US prosecutors have launched an investigation against Russian businessman and billionaire Gennady Timchenko. He is suspected of money laundering. Edition of The Wall Street Journal notes that the investigative activities take place against the backdrop of "increasing pressure on the core group of billionaires supporting the president of Russia."

Publication, it became known that at the moment the prosecutor's office and the US Department of Justice check whether the funds were connected with corrupt dealings, through the US financial system. The investigation considers the activities of the company Gunvor Group, one of the founders of which is Timchenko.
According to investigators, using the company's billionaire may have laundered money from illegal activities, in particular on the illegal sale of state assets, such as oil. In addition, the US Attorney's Office is trying to figure out is related somehow to the company Gunvor and Vladimir Putin. In the past, US officials have argued that the Russian president has invested in this company.
The Wall Street Journal notes that the investigation in respect of Timchenko - is only part of a broader US campaign to fight corruption, called "Initiative for the return of stolen assets." It was started in 2010, but since the introduction of sanctions against Russia is the first result, which in any way affects the country.
Representatives of the Gunvor Group say they do not receive any notice of investigation. They also noted that they can not give any comments on Gennady Timchenko, because he sold his stake in the company right before the imposition of sanctions by the United States.
In turn, a spokesman for the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, said that Vladimir Putin is not aware of the investigation and the "do not follow such things." He also denied rumors of an investment in the company president Guvnor, calling them "absurd".


Reader Comments on the site The Wall Street Journal :
Gail Petrova: Ha ha ha. This is revenge for the fact that Putin was named the most powerful person in the world, Barack Obama only in second place. Losers!
Ed Barry: Perhaps they could also conduct an investigation in respect of close to Obama billionaires. As there is an investigation in the case of Shopping?
Tom Boucher: Yes, let's further exacerbate the situation. Idiots.
Bill Fotsch: Finally, the Ministry of Justice launched an investigation, which I like. It is not surprising that Putin's cronies - thieves. But now this stated publicly, and it is their touches. Take them guys.
Andrey Prokopenko: It's funny to hear about the Russian "billionaires". They are not the same billionaires like Gates or Jobs say. They are just a bunch of crooks with criminal links that are at the right time in the right place. So call a spade a spade.
And, of course, without Putin here too, was not. What do you think?