British intelligence service MI6 and the CIA another 5 months ago received information that the Islamists in northern Iraq plan to start an armed uprising. However, the US and British governments did not react. This was reported by the publication of The Telegraph sources in power in Iraq.
As the head of intelligence of autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan Lahuri Talabani, he repeatedly sent warnings as the country's authorities in Baghdad, and allies - the representatives of the United Kingdom and the United States. However, despite attempts to assure them of the seriousness of the evolving situation, Washington and London have not given any response. "I completely lost faith in the US after listened to the announcement by President Barack Obama," - said Talabani, commenting on the recent words of the leader of the United States that the country will once again send troops to Iraq .
According to the publication of one of his subordinates Talabana officer Roos Bahjat, plans Islamists were known in advance in detail. "You know exactly what strategy they will use, we knew their military plans. We refused to listen, "- he said. According to estimates Bahjat, on the side of the group "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" war 4000 foreign fighters. 400-450 of them are British. Some subjects of the Kingdom have already been killed during the fighting at the Iranian border. He warned that the current leader of the LIH - Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi - is for the West even greater threat than Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda in 2001. "Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi now reached the point of what bin Laden could only dream of," - said Bahjat.
According to the publication, in Iraq believe that the US and Britain after his failure to establish order in the country disillusioned and now reduce its presence in its territory. "And the United States and the United Kingdom had the opportunity to strengthen its presence in the country for many months before it happened. However, they did not respond, "- said the publication of Michael Stevens, an analyst at Royal United Services Institute. "For some reason, they decided that Iraq is not politically significant. As a result, it is considered more as a place to crash career, rather than a place for its formation, "- he said.
The former head of counter-terrorism department of MI6 Richard Baretti told Sky News that up to 300 Islamic militants from Iraq and Syria have to return to the UK and plan terrorist attacks. According to Baretti, they have become an "absolute nightmare" for the security services, which lacks the resources to monitor each of the potentially dangerous.