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Globalist Soros against America's Founding Fathers

Globalist Soros against America's Founding Fathers

The ancestors of the American constitution approved by a robust framework that protects the country from complete control as the English royal house, and the federal government. To this end, the main power who work with the population, are in the states. Since the beginning of the struggle for the redivision of the world America with its constitution is a bone in the throat of a new global government, which began a gradual process of federalization of the United States, that is, the transfer of authority from all the big states in the hands of the federal government. A long way down the road federalization of America was held during the reign of the liberal presidents Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton.
To permanently destroy this stable structure of America, in 1979, George Soros founded the Open Society Institute (OSI), which became the headquarters of the Shadow Party. Institute allocates radical organizations billions of dollars to implement the agenda of the New World Order. What is this agenda? This is also not a secret, all recorded in the documents of the organization:
· Create a public opinion that US institutions suppress other nations.
· In the elections of the United States to provide assistance to members of the Left. To fund and train future left-wing activists.
· Oppose all security measures developed in the United States after 9/11, particularly Patriot Act.
· To represent the US military actions as unjust and immoral.
· To promote the opening of borders, mass immigration, emigration to replace the existing law. Ensure that illegal immigrants amnesty and social assistance.
· Dramatically expand social assistance programs by increasing taxes.
· To achieve the protection of civil rights and privileges of prisoners suspected of terrorism, and their assistants.
· Seek unilateral disarmament United States and / or sharp reductions in military spending.
· Facilitate the transition to the public health system. Fund abortions of taxpayers' money.
· Legalize marijuana.
· Toughen up the acquisition of weapons for private use.
· To impart the principles of radical environmentalism to destroy the technological / industrial civilization.
· Bring US foreign policy under the control of the UN.
· In the academic science and business to develop racial and ethnic approach.
During the two years of the Shadow Party Soros and Obama most items of this plan a reality: defense spending decreased from 800 billion. Dollars in 2009 to 720 billion. In 2010, expenditure on social security increased from 580 billion. Dollars in 2006 BC 750 billion. dollars in 2010. The two-fold increase in spending on education and in the trade unions, who are ready to "future left-wing activists."
New Year's Eve politicians, economists and astrologers like hot cakes.All make forecasts. The thicker the varnished paper magazine - more pleasant outlook. Free predictions from the Internet promise mainly climatic catastrophe and the end of the world. At this stage of the international community has not needed any special ability to predict the course of events. All can be seen with the naked eye layman. Namely, if the United Kingdom will not be able to make a revolution from above, and the US Tea Party revolution from below, then be on the planet New Order led by global government. What are the chances of winning the two? Let's see what "profit" from the globalists, and that "the departed" in the United States, as he said Soros, a major obstacle globalization.
Finance. In 1913, under pressure from President Woodrow Wilson's liberal law was adopted on the establishment of the Federal Reserve System. Private corporation called the Federal Reserve, gained control of the monetary system of America. With the advent of the Shadow Party Soros situation worsened. In July 2010, a law was passed Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, President Obama called "the most significant financial reform since the Great Depression." The law gave the Fed the power to regulate not only banks but all financial institutions. "As a result, in every sector of the financial system - the insurance companies, hedge funds, investment companies, holding companies, etc. - Will create large corporations by type of Fannie and Freddie, regulated by the government. Since these companies are supported by the government, will be "too big to fail", they will produce significant changes in the financial market, gradually destroying the small firms. In the end, will have some major competitors operating under "mild government supervision." This irreversibly destroy free financial market », - Peter J. Wallison, American Enterprise Institute. In other words, the Federal Government will act as a global-regional bank, and Obama's financial reform will lead to the globalization of the banking system, as a result of which the US will finally lose financial independence.
That is, the question is: reversible financial reform Obama or not? Such was the case in the history of the United States under President Franklin Roosevelt. Probably reforms are reversible if! If in 2011 the new Congress to repeal the law or scripts are being shadow government Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.
Industry. Immediately after the transfer of power to the shadow government Soros were nationalized two auto giant. Then began a fierce struggle for the law Cap & Trade. The adoption of this law will give the government an opportunity to adjust global and taxed without exception industries. Until that happens, the law has not been adopted by the US Senate, but the administration did not waste time and pursues its policy through numerous regulatory acts by government agencies. As a result of a ban on drilling, 20% of the electricity sold to the consumer energy suppliers must be obtained from the wind and sun. America for sale: 16% stake in the auto industry sold to Saudi Arabia and China, 51% of the company Uranium One, uranium mining in Wyoming, sold to the Russian state company ARMZ ... Please note - 51% of the shares. So it is difficult to understand the man in the street the other side of this process: the US government prohibits deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, covers tens of thousands of jobs during the crisis under the pretext of protecting the environment, while Cuba and other Caribbean countries have embarked on an intensive deep-sea drilling in the area . At the same time, Soros and the Obama administration is investing in Brazilian drilling company ...
Strange contradictions that can not be understood on the basis of ideas about national security, but everything falls into place, if we consider this process from the perspective of globalization, the intention to destroy the largest country in the world. If we talk about the balance of power in the industry, it is evident that the globalists to take in hand a lot, but not everything. Here the struggle is in full swing. Has not yet passed a law Cap & Trade in globalists will not complete control over production, and therefore changes are reversible.
From the opinion polls it is clear that the US population does not trust the media (57%) that it draws information on the Internet. And the government knows it, so shall adopt decisions that restrict the operation of this source. In an article published in the journal "Political Philosophy", Sanstin Cass (Cass Sunstein), «the king of information" President Obama outlined a plan to undermine the groups that produce alternative theories, by introducing the disinformation in the real and virtual discussion clubs. But it's flowers. Rather unexpected "Christmas gift" is waiting for the Americans on December 21, when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will add to its portfolio of Internet "regulated industries" and will Net Neutrality order. Julius Genachowski - the head of the FCC, "the draft regulations" says that the regulation will be introduced in order to "protect the freedom and openness of the Internet."
It is obvious that the victory in the positional information warfare now gain the globalists. If control measures will be put online, they will complete victory is not far off.


Conclusions sad. Global government - is not Christmas Tale, is a reality today. All or nearly all of that was on the agenda of the Shadow Government Soros, enforced through laws and acts of the United States. As a result, the US, which are the last obstacle to the New World Order are on the verge of irreversible changes. Intellectual elite and world bankers swung, took him out of balance with the intention of seizing power. We are at the stage of a systemic crisis, when the slightest change can cause general chaos. Unfortunately, there is revolution and protest any work on the globalists. They put in planes terrorists with bombs hidden in his underwear, and when they are detained, the country introduced a law ill inspection of the entire population. They organize "leaking classified government information," and as a result impose censorship on the Internet. When disgruntled crowd residents take to the streets, it gives globalists basis for the introduction of "emergency measures". We are divided and misinformed and it works for them.
What hope? Hope for the layman mind. Hope for the UK Conservatives. Hope for the national Tea Party movement and the struggle of individual US states for independence from federal dictates. The November elections in 2010 brought significant changes not only in the US Congress, but the governor's cabinet. People showed distrust liberal candidates and selected those who are in positions of respect for the Constitution, fiscal responsibility, small government. The governors of the United States are united in an organization which, by definition, journalists start a "revolution": states are the appeals health care law, take measures to protect the border with Mexico, stabilize the budget, shall be exempt from the greedy hands of the trade unions, defended the priority of the US Constitution.
2011 - this is the time of purchase trends: the world goes into feudal dependence on a group of international speculators or cleared and will return to the social, economic and political freedoms. But in both cases, this transition will be through revolution.

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