Tuesday, December 16, 2014

BREAKING: New IRS Emails Found… This Could Be What We’ve Been Waiting For

BREAKING: New IRS Emails Found… This Could Be What We’ve Been Waiting For

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014
It’s well known that the IRS has had it in for conservative groups, especially when Lois Lerner was at the helm of the tax-exempt division.
Now there are new revelations stemming from the highly controversial situation that indicate a direct link to the White House.

This could be the proverbial smoking gun that calls for a special prosecutor to direct the proceedings.
As you’ll remember, the IRS first claimed that Louis Lerner’s emails were “missing.”
The DOJ didn’t announce a criminal probe into the “lost” emails until July of this year.

According to Fox News Insider, IRS Inspector General John Koskinen made a surprising announcement that around 30,000 of those “missing” emails that were sent and received between 2009-2010 have magically been discovered.
Evidence from the emails suggest that there was a conspiracy to bring criminal charges against conservative groups like the tea party and could very well indicate a White House cover-up.
She was allegedly in contact with regard to prosecuting conservative groups as early as 2010, before the mid-term elections.
According to Robert Wood, managing partner at Wood LLP and guest on Fox News’ “The Real Story,” there are a couple of different issues brought to light.
The first and obvious one is that Lerner was in talks with officials from Eric Holder’s DOJ about prosecuting conservative groups.
The second issue and equally as frightening is that private taxpayer data was shared with the White House, which is obviously a huge no-no.
Wood, a prominent, experienced 35-year tax lawyer, was questioned about the potential that this is leading to a White House cover-up, to which he said, “It could be, yes. I want to be careful not to over-stress and sort of overreact to this.” He added, “I find it appalling.”
In his final thoughts during the interview, he said, “our tax system is key…it has really been undermined by all of this.”
We couldn’t agree more. The president himself even claimed on national television earlier this year that the IRS was fine and that there was no corruption going on.
Thanks to the release of a good chunk of those “missing” emails, the puzzle pieces are starting to fit into place.
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