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При постоянно пикирующем рейтинге Обамы шаг по освобождению Полларда ... что израильский шпион «подставился» из-за КГБ и получил чрезмерно ... Вайнбергер утверждал, что данная утечка секретной информации стала причиной провала и гибели 11 американских разведчиков.

При постоянно пикирующем рейтинге Обамы шаг по освобождению Полларда ... что израильский шпион «подставился» из-за КГБ и получил чрезмерно ... Вайнбергер утверждал, что данная утечка секретной информации стала причиной провала и гибели 11 американских разведчиков.

Obama, Pollard and J Street

Ninth day of April in plain text White House announced to everyone that he was not concerned about the possibility that the 57-year-old Jonathan Pollard, the Israeli spy sitting in an American prison for 27 years, and it will die.
In response to a letter from the President of Israel, Shimon Peres, President Barack Obama to consider the possibility of pardon Pollard, who is in serious condition in hospital, a spokesman for the White House Tommy Vitor told reporters that the US position on this matter remains unchanged.
Looking at this position by the White House, we can once again wonder how the current administration manages to not miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. With the ever diving delivery ranking Obama step in Pollard's release could significantly increase the chances of the current president, at least - in the Jewish community. In fact, after reports of deteriorating health of the prisoner, who spent longer term higher than any foreign spy in US history, almost all Israeli official figures, regardless of political stance, made an appeal asking for his release. They were joined by a number of American Jewish leaders, but to no avail.
What Pollard released will not, in fact, it was clear in advance - the behavior of the "liberal analogue AIPAC» - J Street. Jonathan can say thank you for the fact that he unwittingly became another factor pointing to something that breathes this "pro-Israel" organization. By whom and how it supports or, conversely, against whom stands, you can see where the wind blows the current US administration.
Supporting pro-Palestinian initiative and put pressure on the Israeli "uncompromising" power, J Street has remained silent about Pollard, although the question of his release or in any way connected with the position of Israel's "peace process."
In this case, almost all have long understood that in Pollard it is not so easy as it seems. October 31, 2010, former Deputy Secretary of Defense Lawrence Korb said in an interview with radio station "Galey IDF" that Israeli spy "set up" for the KGB and was overly harsh punishment at the request of former Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger. He persuaded the court that Pollard stole documents about American agents in the Soviet Union and other Warsaw Pact countries and gave their "Mossad", and then these materials were allegedly at the disposal of the KGB. Weinberger argued that the leak of classified information has caused the failure and death of 11 US intelligence agents.
Korb said that this testimony Weinberger Pollard doomed to punishment, much more severe than in the United States received the spies friendly countries, as the court took into account his "responsibility" for the deaths of American agents. In fact, according to Korba, information about US spies behind the Iron Curtain transferred to Moscow KGB agent who acted on the territory of the United States itself has been neutralized and the FBI a few years after the arrest of an Israeli spy.
In December 1987, after the verdict in the case of Jonathan Pollard, UPI news agency published an article entitled "The KGB agents in the Israeli" Mossad "." According to experts, this publication was initiated by senior representatives of the US intelligence. It was noted that the Israeli intelligence officers passed the KGB materials Pollard in exchange for permission to Soviet Jews to immigrate to Israel. Sam Pollard responded to this as follows: "The history, from which it follows, as if in Russian hands so long that they were able to reach the" Mossad "was fabricated not otherwise in the KGB, in order to cause further harm Israeli-American strategic partnership" .
In December 2000, the newspaper "Maariv" published a statement on the matter of the former KGB Chairman Vladimir Kryuchkov (1988-1991). During Pollard cooperation with the Israelis and the subsequent trial Kryuchkov was Deputy Chairman of the KGB. According to him, "no" Mossad ", nor the Israeli administration has never passed the KGB data gleaned from reports Jonathan Pollard."
According to the lawyers Pollard and several Israeli officials, the US intelligence services blamed on him all the blame for the leak of secret information that has occurred as a result of the activities of other spies who worked directly for Soviet intelligence. Among them, first of all, referred to a former senior CIA officer Aldrich Ames, 1985 collaborated for nine years with the KGB. How long have noted the Israelis, it was he who, in June 1985, gave the Soviet intelligence resident and a list of US agents in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.
All these details, unfortunately, did not play and will not play any role in the issue of release from prison, suffering from a serious illness Pollard. Apparently, by his death in prison can save only the replacement of those who define today "the US position on this case."

Alexander Kogan

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