Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Congressman: We Will Impeach Obama “Immediately” for Passing Amnesty

Congressman: We Will Impeach Obama “Immediately” for Passing Amnesty

Sunday, July 27th, 2014

President Barack Obama simply doesn’t seem to care about the constitutional limits on the power of the presidency, despite the fact that, as a senator and presidential candidate, he often complained about George W. Bush exceeding the authority of his office.
Obama has issued numerous executive orders and taken other actions that have been countermanded by the Supreme Court unanimously–that is, with the full agreement of even the four liberal judges–over a dozen times. Rather that rethink his position vis-à-vis the other branches of government, Obama continues to look for more ways to ignore the Congress, the courts, and the Constitution in the pursuit of his liberal agenda.

Now the president is threatening to do it again, this time with sweeping immigration reform that he plans to announce in coming weeks. According to patdollard.com, Representative Steve King says that if that happens, “the House of Representatives will immediately begin impeachment proceedings.”
The Iowa Republican says that not all of his party in the House support impeachment today, but that would change if Obama “completely destroys the rule of law with the stroke of a pen” by granting work permits through executive order. King says that’s not only what he believes should happen; it’s what he believes will happen.
“That’s my position and that’s my prediction,” King said, also predicting “a thunderclap of eruption” from both Congress and everyday Americans in response to any grant of amnesty by Obama.

Representative King may actually be understating the truth in this case. Polling indicates that Americans do not support amnesty–in fact, they support increasing deportations by a significant margin. Moreover, fully one third of the American people already support impeaching President Obama, according to a recent CNN poll–not exactly an unbiased source.
Even some prominent liberals and Democrats are now denouncing Obama’s usurpation of power from Congress, and one would think that Democrats in the House and Senate would wake up to that reality sooner or later.
At this point, impeaching President Obama seems to many observers to be not an option for the House, but its responsibility. Waiting until after the midterm elections is probably wise, but waiting much longer than that might not be.
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