the maximum water level, which has been here, it's 10.5 meters. Very much taller than a man, even at the highest point of the village. Once the dam burst New, people is not something that was flooded, the village was completely cut off from the rest of the world, people were hiding here on the second floor of the House of Culture, here they provide everything you need, hauled water, food, and the people here, right on the boat, voted. Now, with the advent of spring, the House of Culture repaired, new reduced too, and today we have gathered those who lived through this element. I propose to give the floor to local residents. And with us today Galina Y. Alekhine. Galina Y. survived all the flooding here with his large family - it has four children and six grandchildren, and contrived in such a situation, not only to help his family, but also to help many villagers.
So, Galina Y., ask your question.
G.ALЁHINA: I first want to thank all the people of Russia for the assistance provided to all of us, the victims. Many thanks to all who are not indifferent to our trouble.
My question is on Dams. The fact that those dams that now we have recovered, they do not meet the requirements, they need to build above the flood in 2013 it showed. All repaired houses built houses, if not will be made of the dam, it all goes back to nothing. Will be invested a lot of money, but if there is a dam, there will be no good there.
Will the government program for the construction of dams around our settlements, so that people do not suffer and do not worry, do not fall back into the same situation as it was in the autumn of 2013?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Of course. I just talked about it, these are the tools that are provided by the state to rebuild infrastructure and to ensure the safety of residents, they are designed to be including the construction of dams. And I understand that they, dams, you are built. You think only that they are below the level that is needed to ensure that security. We originally came from the fact that housing will recover at all to safe areas in the higher areas on nepodtoplyaemyh sites. But where this is not possible, there should be erected dam. I'll see necessary. Now I can not say for sure what's going on and that there is a level of the dam, which you have said, or it should be higher. We will spend an additional examination and, if necessary, vnesёm adjustments.
G.ALЁHINA: Thank you.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: Please, one more question from your village.
D.GRIGOROVA: We spent a few days here. Of course, most are concerned about not only the question of recovery, but the issue of rural development. Element, flushed many all that was, was an additional reason to think about whether or not to come back here. And with us here today must be Vladimir Badarin we know him more with the floods in August. Vladimir, despite the fact that he experienced here is not going to leave his native village.
Vladimir, what is your question?
V.BADARIN: Hello, Vladimir Vladimirovich.!
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Good afternoon!
V.BADARIN: I live in a neighboring village. The village was flooded by more than half. Behind the house, in which there was water, we paid compensation provided coal, wood, vegetables, potatoes, there were other forms of assistance, for which many thanks. But there is another question. From the village began to leave people, especially after the flood began to leave. Leave not only from my village, leaving the neighboring villages, and it is not just the villages, the villages is that stand along the border. Young leaves.
My question is: will there be a kind of program for the development of border villages in the Amur region? I emphasize: it is the border villages of the Amur region, which will not be included in the area of ​​advanced development. My village, where I live, Vladimir Vladimirovich., That there are no more issues with flooding, the dam is needed. It is necessary to build a dam.
And more. Is there any forecast of the flood on the Amur in July, August and September of this year?
Thank you.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Regarding the fact that people leave, there is a certain outflow of young people; I think that this is due more to the fact that, in accordance with the decision of the people have the right to receive any monetary compensation for the restoration or construction of a house or get a house in nature. But some people, I think, decide, having received the payment, purchase this accommodation elsewhere. They are entitled to do, we can not restrict them here.
But you are absolutely right, and I understand your concern and feel it, we are talking about the border villages. This is necessary to think, in the framework of the development of the Far East separately pay attention to this problem. I am sure I will turn attention to it those people who do this.
And about the dam: I'll find out mandatory - planned, not planned. I do, unfortunately, now I can not tell you. But be sure to see what is planned in terms of infrastructure development and the protection of settlements.
And according to forecasts, in accordance with existing plans must be seriously expanded monitoring stations, meteorological stations and service monitoring the situation and weather forecasts. I must say frankly, I do not see that all our plans in this regard are carried out in full, it should be given more attention. Be sure to look at this very carefully, and I hope that the relevant government departments will promptly respond to the evolving situation.
M.SITTEL: Thank you.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Thank you very much.
M.SITTEL: seyas let's give the floor to our centers for processing messages. Tatiana, you first.
T.REMEZOVA: Thank you, Mary.
Our center messaging works for over a week, this week we received 2.2 million calls, more than 400 thousand SMS, about 200 thousand letters to the site and for 7,5 thousand exceeded the amount videovoprosov. I want to say that at the moment we get 91 minute video message.
And another interesting detail: we became very active call Krasnodar region. I guess it's because they saw in the studio Governor Alexander Tkachev, perhaps.
I remind you that this year we are with you are conducting public ratings of issues and questions coming Vladimir Putin. On-line at our website, you can vote for your favorite questions to you, and thus, determine the relevance of a topic. At the moment, the rating formed on the basis of the popular vote, as follows: in the first place, of course, the Crimea and Ukraine - out of competition; further topic of social security, housing, roads and health, such a picture.
M.SITTEL: Thank you.
Anna, tell me, what topics the leaders rating on videovoprosam?
Anna Pavlova: We have a similar story in Video center: the lead Crimea and events in the eastern regions of Ukraine, in second place - housing, third place in our ranking is occupied by problems of social security and protection. And just because this category is our next question that we could not ignore.
Vladimir Vladimirovich, appeal to you Amangeldi Akhmetov from Omsk, which 20 years ago was in a car accident and received a serious injury. Attention to the screen.
A.Akhmetov: Hello, Vladimir Vladimirovich.!
I have one such question. I am wheelchair-bound since 1995. Stood in line for housing in 1998, and that's still no progress, neither wash humanly freezes in winter, a private house. Help, please, one hope for you.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: You know, it's even listen hard enough. In the specific case, of course, we will respond and help.
That's what I wanted to say more broadly. Lodging wheelchair - it is the competence and the duty of the regional authorities. In some regions, this problem is solved - and solved by such means, it is noticeable to people, and in some regions, unfortunately, the process is moving very slowly or not moving at all, such as, perhaps, in your case. Once again I want to say, we will respond to this particular case.
But in general, we still have much to do to ensure that people with disabilities feel really people in today's world, in today's society. The first steps in this respect we do, we have budgeted a considerable sum on the so-called barrier-free environment, it is somewhere 35 or 34.5 billion rubles annually for about five years.
But the barrier-free environment - a slightly different topic, is the creation of an enabling environment in settlements. I repeat, the housing problem is also acute at the level of regions, and probably need to think about how to help the regions in order to enable them to more effectively address these issues. And this particular case we are, of course, consider separately.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: We have heard the statistics that leads to the message center - let's take a live call.
Tatiana, please.
T.REMEZOVA: Yes, thank you, Cyril.
A lot of people calling us to a processing center, angered by soaring utility rates. One of these calls we have now just on the line. I suggest Editors in touch with us and Chelyabinsk Svetlana A. Shcherbakov.
Svetlana A. Good afternoon. Your question.
For the Crimea, of course, thank you. But why do you spend anti-national domestic policy in the housing sector, without forcing poor people to pay not only their personal utility, but also to pay for obschedomovye counters for obschedomovye needs, thus increasing the payment by nearly 50 percent and degrading life of the people? I hope that you do not want us to all peremёrli from hunger?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Regarding utilities. Utilities - one of the most pressing current and affects almost every Russian family problems. And the problems accumulated there for a long time, for many decades: here and emergency housing, emergency housing and resettlement, and dilapidated housing, utilities and the problem itself in nature. I will not go into details, but what I heard, leads back to certain joyless reflections. You just said about the general counters that increase cost by more than 50 percent for a particular consumer - it is absolutely unacceptable thing. There we remained some data about a woman who's calling?
M.SITTEL: Of course.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: It is necessary to deal with it separately. Why, I'll tell you about it. Because it has become a common practice of so-called management companies, where the cost of the management company it is, the company is trying to outweigh the citizens living in a particular house, through a system of total expenditure. There's a light bulb hanging somewhere in the stairwell, unhappy, but it turns out that it consumes more energy than the whole house. And this is what he says? This suggests that the very inefficiently managed by a management company or, on the contrary, even more podvorovyvaet funds from citizens and hangs these costs, and all that she wants there to record these common counters. It requires little additional verification. We will spend this check.
As for the system as a whole, I would like to say the following. In order to avoid growth rates, and these rates should certainly constrained by the local authorities, it was decided at the end of last year passed a law according to which the top rate determines the subject of the Russian Federation, the upper bar fare, and the State Government - or rather, should to present and propose a method of calculation to determine the upper and the so-called cumulative payment. In principle, the government should have done it before April 1 of this year. In my opinion, has not yet made. Pay attention to it the relevant government departments and very much hope that this will be done in the near future.
Furthermore, it was decided that the operating companies in order to work, would have to receive the license. The issuance of these licenses will begin later this year. And from the middle of next year without a license such management companies generally will not work.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: Guests of our studio have not had a chance to ask your question to the President.
Olya, please.
O.USHAKOVA: Thank you, Cyril.
I would like to give the floor to Eugene P. Artyukh, representative of the NGO "Support of Russia" and the Legislative Assembly of Sverdlovsk region.
Ask your question.
E.ARTYUH: Good afternoon, Vladimir Vladimirovich.
I have a question. Russia is a member of many international organizations, and today against the background of the situation around Ukraine, Crimea about us not only threaten her finger, and called on Russia to be excluded from a number of organizations. We know that PACE generally deprived us of the right to vote until the end of the year, as if we were some poor relatives or Christ's sake are in these organizations, as if Russia does not pay dues for membership in these organizations.
In this regard, I have a question: do you think personally - maybe we should look for new ways for our participation in these organizations? Maybe reconsider? Maybe even somewhere initiative to suspend or maybe even go? I do not insist on this, but I suggest to think on this subject and would like to ask your opinion.
In this regard, we see who else might benefit from this.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: You know, the world is developing very rapidly. And if - I have already talked about this - someone wanted to make it unipolar and customizable for all international organizations, it is unlikely to do so.
However, we are often faced with a lack of understanding of our position, and sometimes even with a reluctance to understand it. We already talked about this, too. We will not insist on staying in some international structures, especially if they are not able to show independence and to formulate their own views on the key issues of international development. But especially some demarches make too will not - will calmly work rhythmically.
As for the PACE, we pay back dues, fees not small. Well, do not want to see us - we do not lose anything from. But in general, self-isolation, too, do not intend to engage in.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: Vladimir Vladimirovich, in continuation of the question of the impact of the Crimea, the question about the sanctions. The fact that they touched the representatives of big business, such as Yuri Kovalchuk and Gennady Timchenko, and Rotenberg brothers; many of them associated with you, they say that all these people are part of your inner circle and they owe their wealth to meet you. Now it turns out that sanctions against these people, they are also obliged, in a sense to get acquainted with you. Do you think that there is no such feeling that the main object of sanctions - is it you?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: I think, attempts to do so - to make me the main target of sanctions. But as for these people, yes, it's my good friends, friends. They earned their money, some of them even before we knew - for example, Mr. Timchenko, he was engaged in the business since the early 1990s, but, in my opinion, the background is well known.
They, of course, if you are serious to say absolutely nothing to do with the Crimea are not just any. But his wife Gennady Timchenko had the surgery and I could not even pay for the surgery because she blocked the accounts and cards. But this, of course, simply a violation of human rights and in fact nothing to do with common sense has not.
But I must tell you that I am not ashamed of my friends. And, say, the events in the Crimea - they are just as, I am sure, very many Russian citizens, have learned about it on television, but was met with tears in the truest sense of the word. If they are punished for it, then they have something to punish. (Applause.)
M.SITTEL: Best of the Saratov region: "Why is the price of grain falls, and bread - is growing?"
VLADIMIR PUTIN: The same question is not easy, but the reality is. Indeed, the price of corn has fallen somewhat. As the price of bread, then they really have grown up a bit, but not much, I know it, because the bread - that, you know, all this is the basis of everything, so we, people like me, members of the Government, should know this: it grew by 1.3 percent.
Overall inflation, ie a rise in prices, was with us: we thought the day before yesterday - 2.3, but 2.8 per cent (the most recent data of the Central Bank), and the growth of bread - 1.3 (as you can see, a little). But the price of bread cost of grain - it's 30 percent, everything else - it's energy, transport and other components, including this is due to imports.
In general, we have planned this year inflation 6-6.5 percent, I hope that the central bank will be able to resist in these parameters. But what I am concerned, is that the structure of the growth of these prices, the structure of 2.8 percent here - everything is uniform. In the first quarter of this year is very leapt prices for fruits and vegetables, vegetables rose by almost 18 percent - 17.9.
But the structure of vegetables, there are some things - you know, so maybe funny to talk about it, but it is sensitive to people: things like onions, cabbage, they increased by 25, 30, 50-plus percent. This is due to the fact that the ruble sank, this is due to rising costs and imported products, because at this time of year we are importing a lot of food imports.
But I repeat once again, very much hope that the Government as a whole and the central banks and governments will be able to curb rising prices and stay in the target corridor of 6-6.5 percent growth.
M.SITTEL: And it turns out that agriculture becomes more important than guns and airplanes, and the question, especially in light of threats from the West on sanctions, the question of national food security - this is the number one issue.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: As much as I loved the army, I must admit that agriculture has always been more important than guns, because without it at all anywhere. Bread, as we say growers, around the head. So we both paid and will pay due attention to the development of agriculture.
Here in 2011, growth of agriculture was very significant - 23 percent in the past year was also growth, but it is much more modest. This year we have budgeted subsidies and money to support agriculture in significant quantities - a 170 billion rubles.
We will follow closely the realities of what is happening in actual practice, in daily practice, and hopefully the government will react to it in a timely manner. Although I know the mood of farmers who believe that the government delayed sometimes with subsidies and other support measures have entered a support system per hectare in need of improvement - all this is known, will closely watch for this and react.
M.SITTEL: Thank you.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: Vladimir Vladimirovich, bread around the head, but the money at the expense of Russia receives energy exports, gas and petroleum products. We have a lot of questions on this subject. Why Russia is helping Ukraine does not disconnect the gas debtor countries, but its citizens for non-payment may be winter, for a debt of 3,000 rubles, turn off the gas? Why Russians cut off for non-payment gas, and Ukraine is not? Such matters very much.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: I think that, of course, payment discipline should be an integral feature of our economic activity. Here in Ukraine recently collected from consumers somewhere 30-35 percent, today is going to have less than 20. This undermines the whole economy, the whole power of the country, all the utilities sector of the country, just destroys it completely. But with all that, even if the need to comply with the payment discipline, we must always proceed from the particular situation. And I very much hope that there will be no extremes of these trips. And always have to watch what's going on and what state is the family.
As for Ukraine (I use your question), we signed a contract in 2009. And until now, Ukraine really properly, but still paid. And the formula is the price at which we expected that Ukraine must pay for Russian gas, as it was laid down at the signing of this contract in 2009 with the participation of Prime Minister Tymoshenko and her then-Minister of Energy, Mr. talking with surname Prodan (it is today Minister of Energy), so this price formula has not changed at all since then, not once. But what do we do? We are in 2010 signed the so-called Kharkiv agreements on extension of the Russian fleet in Crimea, Sevastopol.
I draw your attention to the fact that Russia and so regular annual fee of about $ 90 million (95, I think, or $ 97 million) for the stay of our fleet in Crimea. And besides, with the sole purpose to support the Ukrainian economy, we agreed that the Russian government will remove or reduce export duties on gas to Ukraine. This reduction of export duty has led to the fact that the final cost of Russian gas fell by $ 100 per thousand cubic meters. And, in principle, we would have to start paying in 2017, that is to remove this duty. Since 2017! Because until 2017 operated a contract for a stay of our fleet in Crimea. But we began to pay immediately after the conclusion of the agreement in 2010. That is, as it were, began to pay in advance the order in advance. Paid for the current 100 million and even started to pay forward in 2017. So, 2011 is the 2012 th, 2013th and 2014 minutes. During these four years, that is, in fact, for the 2018 th, 2019 th, 2020 th, 2021 th years, we have paid US $ 11.4 billion. 11 billion 400 million dollars! Of course, now the question is where this money? That is, the event has not yet occurred, the treaty on the fleet still operates, and we have already started to pay as if it ended. This is the first one. Now, of course, we are lowering the price of this tool liquidated and denounced the Kharkiv agreements.
Next. In the past year we have, responding to the demands of our Ukrainian partners have made another step: given 3 billion credit and lowered the price of gas more up to 268.5 dollars per thousand cubic meters, and in the calculation of agreement that they will pay us the accumulated debt over the past year, which is about half a billion dollars, and will regularly pay current payments at a reduced price. What happened now? By the way, have agreed that if they do not pay, then we are back to the same price indices. What happened? In January, paid little to reduce the debt. In January, paid entirely in February already paid less than half, and in March, the new Ukrainian government has not paid anything at all. Of $ 525 million was not paid anything, zero or one dollar, a single ruble. Naturally, in accordance with the existing agreement, if they do not pay current payments, "Gazprom" has passed to continue pricing. Why do we need to fix the rising debt at a low price, we can fix it for real, for the contract price? Here's the problem.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: Former pricing - $ 485, right?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Yes, there will be 485.
We hear that? That Russia has any regard to Ukraine specific approaches, and it is a political price. This is the price you agreed to us in 2009. We lowered its agreement that you will pay at least a low price. And do not pay a low, zero, that is the problem. And in his conversations with our Western partners, including with our partners in Germany, we told them, I said, "Well, we do not insist on immediate payment, we understand the difficulties in Ukraine, but we ask you to join us in this work, we ask you to take part in saving the Ukrainian economy. What are we, by the way, are now seeing in the United States? They promised billion. Billion what? Guarantees. It's not the money, it guarantees to banks, which will give the money Ukraine. Where are these banks? There is no one so far. We are ready to suffer more, we will endure a month. If this month, next month, no payment will be, we, in accordance with the contract's move on so-called pre-payment. What does this mean? This means that Ukraine should we will pay the money for the month ahead, some money, and we will deliver them just as much as they will pay us money. This is a very difficult way of calculations, it can disrupt the transit of our gas to European consumers. That is why we exercise such corporate, such negotiability and patience.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: Vladimir Vladimirovich, when the system goes into effect?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: I said we will wait another month. We can do it today, but we are, I said wait another month.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: Right during our "straight line" comes the news from Europe. Here it became known about the letter Barroso in your name. It is reported that the European Commissioner for Energy contact with partners in the Russian Federation and Ukraine to organize consultations on gas supplies. And as far as I understand it there are also concerns the fact that the security of gas supplies to European consumers - the Commission notes that it is the responsibility of "Gazprom" and not Ukrainian.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Supply - yes, but transit - it is Ukraine. And in the contract, which I mentioned, there just are provided and supplies to Ukraine itself on the well-known formula for the price, which I have already said that today and calculates the price as $ 485 per thousand cubic meters, and providing transit to Europe unimpeded transit of our gas.
But precisely in order to ensure themselves against such negative phenomena, we have built a "Nord Stream", ie direct supply our European customers on the gas transportation system, passing through the Baltic Sea. To do this, we are going to build and "South Stream" - the gas transmission system under the Black Sea with the release of the European Union.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: We turn to Berlin.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: It is by the way, yes.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: In stoitse most influential countries in Europe Our correspondent Ivan Good.
But before I give him the floor, I would ask you to go back to that same speech, we talked about at the beginning, which sounded before signing the agreement on joining the Crimea and Sevastopol to Russia. Many were impressed and compared it with the Munich speech, even said it was the best speech with which you spoke.
I would like to ask you, first of all, why this performance took place? Because the protocol is not intended to, firstly, and secondly, there was a very unusual format: You were not treated to the countries and governments, and to the nations.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: The format was chosen based on the importance of the event, the situation itself. This is an extraordinary event in the life of our people, our country and our state. And so I considered it my duty to address to the Federal Assembly and to the people of the Russian Federation in the presence of members of the State Duma and the Federation Council. This is the first one.
Second. Why is there sounded an appeal to the peoples of other countries, and not to the governments? You know that the modern world, especially the Western world, it is very monopolized, and many countries of the Western world, it is pleasant or unpleasant to hear, they voluntarily gave up a large part of their sovereignty. Including the result of bloc politics. We are with them sometimes very difficult to agree on the geopolitical nature. It is difficult to negotiate with people who even at home talking to each other in whispers, because they are afraid that they overhear Americans. This is not a figure of speech. This is no joke, this is not a figure of speech. Listen to me, I'm serious, this is not a joke. But, of course, in matters of the economy, for some other problems, they are our main partners.
But I applied it to the peoples of these countries, primarily because of a simple man in Germany, in France, in Italy, he immediately feels false or lack thereof. Our position is absolutely open and honest, it is transparent and therefore convey this position to ordinary citizens even easier than before some heads. And it seems to me that this is to a certain extent we have succeeded. And whatever the government in any country was, they still have to reckon with the opinion of the voters. Therefore, it was just an appeal to the people.
M.SITTEL: Well, now Berlin. In the capital of one of the most influential countries in Europe Our correspondent Ivan Good.
I.BLAGOY: Good afternoon!
As far as monolithic West of wanting to punish Russia? Who from the European Union in favor of international isolation, and how it is possible at all? And finally happening in Ukraine? The answers to these questions on the eve of experts searched International Discussion Valdai Club.
Now some of them are with us in the studio, and I will introduce them briefly: Alexander Rahr, Germany; Nikolai Petrov, USA; Gabor Stier, Hungary; Gerhard Mangott, Austria; Arnaud Dubien, France. But first, I will give the floor to Alexander Raru, he is a member of the Advisory Board of the Valdai Discussion Club.
Mr. Rahr, your question.
Alexander Rahr: Hello, Moscow! Hello, Vladimir Vladimirovich.!
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Good afternoon!
Alexander Rahr: From Berlin greetings.
Indeed, the Valdai Club yesterday met a few hours, and many members of the Valdai Club, many of our German colleagues have expressed great concern about the kind of Europe we live in the future - of course, in addition to what is necessary to jointly somehow stabilize Ukraine, which falling apart before our eyes, there is still 45 million people live, common concern.
But how do you, Vladimir Vladimirovich., Are considering the future of Europe after maybe five or ten years? We will still live in Europe from the Atlantic to the Pacific - or will live in two of Europe? I remember when you were at the Valdai Club in September last year, describing Russia as a kind of a different Europe, "Russian Europe" with other values ​​than the postmodern West - that's how it is to bring together and what role in helping build a common Europe can play this country like Germany?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Alexander! First of all, good afternoon!
Secondly, I want to say that I have spoken at Valdai, there is no contradiction. The fact that the features of Russia, they fundamentally, deep way different from European values. We all - people of the same civilization. Yes, we are all different, we have different, but the same core values. And I think we should definitely seek - many times I have talked about it and said today - to ensure that we create Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok. If we do that, we have a chance in the world to take their rightful place. If we go the other way, if we divide Europe, European values ​​and European nations will deal with separatism in the broadest sense of the word, then we will all be unimportant, uninteresting players and no influence on world development and even on its own will not be able to provide .
M.SITTEL Berlin, please, one more question from you.
I.BLAGOY: Yes, Mr. Petro, please, Your question to the President.
Nikolay Petrov: Hello, Vladimir Vladimirovich.!
My question is about US-Russian relations. In recent years, relations between Russia and the United States have fallen to a critical level. The media in the United States unanimously repeat the complete lack of trust between the leaders of the US and Russia. However, the problems in the world is not diminished, their solution requires just a closer cooperation between the US and Russia.
So my question is: how do we restore trust? What specific steps could lead to the US and Russia were not the rivals on global issues, and real allies?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: You know, the answer is simple. I agree with you that a significant loss of confidence. But why is this happening? We believe that there is not our fault. How Come? Because these approaches here, as we say, double standards, they always disappoint us.
What happens? That act as acting United States in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, the United States can, and to defend their interests Russia is not allowed. After I gave the example of Kosovo, it is so obvious and clear for the most ordinary citizen who is not engaged in politics - no, it turns completely to the other side, there is no logic in this position, there is no absolute.
Why are we now saying that I appealed to European and other nations directly? Because ordinary people see this hypocrisy. In order to raise the confidence you need to take into account the interests of each other, speak the same language, to rid the international policy of double standards and lies, to pay more attention and give more importance to international law and not the policy of force, which we have already spoken here. I hope that this will be possible. And we, of course, Russia certainly want to assure you, will strive towards this.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: Remember, Vladimir Vladimirovich., The story of the button that Clinton gave Lavrov? "Reset" wanted to write, get the "overload". Actually, as a result of congestion all over.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: You know, it's not that it's over now, in connection with the Crimea, I think it ended up even earlier, it ended immediately after the events in Libya. After all, if President Medvedev - Dmitry Anatolyevich Acting President of the Russian Federation - Western partners supported and endorsed a resolution on Libya. But it is something to talk about? She talked about closing fly combat aircraft of the Government of Libya.
And what it really lead? It blows through the territory, to the overthrow of Gaddafi, his murder, then to murder the Ambassador of the United States and the collapse of the country. From here and there is a lack of confidence. Here on this and ended then "overload". But I want to emphasize once again: Russia is interested in developing relations with the United States and will do everything to ensure that this confidence was restored.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: We have an opportunity to another question from Berlin to hear. Ivan, please.
I.BLAGOY: Mr. Stier, now your question, please.
G.SHTIR: Good afternoon, Mr. President! Before our eyes is not only redefining the world order, and the reconsideration of views. We see conservative renaissance in Russia. In many European countries are gaining strength traditional views, from Hungary to France, voters elect politicians who are not looking always at Brussels, defend the national interests of their states. This approach does not always know in Europe.
What do you think, based on the interests you can build relationships, dialogue between Russia and Europe? And in general, are not afraid of the fact that the US has long soured relations between Russia and Europe?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: We are, in any case, do not aspire to spoil Russia's relations with Europe. I hope that is not included in the plans of our European partners.
As for a rethinking of values ​​in European countries. Well, yes, I think you're right, I think that we are seeing such a process. Other sound acquire the so-called conservative values ​​that I, too, have repeatedly said. And the victory, say, Viktor Orban in Hungary, the success of the more extreme forces in the recent elections in Hungary, the success of Marine Le Pen in France (she got the third position in the municipal elections), the growth of these trends in other countries, it is obvious just absolutely obvious .
And it seems to me, is associated with the desire to increase their sovereignty, to realize that at the national level, some issues that are vital for the citizens of these countries can be solved more efficiently than, say, at the level of Brussels. But there is an understanding that efforts should be combined to solve some common problems. Nevertheless, some rethinking goes, and I hope that the result will be positive.
I know what I want to say that we had not shot for theft, and the question is not the severity of the punishment, the question of its inevitability - that we have to it and will seek. But I specifically took it and read it to officials at various levels have seen the mood of the people.
M.SITTEL: Why do not you ride with the state visit to the US? You also do not start or do not want?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: No, because we were scheduled contacts, but our American colleagues decided to suspend these contacts, but I hope that in due time all clicks into place.
That is: "Will again" Iron Curtain "?"
"Iron Curtain" - a Soviet invention, it is an internal event, we are a country and its people, its society from anyone not going to close. Will not.
"Vladimir Vladimirovich, why America does what he wants, and no one was punished, and Russia are trying to punish?"
You know, it really seems to be a simple but at the same time very informative question. After all, States, of course, is one of the world leaders at some point it seemed that they are the only leaders and there is such a monopolar system. Today, it turns out that this is not so, and everything in the world is very interdependent, and if you try to punish someone like nashalivshih children, put in a corner on the peas to them was hurt in the end, they cut off the branch on which sit yourself and ever understanding of this, of course, will come.
Here, "by which we have with the United States?". You know, I would not translate it into a plane, it's not sporting events, we have partners, and hope we have a good future for the development of relations, because there are overlapping interests in many areas. This also applies to international security, it refers to non-proliferation, counter-terrorism, and the development of the global economic system. All this and our American interests, and we will not be able to solve them effectively if we do not act together.
"We live 250 miles from Moscow - and goes on to say that in this village is not so good - you could not send their representatives?" The Governor's my representative, here ask that the governor immediately went and looked, what's going on, it's Tula region. Accordingly Tula governor will go and see.
Here is an interesting question regarding the economic situation in Crimea and the banking system. The first part of the question concerns the fact that there are certain difficulties, including in the economic sphere. And the second is: "Lodging in leasing a car for personal use in" Privatbank "left to pay up to the full repayment of two years. Machine framed the group "Avtoprivat" in Kiev. "Privatbank" left the peninsula, what to do? "
Ride safely. Does not want Mr. Finkelstein Kolomoysky with getting money from you, that's their business.
But another question, he is more serious - it's citizens' deposits in these banks, this is a serious thing. I hasten to say that we have a database on depositors and "Privatbank" and "Oschadbank". Of course, we will proceed from the available information. But if people lose some money, the solution is almost accepted, we will pay in accordance with Russian legislation, people who lost their deposits, up to 700 thousand rubles.
"Do you agree to be president for life?" No.
"Vladimir Vladimirovich, how much time to sleep?" Six hours, I have already said.
"I Chuchin Daniel, from the orphanage number 1 bristle. Could pass me hello? "
Daniel, a big hello to you and all your friends, all friends, all those who live in the orphanage. I hope that we will ever meet.
Here is an interesting question Albina, her 6 years - refers to the Russian-American relations. Yes, yes, yes, now you rejoice.
"Do you think that would have saved you, Obama, if you drown?"
I would really like to me it did not happen. But, you know, in addition to bilateral relations there is some personal. I can not say that we have some special personal relationship developed with the President of the United States. But I think he's a decent man, and brave enough. And he would certainly have done so.
"I would like to have at least once a year a direct connection with the ministers of our country, but otherwise it is not a democracy."
You know that the Government set up the whole structure - "Open Government". And if such questions arise (especially took it), which means that it is "Open Government" is not so openly and something not modify.
"We will Asking questions, and that if these polls asking the regional governor?"
You know, in many areas in the Russian Federation governors regularly appear in the media and meet with citizens. I know for sure exactly. Question of the Rostov region. If the question is there, the Governor of the Rostov region should draw the appropriate conclusions. I hope he will hear us.
"If you were not the president, any region of Russia would you choose to live?"
Petersburg, of course. I was born there, this is my little homeland.
And now Christina: "ready to come with his parents to Moscow" to shake my hand.
Christine, thank you very much. I invite you along with his parents on the Victory Day parade on May 9th.
And finally, you know, I've been thinking whether to take the matter at all. He is, not for the prompt response and prompt questions, he did philosophical, I'm going to read it. "I ask you as a politician - is just one of Peter Scherbonos Ekaterina asking a question. - But I would like to hear your personal, not political opinions. The Russian people, he is that to you? You are engaged in the business visited probably all over the world. Have you seen a huge number of nations, nationalities, met with their cultural traditions, ethnic customs, cuisine, art. And in this regard, my question to you: that you have the Russian people, the Russian people? In your opinion, its pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses? "
You know, some experts believe that people like a community of people do not have their peculiarities, features only, in their view, a particular person. I find it hard to agree with this position, because if people use the same language, live in a single state, living in the same territory, they have common cultural values, their common history, after all, they live in a certain area with certain climate - well, can not be some similarities.
As for our people, our country is like a vacuum cleaner draws in representatives of different ethnic groups, nations and nationalities. By the way, on this basis, to create not only our common cultural code, but also extremely powerful genetic code, because for all these centuries and even millennia exchanged genes, mixed marriages. And this is our genetic code, probably, maybe, almost certainly is one of our main competitive advantages in today's world. He is very flexible, it is very stable. We do not even feel, but it most certainly is.
What is it that at the heart of our features? These features, of course, is, and they are based, in my opinion, are valuable reference points. It seems to me that the Russian people, or, say wider, Russian people of the world, the first thing he thinks about the fact that there is some higher moral purpose of man himself, some higher moral principle. And so the Russian people, Russian people of the world, it is no longer converted to, a favorite ...
Although, of course, in everyday life we ​​all think about how to live a richer, better, be healthier, to help the family, but still not the main values ​​here, he deployed outside. Here are Western values ​​are just that person in himself, inside, and measure of success - it is a personal success, and society recognizes this. The more successful the person, the better it is.
We have enough. Even very rich people still say, "Well, earned millions and billions, then what?" Anyway, it deployed outside in society. I think it is only our people could be born a famous saying: "In the world, and death is red." How so? Death - what is this? This is horror. No, it turns out, for the world, and death is red. What is "at peace"? This means death for his friends, for his people, in modern terms, for their country.
That this is the deep roots of our patriotism. From here and heroism during military conflicts and wars, and even self-sacrifice in peacetime. Hence the feeling of comradeship, our family values. Of course, we are less pragmatic, less prudent than other people, but we are a little wider soul. Maybe this is reflected in the greatness of our country, its vast size. We poschedree soul.
I do not want to offend while. After all, many people have their advantages, but it is certainly ours. In today's global world, there is an intensive sharing and genetic exchange, and information and culture, and we definitely have something to take other peoples valuable and useful, but we are always hundreds of years relied on their values, they have never failed, and they give us more useful.
Thank you very much. (Applause.)
M.SITTEL: Vladimir Vladimirovich, thank you.
K.KLEYMЁNOV: Thank you.
In Ukraine, in fact, there was a coup, in which came to power illegitimate forces trying to run the country. There is ignoring the interests of Ukrainian regions, the Russian-speaking population of ethnic minorities. In Kiev, "forgot" reached on 21 Feb. agreements signed by President Viktor Yanukovych and the opposition in the presence of representatives of France, Germany and Poland, an agreement to settle the situation. This situation prompted the legitimate authorities of the Crimea to the decision to disengagement with Kiev by holding a referendum on the future of the peninsula.
For more than 20-year history of being in a part of Ukraine Crimea people failed to realize their right to self-determination within that State because of the policies of the central authorities. In January 1991, the Supreme Council adopted the "Declaration on State Sovereignty." In 1992, the Constitution was adopted in Crimea. However, in 1995 the decision of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the President of Ukraine without the consent of the people of Crimea Crimean Constitution was canceled. Thus, the status of Crimea was changed from an independent state within Ukraine (according to the Constitution of Crimea in 1992) on the status of the Autonomous Republic as a territorial unit of the Ukrainian state.
Meanwhile, the right to self-determination enshrined in Article 1 of the UN Charter. It has repeatedly been confirmed by the decisions of the UN General Assembly (for example, in the Declaration of 1970 on the principles of international law, the 1960 Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples). In a situation where people do not have opportunities for acquisition of the status and protection of their rights within the framework of the State in whose territory he resides, such a people's right to self-determination through secession from that State and / or accession to another state.
The declaration referred to in 1970 confirms the inviolability of territorial integrity of states, "observing in the actions the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples," "and, therefore, possessed of a government representing without distinction of race, creed or color the whole people belonging to the territory." The Vienna Declaration UN World Conference on Human Rights also stresses that States claiming to protect its integrity, should have "a government representing the whole people belonging to the territory without distinction of any kind."
After seizing power in Kiev, the situation in terms of the possibility of realization of the right to self-determination within the framework of the Ukrainian state has deteriorated significantly. Thus, groups of individuals, controlled by the government of Kiev, attempts to overthrow the legitimate government of Crimea.
Thus, the people of Crimea remained the possibility of exercising their right to self-determination within the framework of the Ukrainian state, and self Ukrainian state has lost the right to protect its territorial integrity.
In this situation, the de facto authorities of Ukraine shall, in accordance with the Declaration of 1970, "to refrain from any forcible action which deprives peoples ... of their right to self-determination, freedom and independence" and allow peace and freedom to carry out the will of the Crimea. If this is not done, the Crimeans will be entitled to seek and to receive support in accordance with the purposes and principles of the UN Charter.
Russian Foreign Ministry statement on events in Ukraine

March 14 in Kharkov they had arranged a provocation against peaceful demonstrators, who came to express their attitude to the so-called new government. As a result, the militants opened fire, killing two people, there are wounded.
Of disturbing information that from Kharkov to Donetsk and Lugansk left column of armed mercenaries "Right sector", whose leaders announced the opening of the "Eastern Front", and one of the garment factories urgently sew Russian military uniforms.
At the risk of making the Verkhovna Rada of legitimizing the "Right sector" and other radicals by turning them into system security agencies like the National Guard drew the attention of US Secretary of State John. Kerry, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov during their meeting in London on 14 March. city At the same time Lavrov urged John Kerry to use Washington's influence on Kiev to curb rampant ultra-nationalists.
To Russia receive many requests asking to protect civilians. These requests will be considered.
March 15, 2014
Opening Remarks and Answers by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to media questions during a press conference after talks with US Secretary of State John Kerry, London, 14 March 2014

Held a day of intensive negotiations with the US Secretary of State John Kerry. Examined in detail the situation in Ukraine. We and our American partners, this situation is alarming. Stated our well-known position about what is happening, causes and measures to be taken by the international community to help develop an inclusive national dialogue. It should be aimed at overcoming the deep split in society and constitutional reform, taking into account, in our opinion, the interests of all regions of Ukraine.
On our part, expressed deep concern over the fact that not taking the necessary measures to ensure the rule of law, effective action to curb the illegal activity of radicals that continue to arrange provocations, including armed, violent, and try more and more influence on what is happening country. Attracted the attention and quite obvious non-compliance with the provisions of the agreement dated February 21, such as the delivery of illegal weapons, the release of illegally occupied buildings, streets and squares. American partners are assured that they also consider it necessary to restore order in these matters. And they agree that the constitutional reform that would ensure overcoming the division in society is extremely important.
However, in regard to the practical measures that could be taken by the foreign partners of Ukraine, we have a common vision of the situation. Differences remain. But the conversation was certainly useful to better understand how we have each other in this situation mean in the general context of a wide range of issues discussed in the framework of Russian-American relations. From this perspective, the talks were useful.
Discussed, of course, and the Crimea. Confirmed our position repeatedly set out Russian President Vladimir Putin, that we will respect the will of the Crimean people during the upcoming March 16 referendum.
Question:   Would the Russian Federation on the establishment of a contact group with the participation of Russia, the US and European countries, as well as the direction of the OSCE Mission to Ukraine?
Foreign Minister Lavrov: I have already had the opportunity to comment on this topic. The Contact Group in a form that is now proposed by our Western partners, implies that the purpose of the multilateral process must be to promote direct dialogue between Ukraine and the Russian Federation. We think that is an outright substitution of concepts, because the crisis has arisen through no fault of Russia. We have repeatedly warned, above all, our European partners that Ukraine can not be put before a false choice, as was done at the time of preparation for the signing of an association agreement and a free trade area between the country and the EU. We know how this whole process started, when the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych announced his decision to postpone the procedure that we said and warned against as encouraging illegal unconstitutional performances, especially based on the illegal armed groups.
The international community (if it is a responsible approach to the destiny of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people) should primarily urge to immediately begin the process of constitutional reform. Verkhovna Rada could initiate such a process to invite all without exception, the region and ensure their equal place at the table.
Russia has a proposal that was sent to Western partners a week ago. Can later acquaint the media with the way we see the process of international support. Again, the main thing is that we do not need any international organization to consider the Russian-Ukrainian relations, as they are not interrupted. After what happened in Kiev, when power was removed from the legitimately elected president, we had some difficulties. But Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the members of the Government of the Russian Federation to work for solutions to everyday issues with their counterparts in the current leadership of Ukraine: it is the ministers of energy, economy and other sectoral ministers. Did not stop contacts and the ministries of foreign affairs. Therefore, all questions, who want to put in front of us Ukrainian colleagues, should be placed directly.
Mention in this connection that the Ukrainian side, which is now the chairman of the CIS, these days offered to host CIS Foreign Ministers in Kiev. We expressed the hope that, in accordance with the rules of procedure of the CIS to begin to organize a meeting of deputy foreign ministers and hold it in the CIS headquarters in Minsk. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian colleagues to refuse it.
From the dialogue we are not leaving. The role of the international community is to encourage all Ukrainians to begin a dialogue on constitutional reform on the understanding that long inaction and long-term promotion of movement leaders of Ukraine in the direction in which they move, led the ruling Supreme Council of the Crimea to hold a referendum, the results of which we have pledged to respect .
Question:   Are the Russian armed forces to enter the territory of eastern Ukraine? There is a significant increase in the sun on the Russian-Ukrainian border. The Russian Foreign Ministry made it clear that Russia is ready to take the citizens of Ukraine under the protection in the light occurred last night in Donetsk events.
Foreign Minister Lavrov: What happened in Donetsk has been the subject of comment by the Russian Foreign Ministry, and this text can be found. What happened is outrageous. The armed men arrived in Donetsk militants from other regions and began to deal with the peaceful demonstrators expressed claims to the leadership in Kiev.
The Russian Federation does not have and can not have any plans to invade the south-eastern region of Ukraine. We presume that the rights of Russian, Hungary, Bulgaria, as well as, in fact, Ukrainians must be protected. The fact that in the Crimea until all the notes the absence of any serious offenses, namely due to the adoption of additional measures: self-defense militias were determined to avoid a repeat of what happened on the Maidan, which continues to be a camp - and it is in the center of a European city!
We do not have any plans to ensure transparency in what we do. Here's an example: recently the Ukrainian side under the Treaty on Open Skies asked to use the emergency procedure - in urgent circled Russian territories in which to conduct military exercises. Such permission was immediately obtained.
Question: Why do some Western countries recognize the right to self-determination, for example, the people of Kosovo and at the same time denied that the people of the Crimea? What are your Western colleagues answer this question?
Lavrov:   This theme we certainly discuss. Responsible mainly that each case - special. That's all. I am convinced that if Kosovo - a special case, the Crimea - no less special.
Q: Raised if the Secretary of State John Kerry question of sanctions threatened if their input? What is your opinion about the prospects introduction of sanctions, including trade, against Russia?
Lavrov:   US Secretary of State John Kerry has not put forward any threats to Russia. As for the prospects of sanctions, we live in an information space: read, hear and know what is being discussed in Washington and Europe. I can assure you that our partners also understand that the sanctions - is counterproductive tool. If in Western capitals so decided, then it will be their decision. That it will not contribute to the mutual interests of business and the overall development of our partnership - it's a fact.
In politics guess meaningless, and the subjunctive mood does not happen.
Q: After the upcoming referendum on Sunday do you expect that the Crimea will become independent or part of the Russian Federation? In the case of the second scenario, would it not unacceptable annexation? As Minister of Foreign Affairs are not concerned about whether you think that it will lead to long-term significant deterioration of relations between Russia and the West?
Foreign Minister Lavrov: Regarding the referendum to be held in Crimea on Sunday, by the mouth of Russian President Vladimir Putin, we said that we respect the choice of the Crimean people. Its attitude towards its results we express once they become known. The Crimean parliament has adopted a declaration in which he said about the independence and expressed the hope that Crimeans will confirm this in a referendum. Further speculation is pointless. Need to wait for the results. According to the statement of our Western partners about the unacceptability of this step I have already expressed. We presume that the right of peoples to self-determination has not been canceled. This is one of the goals of the UN Charter. When people self-defined, many, including the period of recent history.
To cite one example. Everyone is talking about Kosovo, but there is still a country like the Comoros, where at the end of the last century held a referendum on independence from France. One of the islands has spoken against. For this reason, France insisted on a recount in such a way as to take into account the total number of voters are not residents of the Comoros as a whole, and each island separately. On this basis, the island of Mayotte has remained a part of France, first as a colonial territory, and later was incorporated into the French Republic, as some line department. Was this annexation or self-determination, I do not know. UN and the EU have not recognized this decision France, but the EU quietly live with this.
As for the reaction of our Western partners, I repeat, it will be their decision. Russian President Vladimir Putin is in constant contact with US President Barack Obama, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British Prime Minister David Cameron, President F.Ollandom and other leaders of the Western countries, as well as the President Xi Jinping,   Premier -Minister Recep-T.Erdoganom. I spend everyday phone calls and personal meetings with his counterparts. Its position, we do not hide discuss it, do not avoid the questions we asked. The main thing - to discuss all of this to be honest.
Question: Do you think that lost the last chance for a final political and diplomatic solution to this crisis as a referendum on Sunday, and on Monday appointed a meeting of foreign ministers of the EU to discuss how they call it, "a number of serious measures" against Russia ?
Foreign Minister Lavrov: I can not answer this question. We will never move away from cooperation in diplomatic formats. If the partners do not want it, get them we can not. I hope they realize (and we feel it in private conversations), it is an event that can not be seen in isolation from the history. Regardless of whether or not there are precedents in international law (and they are) responsible declare that everyone understands what it means to the Crimea to Russia, and that means he is immeasurably greater than the Comoros to France or the Falklands for Britain.

Comment Russian Foreign Ministry in connection with the statements of the OSCE Chairman of the referendum in the Crimea, March 16, 2014
The Russian Foreign Ministry was disappointing statement of the OSCE Chairman, President of the Swiss D.Burkhaltera of 11 March that the forthcoming referendum in the Crimea allegedly "contrary to the Ukrainian constitution and should be declared illegal," because of what the presidency "exclude the possibility" OSCE monitoring of its implementation.
The Russian side is convinced that the Crimean referendum is absolutely legitimate and fully meets the wishes of the peoples of the Crimea. In accordance with the CSCE Helsinki Final Act in 1975 "all peoples always have the right, in full freedom, to determine, when and as they wish, their internal and external political status, without external interference."
I would like to remind you that according to the decision of the OSCE Ministerial Council in Porto 2002 "On the role of the Chairmanship of the OSCE" any action presidency should take into account "the whole range of views of the participants' Organization. We expect that the Swiss Chairmanship will strictly follow this mandate.
It was also regrettable that the Swiss Chairmanship commented on the referendum in the Crimea, but is silent on the question of the legality of the coup in Ukraine, Kiev current regime and the legitimacy of his actions. We hope that the possible assessment of these issues will take into account the chairmanship of the Russian point of view.
As you know, on March 10 this year OSCE official invitation was conveyed to the Crimean authorities to send a referendum on March 16 observers from the OSCE participating States and through the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR). This invitation is justified specialization ODIHR, which oversees the electoral processes in the OSCE area, including referendums and elections at the local level, as well as helping in the organization of the electoral process in Kosovo and Afghanistan, an OSCE Partner for Co-operation.
Russian Foreign Ministry calls on the OSCE participating States and OSCE to abandon the practice of "double standards" and to consider positively the invitation Crimean authorities to take part in monitoring the upcoming referendum, which would correspond to the fundamental principles of the OSCE and to promote de-escalate the situation in the region.

March 14, 2014
Note Press and Information Department MFA of Russia on the deployment of special monitoring mission of the OSCE in Ukraine
Currently in Vienna consultations are underway to develop a special mandate of the OSCE monitoring mission in Ukraine. The Russian side to participate constructively in this work.
After another round of consultations, a number of States took a break in order to define their position. The Russian side was ready yesterday to accept mandate to deploy a mission in Ukraine.
As for the logistical aspects of the mission, they, of course, must be consistent with the management of the Ukrainian regions, which provides its deployment.

March 14, 2014
Note Press and Information Department Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia in connection with the statement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of France L.Fabiusa in respect of the All-Ukrainian Union "Svoboda"


Could not help but pay attention to the remarks of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of France L.Fabiusa, said on 11 March the radio station "France Inter", which represented the government of Ukraine "Freedom" party "only slightly to the right of the other parties." It is known that the activity of this party has openly nationalistic character. Moreover, it adheres to the racist, anti-Semitic and xenophobic views, its ideological arsenal includes, in particular, a call to ban the use of the Russian language in Ukraine.
Causes misunderstanding is the ease with which some of our partners in the West "adapt" their approaches for short-term geopolitical dividends. Forced to recall that very recently they assessed the party and its leaders with a more objective position. For example, in the European Parliament resolution of 13 December 2012 to the end of the passage of the party "Freedom" in the Verkhovna Rada it contains a clear condemnation of the views that are contrary to the fundamental values ​​and principles of the EU, and the Democratic Party Parliament urged not to cooperate with the "freedom".
Now there is a situation when the leaders of the "Freedom", including such odious figure as O.Tyagnibok began in the West is quite respectable persons. We believe such a dangerous erosion of the fundamental line for rejection of any manifestations of nationalism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism, which is a conductor of Ukrainian party "Freedom". We hope that responsible politicians will not fail to draw the correct conclusions.

March 13, 2014
Note Press and Information Department Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia in connection with the statements of Viktor Yanukovych's intention to provide financial support for the United States to Kiev

Note the words of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych during his speech on March 11 in Rostov-on-Don that the US administration plans to allocate 1 billion. Dollars. Current authorities in Kiev are contrary to applicable US laws.
Indeed, in accordance with the amended a few years ago in the 1961 Act for the provision of foreign assistance is prohibited "to provide financial assistance to the Government of any State, the legally elected president who was overthrown in a military coup or an illegal decision." This provision is contained in section 22, section 8422 of the US Code. Thus, all of the criteria funding illegitimate regime seized power by force, illegal and outside the scope of the American legal system.
We understand, of course, that in view of the position occupied by Washington is unlikely to recognize the obvious there. The US administration apparently will continue to turn a blind eye to the dominance in Kiev ultranationalist forces that deployed nationwide hunt for dissidents, increasing pressure on the Russian-speaking population and our fellow citizens, residents of the Crimea threatened with death because of their desire for self-determination. But those who are in the United States makes the decisions, should think about the consequences of reckless indulgence radical elements of the Nazi painting in the Ukraine and their financial pump.
March 11, 2014
Statement by the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation on the adoption of the Declaration of Independence of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol
March 11 decision of the Supreme Council of Crimea adopted the Declaration of Independence of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol, according to which, if adopted in a referendum on March 16 this year decision to enter into Russia, Crimea will be declared an independent and sovereign state with a republican form of government. According to the document, the Crimea will be a democratic, secular and multi-ethnic state, which is committed to supporting peace, interethnic and interreligious harmony in their territory. Crimea as an independent and sovereign state in the case of the corresponding results of the referendum will appeal to the Russian Federation with a proposal for the adoption of the Republic of Crimea on the basis of the relevant international agreement of the Russian Federation as a new subject of the Russian Federation.
The Declaration of international legal basis of this step with reference to the UN Charter and other international instruments, as well as the opinion of the International Court of Justice dated 22 July 2010 and Kosovo. In the said report, adopted at the request of the UN General Assembly on the initiative of Serbia, the International Court of Justice confirmed the fact that the unilateral declaration of independence did not violate the state part of any rule of international law. This conclusion is clearly heard in the course of the preceding this decision of the International Court hearings - in particular, in documents and speeches of official representatives of the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Austria, Denmark and other Western countries.   Proceedings of the position of the Court and referred to Western representatives are placed on the MFA website.
Russian Foreign Ministry considers the decision of the Crimean Parliament is absolutely justified. The Russian Federation will fully respect the free will of the peoples of the Crimea during the referendum, which is known to be invited observers from the OSCE and bilaterally.
March 11, 2014
About the State Secretary - Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Grigory Karasin and the Ambassador of Moldova in Moscow A.G.Galburom

March 11, State Secretary - Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Grigory Karasin received the Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova in the Russian Federation A.G.Galbura.
During the meeting touched on topical issues in Russian-Moldovan cooperation.
Particular attention was paid to the crisis in Ukraine.

March 11, 2014
Note Press and Information Department Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia in connection with the statements politpredstavitelya Moldova in the negotiations on the Transnistrian settlement, the Moldovan Deputy Prime Minister Yevgeny Karpov in an interview with the Moldovan television UNIMEDIA
Familiarity with excerpts from the interview (4 March) mixed feelings - in international practice is not accepted in such detail to cover positions of participants of multilateral negotiations. This is even more strange to hear from Mr. Karpov, always calls for restraint in the relationship with the press.
But if Russia was really the next charge, apparently, it is appropriate to again reproduce what was said repeatedly during the negotiations.
As of today, Moldova on the political future of Transnistria has already decided for themselves. Vision of the future is contained in Chisinau "Law on the main provisions of the special legal status of settlements on the left bank of the Dniester (Transnistria)", adopted July 22, 2005 the Parliament of Moldova almost unanimously - 100 of 101 deputies voted "for" and only one abstained folk darling, considering the legislative act "too liberal" for the breakaway region.
Leaving aside the diplomatic vocabulary and simple deceit, then it comes to Moldova simply extended the application of the law on the left bank with complete disregard for the opinions of Tiraspol. Calls Moldovan partners "to imagine that no such law" can not find the expected response. And in an environment where one of the parties to the problem itself had already decided all the arguments on this subject is too reminiscent of the medieval scholastics disputes about how many devils can fit on the tip of the needle.
It should be noted that Russian officials are ready to begin the discussion of the "third basket" the day after the cancellation of Moldova mentioned law.
The idea of ​​raising the status of the EU and the US in talks with the observers to intermediaries (another issue mentioned by Mr. Karpov in his interview) voiced more than once.
Negotiation format "Permanent Conference on political issues within the negotiation process on the Transdniestrian settlement," called for brevity the "5 + 2" was formed not only because of certain historical, political and practical reasons, but it has its own internal philosophy, based on which a viable solution can be found only by the equal sides of the conflict - Moldova and Transnistria. All other participants in the negotiations can only help this quest and to ensure the implementation of the compromise reached.
Naturally, the process of political negotiations, as any living, not frozen in its development process, may be subjected to transformations. But, first of all, it requires the consensus of all participants, and secondly - Is now the time when the contacts between the parties are just beginning to bear fruit, to discuss the problem of the status of the participants, in other words - the problem of "prestige", forms, and not content?
March 11, 2014
The President met with representatives of the media and answered a number of topical issues concerning, in particular, the situation in Ukraine.
Novo-, March 4, 2014
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Good afternoon, dear colleagues!
You know, we like to proceed? I, in any case, I propose to do so. Hold our meeting today is not like interviews, but as the conversation. Therefore ask you to jot down the maximum number of questions, I'll mark them, try as I can to answer them, and then we'll talk in more detail already, in detail, on the nuances that maybe you are interested in particular.
QUESTION: Vladimir Vladimirovich, I would like to ask a question (as you quite a long pause was held, we have accumulated a lot of questions), how would you assess what has happened in Kiev? Do you think the government's legitimacy and acting president, who is now in Kiev is? Are, and on what terms, to maintain contact with them? And do you think you may find yourself, return to the February 21 agreement, which we are now often referred to? Thank U.
QUESTION: Vladimir Vladimirovich, Russia has pledged financial assistance Crimea yesterday instructed the Ministry of Finance. Do you already have an understanding of how much we give, from what sources, under what conditions and when this assistance will be provided? The situation there is quite heavy.
QUESTION: When, under what conditions and to what extent can be used military force in Ukraine? The extent consistent with international agreements with Russia? Do something to do with doctrine, which took place just recently, the possibility of using military force?
QUESTION: About the Crimea would like to know. In your opinion, are stored there still provocation or any danger to Russian citizens, who are now in the Crimea, and the Russian-speaking population? In general, the dynamics, it is for the better or for the worse now developing? Because the news is quite different there.
QUESTION: If you still decide to send troops, if you have calculated for yourself, for the country, for the world of the possible risks, such as: economic sanctions, the deterioration in global security, visa ban and possible broader isolate Russia may , what are calls among Western politicians?
Thank U.
QUESTION: On the eve of the Russian markets fall sharply reacted to the decision of the Federation Council, the ruble has updated historical lows. Were you expecting such a reaction? What implications do you see for the economy? Do I need some urgent measures to take and what now? And, for example, do not you think that the decision of the Central Bank of the transition to free floating ruble was premature? You may need to temporarily reverse this decision? As you think?
Thank U.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Well, let's limit ourselves. I'll start, and then continue. Do not worry, I will try to answer to the max.
Firstly, the assessment of what happened in Kiev, Ukraine in general. Evaluation can be only one - is anti-constitutional coup and the armed seizure of power. With this, no one argues. Who can argue? The question for me is, which neither I can not answer any of my colleagues, with whom, as you know, I am very much recently discussed the problem of Ukraine on the phone. The question is: why is it done?
Pay attention, because President Yanukovych mediated by the three Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the European countries - Poland, Germany and France - in the presence of my representative (in such capacity, the Ombudsman made, the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation Vladimir Lukin) signed between the opposition and the government then, 21 th, the very agreement on which I want to stress (good or bad, I just want to point out a fact), Yanukovych virtually his power has passed. He agreed to everything that the opposition demanded he agreed to early parliamentary elections, early elections of the President, agreed to return to the Constitution of 2004, which the opposition demanded. He responded positively to our request and, on the request of the western countries, especially its opposition not to use force. After all, he did not give any illegal order to shoot at demonstrators unhappy. He, moreover, ordered the police to withdraw all forces from the capital, and they obey his orders. He went to an event in Kharkiv, as soon as he went to Kharkov, instead of the previously employed to make administrative buildings, and immediately took his presidential residence, and the building of the government, rather than to fulfill it, what a deal.
After all, I asked the question: why? I want to understand why this was done? And so he passed, in fact, all the power, and he has, I believe, and I told him about it said there was no chance of re-election. And everyone agrees, all my colleagues with whom I have talked in recent days on the phone. Why was it necessary to engage in illegal, unconstitutional actions and to enter the country, to drag the country into the chaos in which it was today? Until now, after wandering around Kiev, masked gunmen in arms. That's the question simply does not have the answer. Wanted someone to humiliate, to show its strength? This, in my opinion, absolutely stupid actions. Achieved, it seems to me to be counterproductive, because here these actions largely swung east and south-east of Ukraine.
Now on to why this situation has arisen at all.
In my opinion, this revolutionary situation was a long time since the early days of Ukrainian independence. Simple Ukrainian citizen, a simple Ukrainian man, he suffered under Nicholas the Bloody, and Kravchuk and Kuchma, and Yushchenko, and Yanukovych. Nothing for the better, or almost nothing has changed. Corruption has reached such an extent that we never dreamed of here in Russia. Enrichment and stratification of society, and we have plenty of these problems, and we have them wear very acute, and in Ukraine it is even more acute, even worse, was erected in the square and cube. You see, there is simply outrageous amount. In principle, the people, of course, wanted to change, but we can not encourage illegal changes.
The former Soviet Union, where it is very fragile political structure still very weak economy, we must act solely constitutional means. Cardinal mistake will always go beyond the constitutional field. I understand, by the way, those people on the Maidan, though not welcome the fact of the change of power in such a way, I understand, however, the people on the Maidan, which are still not require some sort of repair of the facade of power, and require radical changes. Why do they need? Because they have become accustomed to some crooks exchange to other rogues and rascals. Moreover, people in the regions do not even take part in the formation of its regional authorities. We had a period when we brought to power by regional leaders that their President proposed, but the local council at least they claimed, and there's just a direct appointment. We have now moved on to the elections there and it does not smell. And in the eastern regions have begun to appoint governors oligarchs, billionaires. Of course, people do not take it, of course, they believe that as a result of unfair privatization, in fact, as we believe many people rich, and now they are still in power and dragged.
In Dnepropetrovsk, Mr Kolomoisky brought to power as governor. But it's just a unique rogue. He even our oligarch Roman Abramovich cheated two or three years ago. As we say in the circles of enlightened intellectuals, "threw". Entered into a contract, there is some deal Abramovich has translated him a few billion dollars, and the transaction is not brought, pocketed the money. When I asked him: "Listen, why did you do that?" He said: 'I had not occurred, it is possible. " I do not know, by the way, how it ended, whether he got his money back, brought this deal, I do not know. But somewhere in two or three years ago, so the actual situation in life has developed. And this scoundrel made governor sent in Dnepropetrovsk. Of course, people are unhappy. Were unhappy, but remain dissatisfied if those who call themselves the legal authority to act in this way.
And most importantly, it is necessary to give people the right to determine their own fate, the fate of their families, the fate of their region and participate on an equal footing, so I want to emphasize this: wherever people may live in any region of the country, it is on an equal footing should be involved in determining the fate of their country.
Are these legitimate government today? Parliament - partly yes, all the rest - no, and certainly quite impossible to say about the legitimacy of the Acting President, there is simply no legitimacy. There is legally only one legitimate president. It is clear that he has no power, of course. But I have already said, I want to repeat: this legitimate president purely legal, of course, is only Yanukovych.
There are three ways in accordance with the law of Ukraine removal of the President from the power of death, the second way - this is his personal statement renouncing the authority and the third - the impeachment. Impeachment is registered, this is a constitutional norm. This should involve the Constitutional Court, Supreme Court, Parliament itself. This is a difficult, time-consuming procedure. This procedure was not conducted. Therefore, from a legal point of view, it is an indisputable fact.
In addition, I think that, perhaps, is why today's so-called authorities decided to disperse the Constitutional Court, which did not fit into the legal framework of Ukraine itself, nor in the legal framework of Europe. And not only broke up the court unlawful manner, and more - even think about that word - instructed the Attorney General to initiate criminal proceedings against members of the Constitutional Court. What is this?This free justice called? How can this be - to instruct to bring criminal charges? If there is some offense, criminal offense, the law enforcement agencies themselves and see themselves must respond. But to give instructions to initiate criminal cases - this is nonsense, this "gibberish."
Now financial assistance Crimea. You know, we have decided to organize the work of the regions of the Russian Federation to provide appropriate assistance to the Crimea, which appealed to us for humanitarian support. And of course we will do it. How, when, what sources - I can not say that the Government is involved. Combining the border with the Crimea region, providing perhaps additional support to our communities, so that they can support the Crimeans. We do this, of course.
On the introduction of troops, the use of troops. While this is not necessary. But there is one opportunity. By the way, once I can say that our teachings, which were held recently, they have nothing to do with the events in Ukraine. The event was planned by us even earlier, but was not declared, of course, because it's the sudden check the combat readiness of relevant military units. It was planned long ago, Defense Minister I have long reported on this, and I have already been harvested directive order for it to start such a doctrine. As you know, the teaching is complete, and yesterday I ordered all military units to return to their places of permanent dislocation.
Which may give rise to the use of the Armed Forces? This, of course, an extreme case, just extreme.
Firstly, about legitimacy. As you know, we have a direct appeal of existing and legitimate, as I said, the Ukrainian President Yanukovich on the use of the Armed Forces to protect the life, liberty, and the health of citizens of Ukraine.
What worries us the most? We see rampant neo-nationalists, anti-Semites, who is now happening in some parts of Ukraine, including Kiev. What do you say, the media, certainly seen as one of the current governors chains, handcuffs chained to the square to some other facilities in the winter, in the cold, poured water. After that, by the way, it was imprisoned in the basement and there is still tortured. What is this?Is that - is democracy? This is a manifestation of democracy? By the way, he was appointed as recently as December, in my opinion. Even if we assume that all the authorities there are corrupt, I think he even steal something did not have time.
And when seized the building of the Party of Regions? You know what happened there? There was nobody from the party something. Went two-three staff, technical staff, and one engineer said the attackers: "Guys, let us go, women miss out, please. I - an engineer, I do not even have a policy of no relationship. " He was immediately in front of a crowd shot. The second person of the same technical staff herded into the basement and threw bottles with "Molotov cocktails" and burned alive. This is also a manifestation of democracy?
And when we see it, then we know that the citizens of Ukraine are concerned - and Russian and Ukrainians, generally speaking population living in the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine. What worries them? They are worried about here is a mess. And if we see that this disorder begins in the eastern regions, if people ask us for help, and a formal appeal of the current legitimate president we already have, we reserve the right to use all available means to protect these citizens. And we think that it is quite legitimate. This is an extreme measure.
And more. I want to tell you what we believed and believe we assume that Ukraine - not only our closest neighbor, and indeed our neighboring fraternal republics. And our armed forces - it comrades in arms, friends, many of them know each other personally. And I'm here and I want to stress this, I am sure that the Ukrainian servicemen and Russian soldiers will not be on opposite sides, and on the same side.
By the way, here's some thing about what I'm talking about that unity is happening in the Crimea. Indeed, note, thank God, there are no shots and no one victim, except crush on an area that has happened there a week ago, in my opinion. But what happened there? People came, blocked by armed units, units of the armed forces and agreed with them that they should obey the demands and wishes of the people living in the area. There have been no clashes, never got shot, not a single shot.
Thus, the tense situation in the Crimea, associated with the possible use of the Armed Forces, she was just exhausted, this was not necessary. The only thing, what need was and what we were doing, we have strengthened protection of our military installations because they keep getting threats, and we have seen that in the Crimea has tightened boevichkov of nationalist organizations. We've done that and done correctly and on time. Therefore proceed from the fact that we in eastern Ukraine do anything like that is not necessary.
But once again I would like to emphasize. Of course, what I am about to say, it is not my competence, and we are not going to interfere. But we believe that all citizens of Ukraine, I repeat, no matter where they live, should be granted the same rights to participate in the life of the country and in determining the future of this country.
I would place those who consider themselves the legitimate authority, hastened to the relevant procedures, because of the national mandate for the domestic, foreign, economic policy, much less determine the future of Ukraine they do not.
Markets. As for the markets, as you know, the markets have shown a certain nervousness before the events in Ukraine, before they escalate. This is due primarily to the policy of the US Federal Reserve, which has taken certain decisions, which made ​​investments in the US economy itself attractive enough, and emerging market investors began to withdraw money, in fact, the American market. This general trend is absolutely nothing to do with Ukraine. India suffered the most, I think, and the other countries of the BRICS . Russia - too. Slightly smaller than, say, India, but also. That is the fundamental reason.
With regard to the events in Ukraine, yes, politics somehow always affects the markets, money love peace, tranquility and stability. But it seems to me that this is a tactical, temporary and temporary effect.
QUESTION: Vladimir Vladimirovich, please tell me, you were expecting a tough response to Russia's actions on the part of Western partners? Could you tell us about the details of your conversations with Western partners, because as soon as the press service was that? And the summit of "Eight" will be in Sochi or not, what do you think?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Regarding the expected reaction, whether "eight" and talk about. Our conversations are confidential, and some are even closed lines. So I do not feel entitled to disclose how and what we discussed with our partners. But I will refer to some of the public statements of their colleagues from Western countries and, without mentioning names, comment on them as a whole.
What we pay attention? We are often accused of illegitimacy of our actions, and when I asked the question: "Do you think that all you have is legitimate?" - They say, "Yes." We have to remind the actions of the United States in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, where they worked or do without UN Security Council sanctions, or distorted the content of these resolutions as it did in Libya. There, as you know, was registered only able to close the sky to fly aircraft of the government, and it ended the bombing and the participation of special forces in ground operations.
Our partners, especially the United States, always clear, clearly for themselves formulate their geopolitical and national interests, pursue them very aggressively, and then, guided by the well-known phrase: "Who is not with us is against us" - to drag the rest for yourself world. And who is not dragged, that begin immediately bale, and in the end, as a rule, dotyukivayut.
We proceed from the other, we proceed from the fact that we act solely legitimate. And I myself have always advocated respect for international law. Once again I want to emphasize that we believe that if we make a decision, even if I will make a decision on the use of the Armed Forces, it will be legitimate, totally appropriate and the general rules of international law, as we have recourse legitimate president, and relevant to our commitments, in this case coincides with our interests to protect those people whom we consider closely related to us both historically and in terms of general culture, closely linked economically. This corresponds to our national interests - to protect these people. And this humanitarian mission. We do not pretend to enslave someone, someone to dictate something. But, of course, we can not stay away, if we see that they begin to pursue and destroy, being bullied. I would very much like to see it did not come.
QUESTION: How do you assess the reaction of the West to the events in Ukraine and threats against Russia: any sanctions threaten us and out of the "Group of Eight"?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: As for sanctions. The consequences of these sanctions should first think of those who are going to introduce them. I think that in today's world, where everything is interconnected and all depend on each other anyway, of course, can cause some damage to each other, but it will be a mutual damage, and this also needs to think about. This is the first one.
Second, and this is, in fact, the most important thing. I have already said about our motives. And the motives of our partners, then what are? They supported the anti-constitutional coup and the armed seizure of power, declared legitimate and these people are trying to support them. By the way, we, in this case full of patience and even ready for some cooperation, we do not want to interrupt cooperation. As you know, a few days ago I instructed the Government to consider how to continue contacts even with the authorities in Kiev, which we do not think it is legitimate, in order to maintain cooperation in the field of economy and industry. We believe our actions are quite reasonable, and all sorts of threats against Russia - counterproductive and harmful.
As for the "Group of Eight", I do not know. We are preparing for "eight", will be ready to accept at our colleagues. If they do not want to come - well, do not.
QUESTION: Let me add just about contacts. I understand that you think the prime minister of Crimea Aksenov legitimate representative government. And if you're ready for any contacts with those who are now in Kiev considers itself the legitimate authority?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: I just said. You probably did not listen.
QUESTION: I mean, you just at the top level for a political solution.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: And at the highest level I do not have a partner there. There's no president. And there can not be before the general election.
With regard to the Crimea, of course, the Crimean parliament was formed in 2010, if my memory serves me, somewhere in December 2010. It consists of 100 deputies, there are 6 games. And after the previous prime minister resigned, the Crimean parliament in accordance with the procedures and the law on the Supreme Council of Crimea elected a new prime minister. Of course, it is legitimate. There followed all the procedures provided by law, there is no violation. But when a few days ago, a group of armed men tried to seize the building of the Supreme Council of Crimea, is, of course, has caused great concern among themselves Crimeans. The impression that the Crimea want to put on Kiev scenario there and start a series of bombings and chaos. Of course, it is very concerned about the Crimean. That is why they have created self-defense committees and took control of all armed forces.
By the way, when I last looked at the FAQ, what they're taken away, it's a sort of fortified. There are several dozen installations "S-300", a few dozen "Buckow" 22,000 troops and so-so service. But, thank God, all this now, as I said, without a single shot in the hands of the people of Crimea.
QUESTION: Vladimir Vladimirovich, you can clarify? The people who carried out the blocking parts of the Ukrainian Army in the Crimea - in a form very similar to the Russian military form. They were Russian soldiers, it was the Russian military?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: And you look at the post-Soviet space. It's full of forms, which is similar to the shape of ... Go to shop with us and you will buy there any form.
QUESTION: But they were Russian soldiers or not?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: It was the local defense forces.
QUESTION: So well-trained? Just if we compare with the Self-Defense Forces in Kiev ...
VLADIMIR PUTIN: My dear colleague, see how well prepared people who were active in Kiev. They are known to be prepared at the appropriate bases in adjacent territories in Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine itself too. Trained instructors, prepared for a long time. They have already broken into dozens, hundreds, are organized, with good communication systems. Everything works like clockwork. You've seen how they work? Absolutely professional as commandos. Why do you think that in the Crimea should be worse?
QUESTION: You can then clarify the question? Have we participated in the preparation of self-defense forces of the Crimea?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: No, it did not take.
QUESTION: How do you imagine the future of the Crimea? And consider whether the variant of its accession to Russia?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: No, it is not considered. And I do believe that only citizens living in a given territory, in conditions of freedom of expression, in a secure environment can and should determine their future. And if it were allowed, for example, do the Kosovars, Kosovo Albanians, if it was allowed to do at all in many parts of the world, the right of nations to self-determination, enshrined, as far as I know, and the relevant UN documents, has not been canceled. But we are not in any way will not provoke anyone in such decisions and in any case will not warm up these sentiments.
I want to emphasize, I believe that only the citizens who live in certain areas, have the right to determine their own destiny.
QUESTION: Two questions. You call a last resort the possibility of sending troops into the territory of Ukraine, but still you are not completely excluded. But in this case, if the troops will be introduced, could start a war. Are not you worried about?
And the second question. You say that Yanukovych did not give the order to shoot at people. But somebody was shooting at protesters. And it is clear that they were snipers, they were trained snipers.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Did you know that now there is an opinion, including among the protesters recently that it was one of the instigators of the opposition parties. Have you heard about this?
RESPONSE: No, I have not heard.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Here's a look at these materials. They are in the public domain. Therefore, it is very difficult to understand. But we clearly saw when fighters "Berkut" stood with shields, and they do not shoot from the air and from the fighting weapon, prostrelivaya through them. That's what we just saw. And who gave the orders to mutual, I do not know. I only know that I Yanukovych said. And he told me that he did not give such orders and, moreover, instructed - after the signing of an agreement - even withdraw all police units from the capital.
If you want, I can tell you even more. He called me on the phone and I told him that he did not. I say, "You have come anarchy, chaos will come in the capital. Pity the people. " But he still did it. And as soon as he did so, and took his office, and the government, and just started the chaos from which I warned him that continues to this day.
QUESTION: And the answer to the first question. What could start a war, you do not care?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: I do not care, because we do not intend to and will not fight with the Ukrainian people.
QUESTION: But the Ukrainian troops there, the army is Ukrainian.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Listen carefully. I want you to clearly understand me, if we take such a decision - only to protect Ukrainian citizens. And even if someone tries from the army to shoot their own people, for whom we will stand behind, not in front, and behind. Let them try to shoot at women and children! And I look at those who give such an order in Ukraine.
QUESTION: Can the question, Vladimir Vladimirovich.? Our colleagues, my colleagues, who are now working in Ukraine, almost every day saying (this is for the "Golden Eagle", with the exception, perhaps, of the Crimea), the situation is only getting worse around employees "Berkut". In particular, in Kiev, there are affected employees who are now in the hospital, they are not something that can not be cured, they are not even fed. And still there and the family, and the elderly who live in the hostel, they just can not get out of the house, because they just do not give around barricades are, they are humiliated. Can you comment? And whether Russia can help these families and employees?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Yes, it is very disturbing us a question. After all, it's not employees of the Russian Interior Ministry, and there we headed situation. But from a purely humanitarian grounds it would be right if our human rights organizations, by the way, maybe ask the same Vladimir Lukin, or one, or with colleagues, with whom he participated in the development of the famous document of February 21 this year with representatives of France, Germany and Poland, so they still went to the scene, saw what was happening with these employees "Berkut" that nothing broke, and acted in accordance with the order. They are soldiers, stood there under the bullets, they doused the fire, "Molotov cocktails" were thrown. Now they are wounded, lying in the hospital. In general, it is difficult to even imagine. We even captured during the war, fed and treated. And they not only treat stopped, stopped to feed them. And still surrounded the building where their relatives live there over them bullied. I think that human rights organizations should pay attention to it. Well, we, for our part, are ready to take them for treatment in Russia, please.
QUESTION: Vladimir Vladimirovich, returning to the reaction of the West, the Federation Council offered to you in response to a statement by US Secretary of State rigid recall our ambassador from the United States. Go for it?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: The Secretary of State, of course, important person. But this is not the ultimate authority, which determines the foreign policy of the United States. We see the statements of various politicians and representatives of various political forces. This is an extreme measure. If you need to, and it will be used. But I would not like, because I think that cooperation at the international level in the field of economy, politics, international security, Russia is interested not only with their partners, but also our partners are interested in working with us. It is very easy to destroy these collaboration tools and be very difficult to create them again.
QUESTION: Russia took part in the fate of Yanukovych. How do you see its future role, his fate?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: You know, it is very difficult to say this, I do not carefully analyzed. I think that the political future he does not, I told him about it. And what is "participated in the destiny" - we've done it, too, on humanitarian considerations. I think, having in mind that the death - this is the easiest to get rid of the legitimate president, that it would have happened. I think it would just probably killed. By the way, the question arises: what for?
After all, note where to start all this turmoil, what was the trigger. Served formally that he had not signed an agreement with the EU on association. Today it looks like some kind of nonsense about this ridiculous talk. What I want to draw your attention? After all, he did not refuse to sign an association agreement. He said, we have analyzed as follows, and the content is, which does not correspond to our national interests. We can not dramatically increase energy prices for the population, because the population and our way in quite a difficult situation is. We can not do that this, the fifth, tenth, can not break through the living of our economic relations with Russia, because we have a very large cooperation.
I have already said, these figures are: from about 14 billion exports are about 5 billion sent to the Russian production of the second, third repartition. That is engineering all goes to Russia practically nothing takes the West Ukrainian. And here is to take a break, enter in the Ukrainian economy, European technical standards by which we are, thank God, do not work, or not, thank God, we come ever to these standards, but today we do not have, in Russia, these standards . This means that the next day will break these relations and cooperation ties, enterprises stand, unemployment will rise. And what did he say? "I can not do it so abruptly, let's discuss further." He did not refuse to sign, he asked for further opportunities to discuss-the document, and immediately started this orgy.
And what did he did not act within their competence? He acted completely within its competence, nothing broke. It was just an excuse for him to support the opposition forces in the struggle for power. On the whole, and there is nothing special. But how could bring to anarchy, to the unconstitutional coup and seize power through armed to plunge the country later in this chaos, in which she is now? I think that this is unacceptable. And our Western partners do it in Ukraine is not the first time. I sometimes get the impression that there is a large puddle sit somewhere in America employees some laboratory and how the rats carried out some experiments, not realizing the consequences of what they do. Why it was necessary to do it here? Who can explain it? There are generally no explanation.
Same thing in the days of the first Maidana when the same Yanukovych did not allow to power. Well, why it was necessary to hold the third round of elections? That is, turned into a farce - the political life of Ukraine's turned into a farce. None at all not respecting the Constitution. You see, we accustom people to the fact that if someone can still disrupt, this right belongs to everyone else, and chaos begins. That is the danger. And it is necessary to our society still bring up other traditions: on the traditions of respect for the fundamental law of the country, the Constitution and all other laws. Of course, this is not always everything works, but that's the way to act - like a bull in a china shop - I think, is counterproductive and very dangerous.
QUESTION: Vladimir Vladimirovich, Turchinov illegitimate, from your point of view.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: As president - yes.
QUESTION: And I'm glad - partly legitimate.
QUESTION: Does Yatsenyuk legitimate and the government? And if Russia is concerned about the increased radical elements, they are often worse when find themselves faced with a simulated enemy, which for them, from their point of view, of course, is now Russia and the Russian position that we are ready to send troops. From this question: Does it make sense and is it possible to negotiate and talk with the moderate forces in the Ukrainian government, again with Yatsenyuk, and whether it is legitimate?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Look, you do not seem to hear what I was saying. I said three days ago I instructed the government to resume contacts at the governmental level with their colleagues in the relevant ministries and departments of Ukraine, so as not to break economic ties, to support them in their quest to restore the economy. That's a direct order to the Government. Moreover, and Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev in contact with Yatsenyuk. A Naryshkin as the chairman of parliament, I know, in contact with Turchinov. But, I repeat, all of our trade, economic and other humanitarian ties can be developed in the full format only after the normal situation will be the presidential elections.
QUESTION: "Gazprom" has already said that he was returning to the old gas prices since April.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: "Gazprom" could not say so, you attentively listened to it or not accurately put it. "Gazprom" does not return to the old prices, he does not want to extend the current prices, which had an agreement, to enter or not to enter them on a quarterly basis. Even before all these events, to the acute phase of these events. I know about the negotiations "Gazprom" with its partners, "Gazprom" has agreed and the Government of the Russian Federation agreed that "Gazprom" introduces a discount of up to 268.5 dollars per thousand cubic meters, the Russian government gives the first tranche of the loan, it is not formally a loan and the purchase of bonds - kvazikredit, the first stage of $ 3 billion. A Ukrainian undertakes to fully pay off the debt, which arose in the second half of last year, and regularly pay current payments for consumed product - for consumed gas. The debt is not repaid, the current payments in full are not paid.
Moreover, if the Ukrainian partner does not pay for February, the debt even increase. Today he is somewhere 1.5-1.6 billion (US). And if you do not pay in full for February, it will be almost $ 2 billion. Naturally, the "Gazprom" in this context says, "Look, guys, if you we still do not pay fees, and we fix only the rising debt, so let us better than we fix at the normal price, with a reduced". This is purely a commercial component activities of "Gazprom", which in its investment plans, as well as any large company, there are profitable parts and consumables, and she planned. If they do not get the money in time from the Ukrainian partners, then they undercut their own investment, for them it is a real problem. And this, by the way, is not associated with the events in Ukraine, with any policy. Had an agreement: "We will - money and reducing gas, and you - payments, but regularly." The money was given, at the price of gas is reduced, and there is no payment. Well, naturally, "Gazprom" says: "Guys, do not go."
QUESTION: Vladimir Vladimirovich, the press service of Merkel after your phone call informed that you have consented to the direction of some of the international fact-finding mission, and the creation of some of the contact group.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: I said that we have specially trained people who are competent should consider this issue and discuss it with their German colleagues. In general, it is possible. I gave instructions to our Minister of Foreign Affairs, which, in my opinion, today or tomorrow, or yesterday had to meet, or meets with Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mr. Steinmeier, and will discuss this issue.
QUESTION: It is clear that now most attention focused on the Crimea. But we see what is happening in other regions of Ukraine in the east, to the south. See what is happening in Kharkiv, Donetsk, Lugansk, in Odessa. There's people raise Russian flags on government buildings, calling Russian help, ask for support. Russia will somehow respond to what is happening?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Do you think that we do not have any reaction? Only, in my opinion, it is now an hour discussing this reaction. But in some cases, for me what happens is unexpected. I will not say exactly what I mean, but this reaction is, in principle, it is expected. And our partners in the West, and those who claim to power in Kiev today, that they are not predicted that this would happen? I told them a thousand times already: why did you split the country, what do you do? No, still twig borer, as they say. Of course, people who live in the eastern part, they realize that they are for a decision threshold were.
By and large, it is necessary to adopt a new constitution and to hold it in a referendum, so that all citizens of Ukraine felt that they ownership of the process, influence the formation of the basic principles of the device of the state. But it is certainly not our business. This should solve the Ukrainians and Ukrainian authorities themselves, anyway. I think that after the formation of legitimate authorities, after the election of President, elections for a new parliament, which had been scheduled (perhaps this is all going to happen), I would have returned to their place to ensure that adopt a constitution, and, I repeat, in a referendum, to all people accepted, voted, and then you have to carry all. And if someone would feel that he was left out of this process, he never would disagree and will always deal with it. Well, why should they? Again, it is not our business.
QUESTION: But the planned presidential elections Russia recognizes that will take place in Ukraine?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: It depends on how they will pass. If will be held here at the same terror, which we now see in Kiev, do not recognize.
QUESTION: I am again about the reaction of the West. That is against the backdrop of a tough rhetoric we have recently Paralympics in Sochi to be opened. Will not she, in fact, on the verge of collapse, at least in the international information space?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: I do not know, I think it would be the height of cynicism - now subjected to some kind of danger the Paralympic Games. We all know what it is - this is a forum, an international sports forum, where people with disabilities can express themselves, to prove to myself and to the world that they are in fact, as it is now often said to people without any restrictions, and on the contrary, they have unlimited opportunities to demonstrate their achievements in this sport. If someone tries to rip it means only one thing - that people who take or may take such attempts, nothing is sacred.
QUESTION: Question about the hypothetical possibility of using troops. From the West are the claims that in the case of such a decision would violate Russia Russian Budapest Treaty, according to which in exchange for giving up nuclear weapons security, territorial integrity of Ukraine guarantee the United States and some NATO partners. In the case of such a development is it possible to intervene here in this local conflict global players and thereby escalating the conflict into a global phase, assess whether you are the risks?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: We have before about something to say in public, let alone do something in practical terms, we should think and how to try to predict all the consequences and reactions of all the possible players.
As for the agreements that you mentioned, you represent "Reuters", huh?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: This is how you do the public, politicians evaluate the events? But it is clear that this is an armed seizure of power, right? The simple fact. And it is clear that this is done contrary to the constitution. This is the obvious fact that, right? Well, the truth.
RESPONSE: I live in Russia.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Well, well done. You need to take the Foreign Service. Of you will make a good diplomat. And the language of diplomacy, as you know, is given in order to conceal his thoughts. So, when we point to the fact that this anti-constitutional coup, we are told: "No!". And you probably heard it many times: "This is not anti-constitutional coup, this is not an armed seizure of power. This is - a revolution! "So?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Yes. And if it is a revolution, what does that mean? I was then difficult to disagree with some of our experts, who believe that in this area there is a new state. Just as it was after the collapse of the Russian Empire after the 1917 revolution, there is a new state. And with that State in respect of this state we no binding documents have not signed.
QUESTION: First, I wanted to clarify. You said that if will be introduced by the US sanctions, it will hurt both economies. Does it mean or imply Does this mean that Russia may also enter their any retaliatory sanctions and the answer will be symmetrical?
And you talk about a discount on gas. But still we remember the agreement on the $ 15 billion for the purchase of bonds of Ukraine. The first tranche is already there, at the end of last year. Allocation of the remaining funds are not frozen? Or on what you specifically economic and political conditions, which you political and economic risks are laying in case assistance will be provided?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: I will answer your question. In principle, we would be prepared to consider further steps to provide other tranches, for redemption, repurchase additional bonds. But our Western partners are asking us not to do so, they ask us to work together in the framework of the IMF in order to encourage the Government of Ukraine, the Ukrainian authorities to undertake the necessary reforms for economic recovery. But in this way we are going to work on, but given the fact that "Naftogaz" Ukraine does not pay to "Gazprom", the Government is studying various options.
QUESTION: Vladimir Vladimirovich, the dynamics of the situation for the better or for the worse with Ukraine?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: In general, all the same, it seems to me that it gradually leveled. We need to be sure to send a signal to the people who live in the south-eastern Ukraine, they should feel "a" - safe and "b" - members of the general political stabilization process in the country.
QUESTION: You always said several times already mentioned the future legitimacy of the elections in Ukraine, that's who you still see as a compromise candidate? It is clear that you say, the people of Ukraine should choose for myself, but all the same?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: I honestly say to you: I can not even imagine.
REPLY: It seems that the people are not too because whoever talked, all at a loss.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: I can not say. You know, after such events is very difficult to predict anything. I have already said that with all my opposition to such a process of coming to power and bias current government and the current president, I strongly disagree with this form and as a whole, and for Ukraine, and the former Soviet Union as a whole, in particular. How Come? Because, I repeat once more this idea, it is not legal culture instills. And if someone is allowed to act in a way that means that all that is allowed. This means chaos. See, it's the worst thing that can be for countries with fragile economies and stable political system. But in these conditions can jump anyone. You remember how Rem units operated at a time when Hitler was eager to power. Then these units Rem nullified and destroyed, in fact. But they played a role in the rise of Hitler. May be the most unexpected variations.
And, I repeat, in an environment where people are true, I want to emphasize, and in this I agree with Maidan, rightly require radical changes in policy and introducing new, totally fresh people in the upper echelons of power, there is a danger that as the devil-the-box could jump some natsionalyuga, polufashistvuyuschy element (and we see that there with bandages people walking around still, in Kiev, resembling a swastika), some anti-Semite, this danger also exists.
QUESTION: Just today, by the way, Ukraine's permanent representative to the UN said that the crime had been falsified Bandera Soviet Union. May 9 near enough already, here we see just who are now in power. You can contact with them at all?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: I have to liaise with all but obvious criminals, but in such circumstances, I repeat once again, there is a danger that someone will slip, people already with very extreme views, which, of course, will have serious consequences for the country.
QUESTION: You said that you need to contact all. Yulia Tymoshenko recently such as saying that he was going to Moscow.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: You know, we have always worked quite successfully with the authorities of Ukraine completely different political views: Leonid Danilovich and worked, and worked with Yushchenko. And I, as Prime Minister of the Russian Federation worked with Tymoshenko: I went to her, she came to Russia. Different situations were related to the implementation of joint activities to guide the country's economy and disputes were, and arrangements were. But it was generally constructive work. If she wants to come to Russia, let them come. But today it is - not the prime minister. In what capacity it will arrive? But to prevent it came to Russia, I personally do not intend to.
QUESTION: One little short question: who still, in your opinion, is behind the organization of this revolution here, as you put it, in the Ukraine?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: I have already said, I think this is all very well prepared. Sure, there were militias, they are still there, and we saw how they worked effectively. And in this sense, of course, there is the Western instructors tried. But is not the case. If power was strong, confident, stable, then no nationalists would not be able to make those massacres and to achieve the result that we now see.
The problem is that none of the previous governments did not think properly about the needs of people. And we have a lot of problems in Russia, we have a lot of problems are very similar, but they are not as sharp as there. Look, the average per capita income in Russia - 29 700 rubles, and in Ukraine, in rubles if we compare, 11900, in my opinion. Almost three times less. Pension we average 10,700, and the Ukraine - 5,5 thousand, in rubles. At half the size. A World War II veterans, we generally get nearly the average wage of workers. That is a very significant difference in living standards. That's what I had to think from the very beginning. And of course, it would be necessary to deal with banditry, with nepotism, cronyism with, especially in the economy. But people still see it, and it causes distrust of authority.
That's all for several generations, I want to emphasize the modern Ukrainian politicians led to the fact that people are frustrated and want to see a completely new design and a new, fresh faces in power. Here it is - the main nutrient base of what happened. But I repeat once again, a change of power is needed, perhaps, to all appearances, she really needed the Ukraine, but only legitimate way, in the framework of the current constitution, not violating it.
QUESTION: Vladimir Vladimirovich, and if in the Crimea will be held a referendum and the people decide to separate, the people themselves, by a majority vote, you support it?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: The subjunctive mood in politics is not used ever. And I want to stay within the rules.
QUESTION: And Yanukovych alive at all? There was information that he died.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: After he was on the territory of the Russian Federation, I saw him once, it was just two days ago. He was alive and well and you the same desires. He even catch a cold at the funeral of those who spread this information.
QUESTION: Do you think, Vladimir Vladimirovich., in recent months, when the situation is aggravated in Ukraine, in what was an error Yanukovych?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: You know, I'm not going to answer that question - not because I do not know the answer, but I think it would be incorrect to me. You know, because ...
QUESTION: You sympathize with him?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: No. I have other feelings completely. A person who performs such functions, carries on his shoulders such duties as head of state, there is a law, there is a duty. But the most important duty - this is the will of the people who entrusted him with the country, acting within the law. Here it is necessary to analyze whether everything he did - that gave him into the hands of the law and the mandate of the voters or not. Analyze and make themselves to a conclusion.
QUESTION: What kind of feelings? You say, "Do not sympathy, and other senses." If this can be found.
VLADIMIR PUTIN: I 'll talk to you later.
QUESTION: You said two issues ago, the first thing you need to bring our position to the residents of the south and south-east of Ukraine. This is understandable, about south-east, but ...
VLADIMIR PUTIN: Before all, in principle, it is necessary to convey.
To all residents and citizens of Ukraine. We have no enemies there. Once again I repeat: Ukraine - friendly state. You know how much last year drove from Ukraine to Russia? 3.3 million people. Of these, nearly 3 million to enter Russia for work. And they work here, about 3 million people. You know how much money they send to Ukraine to support their families? Calculate the average wage of 3 million people. Billions of dollars, it is a significant contribution to GDP, this is not a joke. And we all accept, with a lot of people who come and work with us, to the west of Ukraine. They all are equal for us, they are for us brothers.
QUESTION: So I just wanted to ask. First of all, many are now talking about the south-east, it is clear, but in the West, too, because there are ethnic Russian, Russian-speaking people and their situation is probably even worse, they generally can not raise his head, where they are a minority. How can our country to help them?
VLADIMIR PUTIN: We believe that the current so-called authorities, if they pretend to be considered civilized, should ensure the safety of its citizens on the whole territory of the state, no matter where they lived. And we, of course, will be closely watched for it.

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