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Bilderberg tipped Barack Obama

E.Chernykh (June 23, 2013, 22:27)
Bilderberg tipped Barack Obama

Bilderberg Obama bowed, but not Putin Comments: 25

Among the world events of the whole of June and the first half actually unnoticed by the general public remains a traditional meeting of the legendary Bilderberg
However, it has always held behind closed doors in an atmosphere of high secrecy. And no hype in the press.
At this time, 140 "Bilderberg" gathered June 6-9 in a luxury hotel "Grove" in the county of Hertfordshire in the south-east of England. Among the guests were marked by former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, is still considered one of the pillars of world politics, influential financiers Secretary Timothy Geithner and Robert Rubin, at different times led the US Treasury, IMF chief Christine Lagarde, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, HRH Princess of the Netherlands Beatrix, American hawk - "Prince of Darkness" Richard Perle, chairman of the Board of Directors of Google, Eric Schmidt, and many other prominent politicians, industrialists, bankers. In short, the world's elite. And the questions discussed match. The threat of a global pandemic, and cyber warfare, control of the Internet, US foreign policy, developments in the Middle East, Africa's problems and so much more ...
This elite club is considered the most mysterious in the world around him a lot of myths, scary.
- In fact, the Club was established in 1954 to agree on an aristocratic-dynastic environment - the director of the Institute of Systems and Strategic Analysis Andrei Fursov. - Only then hauled back burzhuiny world. First curator was an aristocrat Bernhard, Prince of the Netherlands.
From an old German family, which can be traced to the 12th century. A very interesting figure. Believe it was him, "sketched" his James Bond spy English writer Ian Fleming, who knew Prince. 007 - the same gallant, courageous, loving, as Bernhard. Our hero also worked in the intelligence service - German chemicals group I. G. Farben, which has become a corporate template for the entire twentieth century. Modeled intelligence group then created the special services of the Third Reich.
Bernhard himself served as an SS officer. Married Princess Juliana of the Netherlands, the future queen. During the Second World performed various delicate missions. In particular, several times on behalf of the Third Reich tried to build bridges between the Hitler regime and the British establishment. I think that maintained close ties with the Fourth Reich. In 1954, the Prince personally invited representatives of the world's elite at the first closed meeting in the Dutch hotel "Bilderberg". Gave its name to one of the most prestigious clubs in the world and closed. Since the 60s club loses its aristocratic character. There appear representatives of big capital. Prince was the soul of the Club until 1975. Due to participation in major corruption case "Lockheed" had to go into the shadows. At meetings of the "Bilderberg" changed his daughter Beatrix, Queen of the Netherlands. Although in the current April she gave the throne to his son, to the June meeting Beatrix invited. Where do without it!
- Conspiracy theorists claim, saying, "Bilderberg" is notorious secret world government. It is they, they say, be heard by the fate of the planet. Skeptics, however, consider these "secret meetings" sham. Sit, de, world VIPs, ladies and gentlemen for coffee or something stronger, are unpretentious, no non-binding conversations. Play in the conspiracy, fool the people.
- Of course, this is not a world government. But also include the annual meeting behind closed doors to the category or noncommittal gatherings also impossible. You have to understand: Bilderberg, as well as Roman, a number of other international VIP structures - front organization. There really are discussed, agreed important world issues. But the agenda is developed in completely different places. And largely others. Although they can be represented in the Bilderberg, but not in the foreground. To me it is a bit like the Communist Party congresses, where there was a discussion at a predetermined scenario. I think one hundred and forty "Bilderberg" really discuss problems people 20-25. Others - politesse, extras for smoke and mirrors. For example, representatives of the world's largest media news agencies. They always participate in the meetings of the Club, but nothing about it does not write. In fact, get ukazivku how to build an information policy.
At Bilderberg, in my view, a double contradictory function. On the one hand, he is obliged to close a real structure, much smaller in size, and is formed where the world agenda. And at the same time the club should indicate that there is, there is a certain group of people to manage the global world processes. Therefore, all global issues, the world's major events, including the future, here are discussion (I can not say - solved!) This is a law in the third reading. The first and second hearings were held in secret mode. "Bilderberg" - closed mode. Then comes the turn, "eight", "twenty" and other official bodies. Open mode.
Please note - barely otzasedal Club, all on the same land of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland held summit of the Group of Eight.
- What's the connection, Andrei Ilyich?
- Direct. Judging by the leak, one of the items on the agenda "Bilderberg" - the continuation of the war in Syria by providing arms antiasadovskim elements. The so-called Syrian opposition, and in fact - a gang of international terrorists. Bilderberg otzasedal and "peacemaker" Obama immediately declared that the US will help weapon "insurgents." Under the false pretext that the Assad regime, he says, to use chemical weapons.
- Indeed, a strange statement. Obama held a few months. Obviously did not want to aggravate the situation in Syria, refused to help antiasadovskim forces. And suddenly - here you are! We give a weapon!
- The owners were ordered! By the way, note. At a secret meeting in the hotel "Grove" invited former CIA chief Petraeus, whom Obama autumn dismissed. Were among the participants of a few figures clearly do not support the president of the United States. It can be seen, some of the owners of The World Games Obama dissatisfied. Barak responded immediately, saluted, pledged to help the Syrian "rebels" -terroristam.
Then began the big summit "eight". His pre-announced fatal. Trumpeted that the Magnificent Seven with Big West will break the eighth member - Russia. Force, finally, Putin to renounce al-Assad. And like all the prerequisites for this were. Moreover, on the eve of and during the summit, Putin organized a powerful psychological impact, to impose on Syria Russia plan that suits the West. One gossip with allegedly stolen many years ago ring is worth.
It is no accident occurred at precisely the moment. Pretty cheap attempt to knock out of the rut of our president, designed for the faint-hearted simpletons. It turns out that nothing serious was not against Putin, since not disdain cheap fake. This may include a sentence in the Western press, called a meeting of Putin and Obama's "cold divorce."
- A "sensation" that Obama allegedly took the best palace with only gym, and Putin got an icy lake? It later emerged that the gym for all participants great "eight" overall. And not to the sport he was clearly the last two days.
- At the same time catapulted sensation that the summit in London in 2009, US intelligence listened to President Medvedev. The classical form of pressure - "Guys, you have under the hood!" Too cheap trick. Because, I think, the Americans all the information Kremlin quietly get from their "fifth column" in Moscow, without any interception. At the summit, there was suddenly a "nervous breakdown anti-Russian" the Canadian prime minister, not worthy of such a figure. But Putin has resisted, not broken, unlike Obama. Syria Russia has not passed. Did not materialize and forecasts that the "Magnificent Seven" will do without Russia, will take its antiasadovskuyu resolution on Syria. But we can not relax. Anglo-Saxons seize like a bulldog, a stranglehold. And while it is not broke bulldog jaw, not tear jaws grip will not weaken.
Therefore, in the fall certainly should expect increased pressure on Russia. In different directions. Information warfare, financial and economic destabilization of our Islamic regions ...
- What other world events you associate with the June meeting of the Bilderberg Club?
- Unrest in Brazil in the classical color revolutions. They suddenly flashed allegedly on the football ground, and continuing and spreading already with the requirements of reform. Unrest covered more than a hundred cities and no end in sight. It all began immediately after the meeting of the Club. Of course, the "after" - does not mean "because". But it is very suspicious coincidence. Most recently, I predicted in "Komsomolskaya Pravda": the appointment of the Pope a man from Argentina may mean that the Americans decided to engage seriously in Latin America, to get rid of the major problems that they delivered late Chavez and other leftist leaders of the continent. Here one oncology among the leaders will not get off. Need more serious action. And they seem to have begun. In the largest country in South America, where President Dilma Ruseff - from the left. Plus Brazil, along with Russia, India, China, South Africa is part of the BRICS. This unit States intends to pursue an independent policy. Prevent the consolidation of these countries, create problems in each - in the spirit of the home Big World Game.
- A disturbance in Turkey? They also coincided with the Bilderberg evening ...
- I do not presume to assert unequivocally. Very incomprehensible thing. Familiar graduate student - Turks returned from Istanbul, said that only the first two days there was a serious Buza. Now all relatively calm. If read Western newspapers, says graduate student in Turkey - a complete nightmare! Of course, there were reasons, but very similar to our Khimki forest. This could easily be used to put pressure on Erdogan to Syria has taken a tougher stance. But my guess is, it can not be sustained.
It is clear that the consequences of the meeting "Bilderberg" is not limited to the unrest in Brazil, Russia in an attempt to break the Syrian issue at the summit of a large "eight". There was discussed the global agenda for the whole year. We will await developments.
- Andrei Ilyich, it is curious that among the participants of a secret meeting at the "Grove" was not one of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers ...
- But there were people closely associated with these legendary families. From the Rockefeller - Henry Kissinger, who works with the clan with a 50-ies of the last century. From Rothschild, of course, Goldman Sachs chairman Peter Sutherland, CEO of "British Petroleum" Robert Dudley. Although, I think there were other important persons, whose connection with these and other wealthy families of the planet is not so evident.
However, we'll focus on the official list of participants of the "Bilderberg 2013". And there is an informal, closed. So do not rule out - the same David Rockefeller was in the "Grove".
- According to the official list on the website of the Club of Russia, this time no one was invited. Although there is no time for a secret meeting "the powerful" was our steel tycoon Mordashov.
- Mordashov, sorry, was then Sweden, not Russia. Last year, judging by the official, stress, lists, invited Kasparov, Anatoly Chubais, former Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov. Then the "Bilderberg" discussed Putin 2.0, that took consultants. At this time there.

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